Love Bytes (Divided By Professions, United By Love) – KHKT,YHC – Episode 11


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Hi all!!!!
Scene 1
Pari with guman
Pari : Ma….
Pari acts innocent
Pari: Ma…I feel motherly nature with you only….
Gumaan cries seeing her…
Police comes…
Cop: Mam, procedures are all done, you can take your daughter.
Guman, pari and lakshminandan leaves….
Saras, kumud, danny and kusum wait outside.

Guman introduces everyone.
Danny to saras (whispers): I think she is a big dramaqueen.
Saras pinches him to be quiet.

Pari: Ma i need to avenge sona for making me to go to jail.
Guman: Listen pari, first we have to think and make a plan. dont do anything in haste. lets go home , think well and make a plan…come
Saras: Ma, we are not coming. its our brother’s wedding. so we have to attend.
Guman gets angry.
Guman: You four should pack and come now. they wont even know that you are their brothers.
Danny: Its ok ma, but we’ll attend their wedding for sure.
Guman: Ok where will you people stay???
Saras: In sona di’s house
Guman: What???
Saras: We will stay pls leave…
Guman: Do whatever you need…bye
Lakshminandan shows thumbs up to his sons…

Scene 2
Preesha calls rudy and informs that sukhmani is admitted in hospital….sona,suman and rudy go to hospital.
Sona : Rohit, how is she?
Rohit: Fine sona, but she is adamant of one thing..
Sona: What?
Rohit: She wanted to get us married on the same day of rudy and preesha
Suman and veena ask sona and rohit to agree to their granny…

Sona and rohit agree….
Sukhmani gets happy…
Veena and sona hug…
Preesha and sona hug…
All feel happy

Scene 3
Rudy and preesha go in car to sarnaash’s school
Preesha sees rudy getting nervous…
Preesha: Rudy, what happened? All you alright?
Rudy: Actually preesha should i need to come?? I’ll stay in car..
Preesha: Why? what happened??? This is parents should come..
Rudy: From childhood, i’m scared of parents meet
Preesha: Dont worry, sarnaash is a good student..staff will always say only good things …dont worry…i’m there nah..
She holds his hands and lie on his shoulder…
They both reach school..
They wait for their turn

Teacher calls them..
Teacher: First of all congrats dr.preesha and rudraksh. we are very happy for you both.
Sarnaash comes…
Teacher: Sarnaash is a good student. no complains regarding him…
Sarnash sits on rudy’s lap…

Teacher: Actually we are planning for a function. But this is a slight different one. Daddys are going to participate. so rudraksh, you should participate for sarnaash..
Rudy: Sure mam, anything for him..
Sarnassh kisses rudy…
Preesha sees their bond and feels happy…
Rudy: When is the function??
Teacher: Next sunday..
Rudy: Sure i’ll participate..
Teacher: Thank you so much…
Preesha: Thank you mam…
They leave…

Scene 4
Danny and kusum starts fighting..
saras supports kusum and kumud supports danny…
Kumud: Acha…first you people stop fighting and think how to enter sona’s house..
Saras: Kumud, you are a great mehendi artist right??
Kusum: Yes didi puts mehendi so well…
Saras: Then we’ll talk with suman ma or in preesha bhabi’s home about mehendi..We dont want to show our identity..
Danny: But how will we stay there?
Kumud: I have an idea. I saw sona’s instagram story that she is in need of designer itseems. kusum and me studied designing course. so we will approach her. We’ll ask permission for stay as we are girls and we have no one…then for marriage you come with us…
Saras: I got and idea, how about us four staying in each bride and groom home..
Danny: Didnt understand brother…
Saras: Kumud and kusum stay in sona di’s house as designers. I’ll go to rohit’s home as his driver. i saw in today’s paper that sippy house needs a driver. and danny you go to preehsa bhabi’s home. i googled about her. she studied in the same college where natasha studied. so contact natasha and ask her help to go into preesha bhabi’s home..
Kusum: who is natasha??
Danny: She was my crush..
Kusum gets angry and beats him with pillows…
Kumud ask them to stop and ask them to begin their plan…
Kumud and Saras hug as well as kusum and danny hug..

To be continued!!!!

Wedding shopping begins!!!!!

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  1. Jasminerahul

    finally pari trapped guman with her fake irritating.pari wants to take revenge on insensitive she is.loved LN supporting his sons.still rudraksh is scared of meeting father’s function for rudraksh.saransh kissing him n sitting on his lap was cute.who is sukhmani?surprising that ronakshi marriage will take place with rusha. wow what a plan by Danny saras kumud will be an interesting track.hearing natasha’s name kusum beating Danny with the pillows was funny.nice pics

    1. Supriya_r

      sukhmani is rohit’s grandma

  2. Shesha485

    Great Episiode especially the Parents meeting. And Saraswatichandra and Kumud, Kusum and Danny conversation is nice.

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