Love birds (part-10)*mega episode*

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This part starts from Sankara sees thapki.poonam applies haldi in thapki face.aditi gets happy.dhruv gets angry. he thinks how will stop this marriage.he gets teary eyes.Sankara thinks and says I am a are not.thapki goes to her room.poonam and aditi comes to thapki.poonam says to her I am so happy for you betiya.I wants to see you and bihaan will be happy always in your life.aditi says to that poonam,maa there’s no doubt in their love.did you watch him today.bihaan only looks at thapki.poonam says to thapki,bihaan is very good character.vasundhara and balwander is another parents for you are very lucky thapki.she smiles at thapki.poonam hugs thapki. krishnakant comes to them.he brought so many boxes.he opens all boxes.he says to that thapki,beta its all for you.this bride dress is very costly.its made for you. this dress threads made from gold.see this necklace,bangles,ear rings…do you like this?thapki looks at him.he says to her I can do anything for bring your happiness.your happiness is more importent for me beta.she gets teary eyes.she hugs her father krishnakant.aditi says to his father,papa god is always there with my she won’t loss her happyness in life.aditi gives gift to thapki.thapki says to her,what is this aditi…gifts an all…aditi says to her to open gift.she sees the diamond bracelet .thapki hugs aditi.thapki thanks her.Sankara comes to thapki room.she sees all her family members are there with her.she tries to go from there.krishnakant sees Sankara.he tells to that sankara why are you going from here.come betiya.Sankara says to him I want to speak with thapki.he says to her,OK speak to her.all are goes from there.Sankara goes close to thapki.vasu comes there suddenly.she calls Sankara for some work.Sankara goes from there with vasu.balwander talks in mobile.vasu comes to him.she says to him,pls switch off atleast today till our bihaan marriage.she takes mobile from him.she switches off that and she goes.balwander sees her.he thinks you are too busy in normal days bihaan you tied wheels in your feets.he smiles at her.he goes from there.

Sankara calls to goons.she says to them,when I keep chloropharm in thapki face, suddenly I will give signal through my missed have to kidnap with her till my marriage. she sees vasu coming there.then she ends the call.aditi says to thapki,you wear this bridal dress di.I will be back within 15 minutes.aditi goes from room.Sankara comes to thapki room.thapki sees her.Sankara says to thapki,do you want to marry bihaan?.thapki says to her,what are you saying Sankara.she says to that thapki,I mean give my bihaan to me.I love him a lot.thapki says to her,it means you didn’t change yourself.I know you won’t change.Sankara says to her,hello its my marriage.don’t talk too much.there is no time to argument with you.just answer me.thapki says to her,yes.I want to marry bihaan.go away from him or I will call everyone now.Sankara says you won’t listen what I am saying.she keeps kerchief in thapki face.she gets faints.she gives signal to them goons are lifts thapki.they goes from window.bihaan comes to balcony.they sees bihaan.suddenly they hides her from bihaan.then they goes out of pandey nivas.aditi comes to room.she says to her,wow di you are so beautiful in this dress.but why are you hiding your face.she turns her face to aditi.aditi gets shocked.she says to her,you Sankara..where is my sister.Sankara goes and she locked the door.aditi asks her that same question.Sankara explained everything to aditi.aditi cries.she says to aditi,now your di is safe.but if you do anything wrong I will kill you have to do whatever I am telling to you.aditi nods at her.she says to aditi,now jewells are pending to wear,so……aditi goes to her.she makes Sankara to wears all Jewell’s.poonam comes there.she sees her.poonam says,wow my daughter is so pretty.but thapki why are you covering your face.aditi says to her,nothing maa.she is getting done this.poonam smiles at aditi.

vasu comes to bihaan room.she sees bihaan as a groom. she gets happy.she blesses bihaan.she makes him to wear sehra.

bihaan comes to mandap.vasu makes him to sit there.pandit ji calls bride to come there.poonam comes with Sankara.vasu asks to aditi why she was covering her face.she says to vasu,because my di is more beautiful. you all are has to see her face after marriage only.vasu smiles at her.poonam makes Sankara to sit there.then poonam comes there.she keep kumkum in bihaan’s forehead.his sehra was falls down in mandap.vasu keeps sehra in her hand.Sankara and bihaan walks around agni.they finished it.pandit ji gives mangalsutra to bihaan.bihaan wears mangalsutra to Sankara.Sankara gets happy.aditi cries to see them.Sankara takes veil from her face.everyone’s gets shocked.bihaan gets shocked.vasu comes there.she scolds Sankara.where is my bahu thapki.tell me or I will inform this to police.bihaan removes the mask from his face.he is really dhruv.not bihaan.fb shown dhruv hits bihaan head.bihaan gets unconsious.dhruv calls to makeup man.he comes to dhruv.he keeps rubber mask in dhruv face like bihaan.he wears bihaan dress.fb ends.Sankara sees him.she gets faints. vasu spreads water in her face.she gets conscious. balwander slaps dhruv.aditi smiles at Sankara.

bihaan gets conscious. he runs to mandap.he sees Sankara and dhruv as a bride and groom.he gets tensed.he goes to Sankara.he asks to her about thapki.Sankara calls to goons.they leaves thapki.

thapki enters to house.she runs to bihaan.she hugs him.she cries.he wipes her tears.(ranjhana plays…)
he sees thapki.she gets scratches in her skin.bihaan gets angry.he tells to sankara I am leaving you because you are my bhabhi now.he holds thapki hands.he goes from there.

balwander says,whatever happend, now dhruv and Sankara becomes husband and we are have to bless them.everyone keeps flowers in their hands.they throws flowers on them.still dhruv and Sankara doesn’t come out from that shocked moment.they stands in mandap like sewing. they becomes speechless.aditi laughs at them.

bihaan brings first aid box.he puts bandage in her forehead and neck.thapki sees him.she asks to him,suppose if you really married with Sankara then….he keeps his finger in her mouth.he says to her,It won’t happend in my dream also.god made us for each lord won’t let anything wrong happend for us.they looks at each other.(ranjhanna plays….)

Precap: bihaan feeds ice cream to thapki.dhruv sees them.Sankara and dhruv joins hands for seperating bihaan and thapki.aditi throws chilly powder in Sankara face intentially.

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  1. Seriously u r genius…such a great twist which make thahaan’s fan happy forever…tq so much for tis…im ur great fan…n lov3 wth ur ff…pls write more…tq so much

  2. oh my GOD what a twist…for some time i becme angry that again i hv to see thahaan sepratn then u make me happy with dhrv face instead of bihan..super….but plz chnge ur ff pic…i want only thahaan pic on thahaan ff…

  3. Wow yarr nice episode and congratulations for 10th episode

  4. Vinolin.d

    thank you so much thenkani and sadia.I was uploaded image. but its not accepting in in telly update they are keeping this image.already I tried to upload so many times.

  5. Vinolin.d

    thank you anchel.

  6. Very good episode. Congratulations for 10th episode.

  7. Fitrhoh

    I’m speachless vinolin,,,super twist
    Keep writing and Ganbatte!!!

  8. Manish ki deewani

    Vino dear awsm loved Sankara marry druve nice twist dear and congrats 4 completing 10th episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai manish ki deewani…thank you very much dear.

  9. Vinolin.d

    thank you very much rifa and fitrhoh…

  10. Ha ha I knew it……really I imagined dhruv n sankara’s face so sad n nice epi keep writing

    1. N plss chng the dp f Ur ff

      1. Vinolin.d

        thanks dear sush..

  11. Wow ….??? You did the double swapping drama and bought Thahaan together … Hats Off to ur imagination ????

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai naitan…thank you so much dear.

  12. Actually when I started to read this Iam bit of confused…but you just really surprising me.what a unpredictable twist.well done dear.I have a humble request for you pls make their marriage soon…

  13. Super episode vinolin dear. . What a great twist .
    . Keep going … congrats for 10th episode

  14. you are awesome.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks garima for your support.

  15. Awesome dear..twist was amazing for thahaan fans …

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much arooj …

  16. Vinolin.d

    thank you very much for your support dear pooja and Priya.

  17. Navami

    Vinolin darll superb episode.. i loved it drr

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you navami darl…

  18. I love it, awesome. I really love your ff Vino ????

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much fitri dear…

  19. Aneesa Kausar

    Please can you give us thahaan wedding please thank you don’t do what cvs are doing with us in the serial

  20. Vinolin.d

    yes surely thahaan wedding only will don’t worry Anees pls.thank you dear for your love.

  21. Vinolin.d

    yes surely thahaan wedding only will don’t worry Anees pls.thank you dear for your loveable comments.

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