Love birds (part-9)

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Hai friends….thanks for your supporting me…I am writing this ff for you all only.if you have any suggestions or any negative comments pls tell me.I am so happy for you all friends….once again thanks a lot for silent readers and everyone who encouraging me through the comments.

Dhruv goes to his room.he recalls about incident. he thinks how thapki knows about my plan.she gifted him same color 60% fire proof resistant dress.but if she knew about my plan she should tell to bihaan.I think she doesn’t know about me.he talks to himself like mad.bihaan and thapki goes to palcony.they sees the moon.thapki says to that bihaan I love stars.but I love moon more than that I love all our family members.but I love you so much more than are a moon in my life are my life,you are my soul any everything.I can’t live without you.she hugs him.bihaan says to her,I am also are everything in my I am promise you.I won’t let anything wrong happend to you.I always take care you like baby.they smiles each other.thapki tries to tell about dhruv to him.she says to him someone trying to stop our marriage…bihaan thinks she was saying about Sankara.suddenly he stops her.he says I know that me.lord is there with us.don’t get relax thapki.they hugs each other…(ranjhanaaa plays…)

next day vasundhara asks to servent about all arrangement for mehandi ceremony.he says to her yes mam.. all arrangements are will finish within few minutes.she goes from there.Sankara enters to house.vasu sees Sankara is coming there.she calls her.vasu says to her,so many arrangements are still in pls do work with me Sankara.Sankara agrees to vasundhara.vasu goes to thapki room.she says to that thapki get ready fast.we have to start this mehandi ceremony within few hours.thapki nods at her.vasu goes from her room.balwander tells to that vasu why are you getting tension. you are feeling restless.go to your room and take rest.vasu says to him, no no today mehandi ceremony for my I won’t take one cannot control me until my bihaan marriage.she goes fastly from there.balwander smiles at her.he goes from there.

after few hours poonam comes with thapki to downstairs. vasu sees her.vasu hugs thapki.she says to that thapki,I am very happy for you blessing is always there for you and bihaan.then she makes her to sits there.vasu starts to applies mehandi in thapki hand.sankara comes there.vasu says to sankara,beta why are you not applying mehandi in your hand.vasu asks her to apply mehandi.Sankara applies mehandi in her hands.bihaan comes there .he sees thapki.thapki also looks at bihaan.they have an eyelock.aditi sees them.aditi teases bihaan.he says to him,excuse me bihaan ji its public.if you wants to do romance with my didi..go anywhere alone with her.and just wait for 1 day she will become your wife.she laughs.everyone’s laughs.then bihaan goes from there.Sankara wrote his name in her hand.bihaan sees this.he gets angry.

bihaan calls Sankara alone to talk with him.she gets happy.she goes with him to his room.he locks the door.he goes to Sankara.he says to her, show your hands to me.she shows her hands.he says to that Sankara,you still in love on me.but I didn’t understand you.I scold I am telling to are my life.will you marry me.she gets glad.she says to him yes bihaan throw that thapki from your heart.don’t marry her.he says to Sankara,can you pls close your eyes.I wants to give some gift for you.she gets shy.she closes her eyes.bihaan goes to her.suddenly he slaps her hardly.he says to her,I know you won’t came here to do something against thapki.I done this to you for to know your truth.he asks her to remove the mehandi.but she doesn’t agree with him.he takes cigeratte lighter.he did lighter on and goes to keep her hand.he tortures her in lighter.she gets irritates. she removes the mehandi. she says to him,now I am challenging to you.I will ruined your life.I will marry you surely.he says to her OK let’s see.but if you do anything wrong in my marriage I will kill you.suddenly thapki comes to them.she asks to bihaan about mehandi design. he says its beautiful like you.Sankara thinks I will ruined your mehandi.she goes from there.

thapki tries to talk about dhruv truth.but aditi comes to them she says to her maa is calling you di.. aditi goes from there.thapki goes from bihaan.her saree stuck in his wrist band.he removes saree from his band.then suddenly her saree falls down from her shoulder. she gets shy.he sees her hands.he holds the saree.he folds that slowly.he keeps in her shoulder.he pins that saree.they looks each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanna plays….)

thapki gets hiccups.suddenly bihaan tells to servant to bring food to his room.the servant gives food to bihaan.bihaan feeds food to thapki.she coughs. he makes her to drink water.her Hiccup’s stops.she hears poonam calls her.thapki goes from there.

Sankara pours oil on floor.she thinks now thapki mehandi will she was coming here and the oil makes her to fall down.she smiles.she did call for thapki mobile.she says to her thapki I want to talk with come to downstairs.thapki goes to her.she keeps her legs in oil.suddenly bihaan keeps his hands in her belly.he pulls her on him from his room.she falls on him.but mehandi designs is fine.they have an eye lock.Sankara sees this from far.she gets tensed.bihaan says to that thapki are you OK now.she says I am ok but…you applied mehandi in your wrote my name in your hand….she gets shy…bihaan says to her…so what are you saying.. then he recalls the incident.he sees her belly.his mehandi sticks in her belly.he says to her…sorry actually I forgot this.I thought to save I done this.she becomes speechless. he brings a cloth.he gets shy.he sees thapki face.he wipes the mehandi in her belly.she closes her eyes…bihaan looks her face.(ranjhanna plays….)

dhruv thinks about plan to stop this marriage. Sankara also thinks about plan about marriage in her home.

thapki recalls the moments and smiles at him.bihaan also did the samething in his room.

next day haldi ceremony is happening in pandey nivas.thapki and bihaan are sitting there.vasu and all family members applies haldi for bihaan and thapki.Sankara comes to pandey nivas.she thinks I arranged everything for stop your marriage now bihaan is going to become as my husband.she smiles.


bihaan wears mangalsutra to Sankara.everyone’s gets shocked.Sankara gets faints.dhruv gets shocked.

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  1. Dear vino…precap is shocking.don’t do this yaar.pls unite Thahaan….

  2. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja…don’t get tension.I already says its for thahaan fans wait and watch.

  3. Omg precap is so shocking….plss don do dat….make dhruv wearing dat mangalasuthra to Sankara plsss don separate our thahaan….n Btw nice epi keep writing

  4. Awesome ….interesting precap waiting for next part


    omg precap bihaan marry sankara!!!!!!!!!!! nooooo plsss

  6. Vinolin.d

    don’t worry sush.thank u niriha.

  7. Vinolin.d

    hai naitan I am so sorry for late reply.and my email doesn’t work past few It did not shows any only my mail I d works.I am sorry dear.

  8. Super episode. . Shocking precap.. waiting for next episode

  9. Navami

    Hi drr.. it was an awsome epi loved tahan senes.. but the precap is really shocking..waiting for nex part..

  10. rafay don kon

    I goted may be sankr thapki ki jagha bathe hoge dhruv bihan ki jaga then they got married jabhe dhruv shocked sankr faint.

  11. Nice episode…..sry for late comment

  12. Awesome.shocking precap.I think druv and Shankar’s marriage

  13. OMG… wat a precap vino… bihaan n sankara oh no i cnt even imagine… i will kick dat sankara…. very intrstng part dear n awsme twist… tc dr…

    Hi pooja… sry i thght ur fatarajo.. sry fr misundrstng… hw r u dear?

  14. Vinolin.d

    thank you for your support dear navami,lucky, kumutha,Priya and rafey

  15. OMG, percap is shocking. Please dont do that. To be honest I’ve been frustrated with the original thapki, so I just decided to read ff anytime and stop watching original thapki

  16. Pls honey its jst for thahaan..make dhruv to b sanskaras they both evil so make them together…n.pls remove that sanskara as fast as u can honey…

  17. oh plz don do this…plz
    …unite thahaan

  18. Hey my dear you are doing great job
    Keep it up

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