love birds (part-21)

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This part is starting from vasu comes to thapki.she says to thapki,only 5 minutes is there for become 12 o ck.I will call your and bihaan call everyone to downstairs. thapki agrees with her.vasu goes to her room.she sees balwander is sleeping.she asks him to wakeup.balwander opens his eyes.he sees vasu.balwander asks to her,why are you called me vasu.I feel sleeping.vasu takes the cloth.she ties his eyes.she holds his hands.vasu asks him to come with her.balwander says to her what are you doing?vasu says to him don’t ask anything.come with me.they goes downstairs. vasu removes the cloth from his eyes.he sees house decoration. thapki,bihaan,dhruv screams.they screams surprise… happy birthday papa. balwander gets happy.thapki says to him,m…Maa arranged these things uncle.balwander thanks to vasu.thapki and bihaan smiles looks at them.Sankara gets stomach burning seeing thahaan.

bihaan asks him to cut the cake..he nodes at bihaan.they sings birthday song.balwander cuts the cake.he feeds to vasu.everyone claps for them.bihaan touches thapki shoulder.he says to her,see my maa.she gives surprise to her hurband.but you….suddenly thapki says to him… stop it bihaan.i.. i… i will give surprise for your birthday… don’t worry. bihaan says to her slowly,no I don’t want this kind of birthday. I need special surprise from you.thapki says to him,wha…what you mean???bihaan thinks you don’t understand me always. I didn’t understand whether you know these things or don’t know.but you are always speaking like baby.thapki asks him,bi… bi..bihaan what are you thinking.tell me.bihaan says to that thapki,nothing you go and eat cake.she smiles at him.she goes to them
she eats cake.she brings cake to bihaan.she feeds him. bihaan looks her eyes.he sees her lips.creams are there in her lips.he keeps her finger in her lips.slowly he wipes. thapki sees him.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)

Sankara gets angry seeing them.dhruv comes with cake to Sankara.he gives cake to Sankara.she eats that angrily.dhruv sees her face.he smiles at Sankara.john comes to them.he gives cool drinks to them.they plays songs for dance. bihaan gives his hands to thapki.she holds his hands.they dances.dhruv gives His hands to Sankara.but she says to him,no dhruv I am not in good mood to dance.dhruv nodes at her.he goes from there.Sankara thinks to do something against them.she pours juice in floor intentially.thapki and bihaan dances.thapki gets call.they stops dancing.thapki goes from bihaan.she keeps her foot in that juice.she fells down.everyone gets shocked. she screams.Sankara gets happy.bihaan runs to her..he slowly holds her hands.he lifts her.thapki says to him,bi.. bihaan feeling very pain. she gets teary eyes.

bihaan gets upset.vasu says to him,bihaan take her to room fast. take care of her.bihaan nodes at vasu.he lifts her in arms.he goes to room.bihaan makes her to lying on bed.thapki feels pain.bihaan goes to lock door.he locks the door.bihaan sees thapki.he feels her paining in her eyes.he goes near to her.bihaan asks to her where you getting pain.thapki says to him,bi… bi… bihaan my hip, hands and blouse back are paining.he asks to her,OK I will do massage.remove your saree.thapki gets shocked.she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan what are you saying. no I won’t.bihaan says to her, hello hello madam I am your as a husband I am doing my job.OK.thapki gets shy.then she agrees at him.because she can’t control her pain.thapki removes her saree.she turns back and lying in bed.bihaan takes oil in his hands.he keeps his hands in her hip.he massages slowly.she closes her eyes.thapki feels pain.she says to him,… ouch… bi… bihaan please do slowly.I am getting pain.bihaan says to her,excuse me mrs. thapki bihaan pandey already I am doing massage very slowly.thapki gets teary eyes.bihaan sees her face.he gets upset.

then bihaan massages her neck around and blouse back.thapki feels different. she closes her eyes tightly.bihaan asks to her,are you better now.thapki wakes up.she says to him,th…thanks bihaan for this help.bihaan says to her,don’t say thanks. actually I have to say thanks for you.(he thinks nice opportunity this is)she says to him,what are you saying bihaan.he says to her,nothing thapki she stands up.she wears saree..thapki hugs him.bihaan smiles .they looks at each other (na na naa music plays)

the next day morning bihaan gives thapki’s all dresses to laundry intentially. thapki comes out after bathing.she searches her dresses in almari.but nothing is there in almari.bihaan smiles at her silently then he acts like newspaper reading.she aska to bihaan,where is my dresses.he says to her,how I know this.madam I don’t want your dress.don’t ask to me.I think your dresses are goes for laundry.thapki gets tensed.she says to him,oh my god what can I do.I want dress now.bihaan says to her,OK don’t get tension. I will give my dress.he gives his shirt to thapki.she says to him,bi…bihaan how can I wear this…suddenly bihaan says to her,then OK give my dress.he takes that back.thapki says to him,OK I will adjust. do you have any skirt.bihaan says to her,yes I have skirt,saree and everything in my almari.

what are you asking this silly can I have these kind of dress.I am not girl ok.give my shirt if you don’t want.she says to him,don’t get angry.I just asked to you.I will wear it.she goes to room.she wears that shirt.she comes out from room.she gets shy.she turns her face.bihaan looks at her surprisingly. he stares at her.he looks her legs.bihaan goes near to her.he holds her hands.thapki feels at him.bihaan lifts her in his arms.thapki didn’t say anything.they looks at each other.bihaan makes her to lying in bed.(na na naa….. music plays)
bihaan kisses in her legs.then he kisses in thighs.

slowly he comes to her neck.he keeps his hand in her neck.he removes her coller botton.he kisses her neck.she closes her eyes.he opens second botton of shirt.bihaan sees her face.thapki smiles. thapki keeps her hand in pillow back.she found one modern salwar in back of pillow.she takes that in her hand.she wakeup suddenly.bihaan says to her,what happend thapki.she shows the dress.he thinks oh my god how this dress comes. fb shows he forgot to give this salwar to laundry.he gives all dresses expect this fb ends.he says to her,OK how I know this.I didnt see this you wear it.she goes from there to wear it.bihaan thinks oh God my plans are ruined.God why you did like this. thapki comes back from room.she asks to bihaan how I am looking bihaan?he says to her,yes just OK.

thapki sees he gets upset.she hugs him and smiles. they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays……….)

john comes to Sankara room.he sees nobody is there in room.john takes Sankara mobile.he checks call lists in her mobile.then he realizes some one comes to room.he goes from room very fastly.aditi gives her hand to john.aditi and john shakes their hands.they smiles at each other.

dhruv comes to Sankara.he gives new saree to Sankara.he says to her,Sankara I know our marriage is happend by cheat.but we won’t do anything against thapki and bihaan hereafter.they are loving each I changed my mind.anyway you are my wife now.I am your we have to understand each other .forget about bihaan its my gift.if you agree with me wear this saree.evening we will go to restaurant. we will start new life. he goes from there.Sankara gets shocked.

bihaan raises hands against thapki.she gets shocked.Sankara wears that saree gifted by dhruv.

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  1. ❤ ?? Lovely episode …. Thahaan scenes es are always fab . Dhruv is developing feelings for Sankara . ?? The promo is scary . But …. Let’s wait and watch the new twist u bring . Plz continue …????

  2. Awesome wala episode. . OMG precap…. can’t wait for next episode. . Please upload the next asap..

  3. Omg vino… aftr reading precap am shckd to the core.. u made me to sit at rhe edge of a chair aftr reading precap… am restless yaar… n awsme episode i was enjyng… n so cute romance… i luvd it dear… pls update nxt part soon… waiting eagerly… tc dear…

  4. Superb .But precap is shocking .waiting for next part

  5. Precap is shocking. Waiting for it

  6. Alia919

    Suerb episode ..
    Thahaan scenes are so lovely
    Ur FF are amazing…
    Precap is scary but i hope u will make a good and lovely scenario
    Waiting for next update

  7. Thahaan scenes were awesome. Precap is horrible. Waiting for the next part

  8. oh precap is very sad…..but lets see what will happen….ohhh poor bihu….thpki always spoil his romance….

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