Love birds (part-15)

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this part is starting from thapki runs from bihaan.bihaan runs to catches thapki.dhruv and Sankara sees them angrily.they runs to downstairs. bihaan catches thapki.he hugs her.he kisses her forehead.(ranjhanaa plays….).aditi sees Sankara face is burning.

bihaan and thapki looks at each other.they gets eye lock.aditi sees their romantic scene.aditi blows whistle very loud.she claps for them.bihaan and thapki comes out from the eye lock.
aditi: wow…thapki di..super romantic scene like movie…all the both are awesome wala pair.

dhruv and Sankara gets angry.they goes from there.

after few hours,Sankara comes to kitchen.she sees thapki coming there.she talks about thapki indirectly to servant.
Sankara:you know some of them happy with ruined others life.there is person in that kind of character in this house.
servant:mam…I can’t understand. Sankara:I am not saying this for you.OK I will give a clue.she is going to marry bihaan.
servant goes from there after seeing thapki
thapki:are you talking about me?
Sankara:yes…what you can do?you cant do anything against me.I need ruined my takes my bihaan from me.(she talks like psycho)
Sankara pours water in thapki face intentially.
thapki gets shocked.but she didn’t get angry on Sankara.
thapki:me and bihaan loving each other.
Sankara:(shouts)stop this nonsense.she raises her hands to slap thapki.bihaan suddenly holds her hands.he looks at her angrily.
bihaan:how dare you to raise hand against my thapki.(he raises his hands to Sankara.but thapki holds his hands)
Sankara gets shocked.
thapki:bihaan don’t do this.pls forgive her.let’s go…
bihaan:(looks at Sankara and says)see…she is my thapki.she is not like you.I am shame on you to got friend like you.shit…I don’t like to see your ugly face.don’t stand in front of me.
(he holds thapki hands and goes)
Sankara looks at them angrily.

bihaan tries to consoles thapki.he realizes she gets hurt by Sankara.
bihaan:shall we go bike ride??please thapki..please…
thapki:OK bihaan.
(they goes in bike.thapki sees ice cream shop)
thapki:bihaan stop….stop….this bike.I want to eat ice cream.(bihaan parks bike near shop.they ordered strawberry flavour.waiter brings to them.thapki eats ice cream.bihaan sees her lips.he notices her lips and eyes in focus view.he admires her(ranjhanaa plays…)

they finishes eating.bihaan starts the bike.later he realized some engine problem in bike.thapki feels cool climate.she admires the climate without sun light and rain.she loves that cool air.she slowly walks in road.bihaan doesn’t notices her.he calls for mechanic shop.she walks In road.she turns and sees bihaan speaking in phone.she smiles at him.that time one car comes in heavy speed against hits her.thapki screams.she flies far and falls down.bihaan hears the sound.he turns and sees thapki.he rushes to her.he gets shocked.he keeps her in his lap.he hugs her.bihaan cries.
bihaan:thapki….please open your eyes.I need you.I love are my life.don’t go away from me…open your eyes…please…
bihaan cries a lot.he sees his hands are full of blood.

he looks for the car for bring her to hospital.peoples are around him.then peoples are stops someone car.bihaan lifts her to car.
he reaches and nurses comes to him.they takes thapki to ICU ward.
bihaan:doctor please…please save her.she is my are like please her.
doctor: don’t worry.I will try my best(he goes from there)

bihaan cries.he calls to vasu.he explained everything. vasu gets shocked.she cries.balwander asks to vasu,what happens why are you crying.
vasu says everything to them.poonam,aditi and krishnakant gets shocked.they cries.dhruv and Sankara gets shocked.they rushes to hospital.

they reaches to hospital.bihaan hugs vasu and cries.aditi cries.dhruv gets teary eyes.Sankara thinks oh my god…what a miracle.she tries to ruined my life.but god plays in her life.anyway now my route is clear.but she acts like crying.

doctor comes from room.bihaan and everyone goes to him.
bihaan:what happend to thapki doctor… she is fine na…
doctor:sorry bihaan.she is in dangerous contidion.nothing is there in my trust god.
(everyone cries.bihaan stands like sewing.he becomes speechless.)

bihaan recalls what doctor says to him.he thinks no no…I WOnt lose my…(he screams)no………..everyone gets shocked.he goes out from there.

balwander asks to him…bihaan where are you going…but bihaan didn’t hear this.

he goes to temple.he sees matarani.he cries a lot.
he sees in temple special puja is going on.he recalls thapki about that incident.
bihaan:please..matarani I love thapki.I can’t live without her.please take my life..I want my thapki back. please…(he cries)
pandit gives flower to bihaan.he keeps kumkum in bihaan hands.

he goes to hospital comes.
doctor: bihaan…there is 24 hours to tell about thapki condition I am not sure about her condition.
bihaan prays well for thapki.(cries)

the next day doctor comes to bihaan.
doctor:she is in out of dangerous. but she has gone in coma stage. I am so sorry.
bihaan gets shocked.(everyone cries)

bihaan goes to ward.he keeps kumkum in thapki head.he holds her hands.he kisses her hands.he cries.vasu comes to him.he hugs vasu and cries.


bihaan cries.he asks her to wakeup.dhruv gets teary eyes.

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  1. PRIYAMK471

    oh.. I just can’t wait for the next episode..I knew u ll not continue this coma for long time.. but please upload it soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you Priya darl…

  2. Vinolin….great story … love this scenes…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much abida dear.

  3. Thenkani.M

    Tat was awesome n so sad epi…jst another mindblowing epi….i think tis time dhruv n sanskara will feel their love n will change their mind…tq for tis logical n sweet epi vinolin sista??

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you dear thenkani

  4. Nice episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks for your support anchel dear..

  5. Jacqueline Nicole

    Arre yaar i think story line is going to rock !! Yes i love memory loss stories… keep writing swthrt… but pls na dont drag this i mean unite thahaan ASAP… and upload it sooooon

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you dear Jacqueline. I won’t drag this too much.don’t worry.just wait few episode.

  6. Perfect story …. ??? Love it ❤… How are u able to write so beautifully … I’m able to imagine those scenes and feel them … Outstanding work ??? …. Plz continue writing ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai naitan….thanks dear.

  7. Oh…finally my guess come true.dear Vino,don’t make so much of drag to this coma stage.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai pooja…don’t worry.I won’t drag this too much..thank you so much.

  8. erni ermawati

    Nice episode.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much dear erni ermawati…

  9. Manish ki deewani

    Nice vino waiting 4 next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai… manish ki deewani thanks for your support dear…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you dear rifa…

  10. Nice dear…

  11. oh my GOD i read it now…thapki coma condition….

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