Love Birds (part-8)

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This part is starting from thapki and bihaan is talking each other.dhruv goes to his room.he cries.he recalls the incident.he says whatever happend I won’t leave you.I won’t giveup you to bihaan.I am ready to kill bihaan for you thapki.

the next morning thapki comes to bihaan.she says to that bihaan they wants to go to temple.he nods at her.they goes to temple in bike.they reaches temple. they prays to matarani.bihaan comes to her.he keeps kumkum in her forehead.she smiles at him.thapki says to him,today we are decided to tell about our love to vasu aunty and balwander uncle.I am so nervus bihaan.he says to that thapki,you don’t worry I am always with you.god is always with us.surely my parents will accept you.she says to him,yes I know but your brother dhruv still doesn’t get I think if any problem comes in out life…..fb shows thapki comes to dhruv room.she sees dhruv talking his self about bihaan and thapki.she gets tensed.fb ends.she recalls about dhruv.he suddenly keeps his finger in her mouth.he says to her,don’t think about him.he don’t want marriage now.that’s all.don’t compare his life to our life.nothing will me.she hugs him.she says to that bihaan I trust you more than everyone.he smiles at her.they enters house.vasu and balwander sits in hall.

they talks about something.thapki and bihaan goes to them.he says to them maa, papa I want to talk about my life.vasu says tell me bihaan.he says to them maa,I mean I like to do marriage now.because I love thapki.they looks at bihaan and thapki.then they laughs.vasu says to him, I am so happy why are you getting nervus to tell this to us.I am so lucky to get like thapki as my bahu.thapki and bihaan gets happy.thapki and bihaan hugs each other.bihaan lifts her.he swirl her.vasu and balwander laughs at them.they blesses thapki and bihaan.dhruv sees this from behind of them.he gets shocked.thapki and bihaan goes to room.vasu says to balwander,dhruv also decide to get marriage. I think he was falls in love with some we will arrange marriage for bihaan and thapki in the same mandap.

balwander agrees to her.they sees dhruv.vasu calls him.she asks to him about his marriage. he says to her,maa I don’t want marriage now.don’t speak anything about my marriage to me.he goes from there.vasu cries.balwander says don’t worry vasu,this is his don’t disturb him again about his marriage.she agrees to him.thapki calls to his father Krishnakanth.she explains everything to him.he gets happy.thapki ends the call.

thapki goes to bihaan room.she sees the decoration.rose petals are falls on her.she gets happy.she sees bihaan sits in bed.bihaan comes to her.he gives a saree to her.he says to thapki,if you wears this saree you looks excess beautiful. she sees the dress she thanks to him.he goes closes to her.she walks behind from him.they have an eye lock(ranjhanna plays…..)

she falls on the bed.bihaan holds thapki hands.she closes her eyes.he tries to kisses her.but suddenly the mobile rings.he says to her,who’s that disturbance.he sees the mobile.Sankara calls him.but he ends the call.thapki says bihaan,pls excuse her.she is very pity.she is your friend.he says to that thapki,no she tries to kill I won’t accept her again.she says to him,pls bihaan accept her for me.he says to her,OK.but I am not happy in are important for I am doing for you.thapki hugs him.Sankara calls him again.he attends the call.she says to him,hello bihaan I know I done a big mistake.pls give excuses.I realize my mistake.

hereafter I won’t do anything againt to thapki.pls believe me bihaan.she cries to him.he says to her,OK but I am doing this for my thapki.if you tries to do anything against her I kill you.she agrees to him.thapki hugs bihaan.she says to him thanks for this help my dear husband.he gets upset.they looks at each other.he says to her I am very lucky to have a nice girl like you.they hugs each other(ranjhanna plays…..)

dhruv acts like crazy in his room.he screams like psycho.he says I won’t let this happend bihaan.

the next day morning thapki sees her father krishnakant,poonam and her sister aditi.she runs to them.she hugs them.thapki asks to them maa papa how will you comes didnt inform this to me.vasu and balwander comes to them.vasu says I called them this is surprise for my bahu

one more biggest surprise is is you and bihaan’s enchagement . thapki and bihaan becomes speechless.they gets glad.vasu says to them go fast and get ready for your enchagement . guests are coming now.don’t look at me.go fast.then thapki and bihaan runs to their rooms.vasu and thapki family members are laughs.

poonam hugs thapki.she says to her I am so happy for you thapki.she kisses thapki forehead. in room bihaan gets confused.he says which shervani I will wear…this pink,or blue…dhruv comes to him

he gives dress to him.he says,its for my cute bihaan.this color is suitable for you.he hugs bihaan.bihaan gets glad.Sankara enters to house.she sees the home decorations.she asks to vasu about the decoration.she says to Sankara,this for my bihaan enchagement . today is bihaan enchagement .vasu goes from there. she gets shocked.she gets teary eyes.she thinks but bihaan marriage is with me only.she goes to thapki room.she sees thapki.she thanks to thapki for supporting her.she says to that thapki,you are looking very beautiful thapki.its nice saree.

thapki says to her,thank bihaan gives this saree to me.Sankara gets angry.but she fake smiles at her.vasu comes to bihaan.she says to him you are looking like king bihaan.she hugs him.vasu says to him OK come to downstairs. all guests are comes here.dhruv smiles in his room.fb shows dhruv applies some non smell chemical in bihaan’s dress. if dhruv keeps fire in that,It will spread over a dress.then you will burn bihaan.he laughs.bihaan and thapki comes to downstairs. songs plays there.thapki and bihaan dancing together.dhruv gets jealous.Sankara sees them.she gets angry.bihaan hugs thapki.he says in her ear you are very beautiful thapki.suddenly he keeps hands in her belly.she gets shy.she tries to go from him.he pulls her on him.they dances again .thapki closes her eyes….he sees thapki closes her eyes
he smiles at her.(ranjhanaa plays….)

vasu gives ring to bihaan.he wears to thapki.poonam gives ring to her.thapki makes him wears.dhruv comes closes to him
he keeps fire from match box.but shervani doesnt get fire.he becomes upset.dhruv asks to bihaan about shervani.he says to him sorry bhai…actually I tries to wear that shervani.but thapki suddenly comes to me.she gifted the same color.she gets adamant to wear I doesn’t wear shervani gifted by you.I thought you won’t find it.because of same color like that gifted shervani by you.but you found it.thapki thinks about dhruv.fb shows she sees dhruv applies some powder in dress.he says about his plan himself.she gets shocked.fb ends.thapki thinks I won’t let anything happend for my bihaan.she says to dhruv,its fire 60% fire proof sherwani Mr.dhruv.dhruv gets tensed and goes.

vasu applies mehandi in thapki hands.Sankara sees her.she thinks I will ruined your mehandi thapki.Sankara wrote bihaan name in her hand.bihaan sees this.he gets angry.he says to her,remove it now or else I will burn your hand.he tortures her by cigeratte lighter.

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    Wao.. Nice..keep it up and save thahaan from shankra and dhruv

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