Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#36

Chapter 36: “ The Traitor!”

The episode start with the continuation of Riddhima’s past story,
R: “When Rajveer told me about him being missing, I was really really tensed. In those days, there was one more thing going on. The selection of the next successor of military intelligence who would become the sub-chief as Dad was the chief. The nominated officers were Rajveer and Rehaan. Dad was more in favour of Rajveer because he was more responsible and Rehaan was short tempered. So, Dad wanted him to have some more improvement in him. And Rehaan!…He had always desired for that position. Well, The matter of DSR was on its peak in those days. We had not contacted Dad for almost a month and we didn’t know when he would be back. Rajveer and I were extremely worried as there were no news of Dad and Rehaan too. Rajveer was worried for one more thing too.Someone was leaking all the information regarding the cases, Rajveer was working on. The criminals he had caught in his missions, were being released as nothing could be proved against them. Rajveer was facing extreme pressure from the intelligence as everyone was doubting his performance. I had wished that Dad would have been here then he would have solved everything in seconds. But unfortunately, Dad was not aware of what’s happening in Delhi. Rehaan was missing for almost two weeks and then, One day…..(she took a deep breath) someone called me at night. I picked it up and someone informed me that Rajveer’s life was in danger. I was really scared. I thought of nothing else and immediately left towards Rajveer’s house. When I reached there, everything was absolutely fine. And then,….

Flashback starts,
Riddhima enters Rajveer’s Mansion. Rajveer was sitting in the hall busy in his laptop. Seeing Riddhima at this hour, he became worried.
Raj: Riddhima! You here? Is everything fine? What happened?
Rid: You tell me Rajveer! Are you okay?
Raj: I am absolutely fine Riddhima. Why are you so worried?
Rid: Rajveer! Someone called me and informed that your life is in danger. I could think of nothing else then coming here.
Raj: Who told you this?
Rid: I……
Before Riddhima could speak, someone started banging the door violently.
Rajveer removed out his gun and loaded it and then went towards the door.
Raj: Riddhima! Just stay here! If I shout, then instantly run towards the basement. Ok?
Riddhima nodded. Rajveer went towards the door and when he opened it, Five senior intelligence officers came in and started shouting,
Head(shouts): Check each and every corner of the house!!! No room or floor should be missed!! Search through all the cupboards and give me the information within 15 minutes!!!
Raj: Sir! What’s going on here? Why are you searching my house?
Head: Mr. Rajveer! We have got the news that you are hiding drugs in your house and smuggling them illegally.
Rajveer(shocked): What!!! I didn’t.
Riddhima who was standing there was shocked. She came to the officer to defend Rajveer,
Rid: What are you saying Sir? You are accusing Rajveer of drugs smuggling? How can you? He is the most honest and dedicated officer of your department.
Head: If I guess your name correct, Ms. Riddhima! We got this news from our resources. We are searching the house to find proofs. If he is really innocent, no proofs would be found against him and we will not arrest him without proofs.
Riddhima and Rajveer were both shocked. They waited for the next 15 minutes and then the officers came after searching the whole mansion and informed the head that no drugs have been found in the house. Riddima and Rajveer were relieved. Then, The gaze of one officer fell on Riddhima’s bag.
Officer: Miss! I want to search your bag. Give it to me.
Rid: There is nothing in my bag Sir! I just came to check on him.
Officer: Please cooperate miss!
Raj: Riddhima! Let them do it.
Riddhima handed over her bag to the officer. He searched in her bag and felt something in the inside. He tore her bag and brought out a bag of whitish powder stitched inside it. Then, he opened the packet and smelled it. He angrily glares Riddhima and handled it to the head.
Officer: Sir! Found it! Its cocaine!!!
Riddhima(shocked): What!! No!! Its not mine. I didn’t put it in my bag.
Rajveer(shocked): This is not hers. Ia m sure about this. Its a trap!
Riddhima: I don’t know how it came in my bag.
Officer: Sir! I am sure she had come here at this hour just to deliver this packet only. They both are involved in this.
Head(stern): Arrest them!
Riddhima and Rajveer(shocked and shouting): No! We didn’t do anything!! Someone is trapping us!! Its not ours!!Just listen to us officers.
They didn’t listen to both of them, handcuffed them and arrested the two.

Flashback ends.
Vansh was shocked. Riddhima continued,
R: In the jail of intelligence bureau, I and Rajveer were kept in separate chambers. We were not allowed to meet each other or talk. Rajveer was a really down to earth man so, the officers inside the chambers were in his favour. No one believed that he could do such thing. Well, an inquiring committee was made to investigate the case. I and Rajveer were inquired separately. Our statement were showing us innocent but there was no proof. Having his resources inside the jail, Rajveer appointed a team of three members whom Rajveer had trained personally. No one knew about it except Those three and Rajveer. They were tripple M, Mahesh, Mishra and Micheal. They were his highly trusted and trained sub-officers. Rajveer asked them to find evidence to prove them innocent and also find out about the one who trapped them. Two days passed away. There was no progress in the case as there was no evidence against us except the packet of drugs. Intelligence department was focused on Rajveer as he was previously doubted about his performance and if proven guilty, it could affect their reputation. Then, finally, Tripple M came with some good news. They provided evidence in the court for our innocence, we were proven innocnet and released. We came back home and then, Rajveer told me something that blew off my mind.

Flashback starts,
Riddhima and Rajveer were sitting in the hall and talking,
Rid: Who could do this Rajveer? Though we are proven innocent but it had greatly affected your reputation.
Raj: I know Riddhima but right now, I am really hurt about something else.
Rid: What is it Rajveer?
Raj: Do you know who did this? Who falsely trapped us in this case?
Rid: Who?
Raj: Rehaan!
Riddhima was shocked.
Rid: What are you saying? Rehaan? He is missing for many days. How could he do this? He is our friend!
Raj: He was!! He was our friend but right now, he is our biggest enemy.
Rid: What rubbish are you saying? Have you gone mad Rajveer?
Raj: Riddhima! My officers investigated about him. Do you remember tripple M who presented proofs of our innocence in court? They found out about Rehaan. Rehaan has joined underworld mafia. He was the one who was secretly leaking information of my cases and because of him, those criminals were being released. He was behind all this. He is missing for many days because he is now working for underworld.
R: Why would he do this?
Raj: Don’t you get it till now? He wanted revenge from you and me. He wanted the position of the sub-chief. So, he played this stroke to kill two birds with one stone. He always wanted to be on the top position. After whatever happened in my sister’s wedding, he developed enemity with you and me. So, he made a plan. First, he leaked all the information of my investigation and helped those criminals. In this way, he successfully created a doubt about me and he himself became more worthy in the eyes of both intelligence and mafias. Then, He played his second trick and made us both falsely trapped in this drugs case. Now, my reputation is ruined and even you have got under the radar of the officers.
R: But now, we are proven innocent na? What’s to worry about?
Raj: Riddhima! Intelligence is much more complicated than police. Police leaves the accused after proven innocent. But intelligence never leaves until it makes sure that no doubtful activity is recorded again. I am sure they would be keeping an eye on us right now too. The real culprit has not been caught yet. Their doubt will not vansih until they find out the real culprit. And……
He hesitated. Riddhima noticed it and spoke,
Rid: And?
Rajveer: And….their doubt is much more on you than me. Because the packet was found in your bag.
Rid: But when we have done nothing, then why would they doubt us again. When they will investigate, they will find out that we are innocent.
Raj: Its possible in my case but not yours.
Rid(confused): I didn’t get it.
Rajveer held Riddhima by her shoulders and spoke,
Raj: Whatever I am going to say, maybe a little hurting but its better to talk straight then beating around the bush.
Rid: Go ahead. I am listening.
Raj: Riddhima! I have a got a clear background track record. Plus I have a clear family background record too. The officers know me well. They can give statements in my favour. But you! Riddhima! There is no one who knows you in this city except me, Ajay Sir and Rehaan. My statement won’t work until I have a got a proper background with you. Ajay sir is not here and we can’t approach him too and Rehaan! He would never do something to prove you innocent as he is the one who trapped you.
Rid: Not in Delhi, but Vansh knows me. Sejal, Dadi, Angre, there are alot of people. They know me.
Raj: Do you think that they would give their statements in your favour when you yourself left them. And let’s suppose we do that, when the officers will investigate your background with Vansh, they will come to know about those 50 crores that you have yourself confessed of stealing. In this way, Rather than proven innocent, their doubt on you will increase more. In law, only evidence and proper background record matters. They won’t leave us on some emotional basis. You will need a strong background support so that others agree to give statement in your favour too.
Rid(scared): Then, Wha…What would we do? How…How will I ensure my background in this short time?
Raj: We have only two options Riddhima to save you. One is Rehaan. But Rehaan will not agree until he gets what he wanted. And you know well what he wants. So, going towards that side would be useless. And second one is,…………
He again hesitated.
Rid: What is second one?
Raj: Marry me!
Riddhima eyes widened in shock. She couldn’t believe her ears. She was not yet done with Rehaan’s stupidity when she faced another. She became angry and held his collar,
Rid: What rubbish Rajveer! Have you gone mad? What difference is left between you and Rehaan. First, he hurted my emotions and now you!! You know I can’t think of anyone lese except Vansh.
She jerked him. Rajveer knew that it would hurt her but he had no other option. He was ashamed but then tried to hold her again by her arms,
Rid(with angry ttears): Stay away from me!
Raj: Riddhima Listen just for once! I am not like Rehaan. I know well that you belong to Vansh and will always be his. And I would never ever do something to hurt you. My sole purpose for saying this is to protect you. Riddhima! I really really respect your love for Vansh. I respect him alot. I would never claim any right on you. I would not even come close to you Riddhima. It wouldn’t be anything like a husband wife relationship. I am just saying this to give you a proper support. For me, My reputation not at all matters. What matters to me is your safety. I had promised Ajay Sir that I would not let anything happen to you. And I have no other option right now. When you will be my wife, then your background will be linked with mine. And indirectly the investigation will turn to my side. In this way, this change of status will give us some more time. In this time, we will find proofs against Rehaan. Once, the proofs are presented against him, we will get a clean chit. After that, whatever your decision would be, I will go with that.
Riddhima completely understood his plan but marrying someone other than Vansh was completely out of the box for her. She was not able to think anything. She was badly entrapped between two unfortunate situations and she didn’t know what to do. She asked,
Rid(crying): Rajveer! You know…this…this is not possible for me. I can’t…I can’t cheat Vansh.
Raj: This is not cheating Riddhima and I assure you, once everything’s gets settled I will myself take you to him and I will assure him that you are his only. Vansh will not question you Riddhima. As your love for him is pure, the same case is of Vansh too. His love for you is pure too.
Rid: How can you say that?
Raj(painful): Because I had loved someone too.
Riddhima was staring him with no expressions and Rajveer was in pain that he was trying hard to not show.
R(wiping her tears): I need time to think. I will call you.
Raj: Take your time.
Saying this, Riddhima went back to her home. She sat down on the sofa and cried alot. She prayed to God to save her as she was stuck between two situations. She didn’t know where to go. From whom she could seek help. Neither there was Vansh for her nor her parents. Neither there was Ajay for her nor Dadi. There was no one who could prove her innocence as solid witness except Rajveer. But how could she do this. She had always loved Vansh and had never thought about anyone else. She had no strength in herself. She was feeling all alone standing at her dead end. She was just crying there when she heard some noise coming from her room. She become tensed. She picked up the knife placed in the fruit basket and went towards her room slowly and when she opened the door, her eyes widened with shock. Rehaan was sitting there on her bed.
Rehaan: Hello baby doll!
He smirks.
Riddhima was extremely frightened.
R: What are you doing here? Why did you come here? Have you not done enough that now you came here again?
Reh(acting as cool and smart): Riddhima!……Riddhima!……Riddhima! Can’t I come here? I am your best friend! And your……(low evil voice) To be husband too.
R: What rubbish! Shut up Rehaan!
Reh: Look Riddhima! I am not here to argue with you. You are my baby doll. How can I fight with you? I have come here to have a deal with you. I will not waste time.
R: What deal?
Reh: The deal is simple. My statement in the court can be very effective for your case. It can prove you innocent. But I want something in return.
R: What?
Reh: You!
Riddhima felt disgusted. She was about to speak when he cut her in between,
Reh: And before you reject my offer once again, remember nothing else can save you from this. Trust me! If I can trap you both in this case, I can get you out too.
R: And what about Rajveer?
Reh: You have to put all the blame on Rajveer.
R(furious): Are you mad?
Reh: You can call me one but Riddhima! I can go to any extent when I have to achieve what I want. Put all the blame on Rajveer then, once I become the chief, I will use my resources and….
R(cutting him): And get him released as you did with other criminals.
Reh(smirks): So, you know about that too.
Riddhima was extremely furious. How shamefully he was accepting his evil moves and putting forth conditions in front of her. She pushed him hard and he fell backward.
R: What a disgusting man you are! You have lost all you shame! He was like your brother Rehaan! What had he not done for you! You are so cheap! (Loud) You are a traitor!!!! A cruel and filthy traitor!!!!!
Rehaan gets angry, pushes Riddhima and she fells on the floor. Her head collides with the ground and it started bleeding. She writhes in pain and tried to get up but was not able to. She was broken to the core. Rehaan’s obsessive love woke up once again and he went towards Riddhima,
Reh: Riddhima! I didn’t meant to hurt you. It was purely accidental. You know I sometime lose my temper. Come on. Get up. I will bandage your head.
Riddhima was now full of anger and emotions. Rehaan put his hand on Riddhima’s shoulder and at this act, Riddhima turned and again slapped him hard on his face.
R(shouts in anger): Don’t you dare touch me! Leave me alone!
Rehaan again became furious.
Reh(furious): You are crossing your limits Riddhima! I will not leave you.
Riddhima grabs the knife from the floor and puts it on her wrist,
R: Get out! Leave from here Rehaan or I will end my life. (Loud) Just leave! I don’t want to see your face again. Get lost!
Rehaan gritts her teeth in anger and leaves, saying,
Reh: Stupid you are! Now, be ready for the return gift!
And he left.
Ridhima threw the knife away and shouts alot. She was completely shattered and heart broken. She lost all her might and strength to face these problems. She shouts taking everyone’s names, Vansh’s, Ajay’s, her parents’. But there was no one. Only she was there, sitting alone in a house and crying on her fate. Her own voice was echoing back to her. She cried alot throwing everything in her range angrily on the floor. When she lost her strength to even cry, She grabbed her phone and Called someone,
R(broken and painful voice): Rajveer! I am ready! I am ready to marry you!!

Flashback ends.






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      Thank you so much dear! I had never thought that I would get so much love yar!! This is overwhelming for me!! I really respect you all alot!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    3. Riansh1212

      Thank you soo much mishika!❤️❤️❤️

  30. Yaar u know now I also want to write a ff bt if once I started u all will be behosh (faint) Ramadan is going on when I hardly get time so I try to see u ff nd some of my fav ones or agarme Ramadan ke bd likho to mere pas i think ek mahina hoga or uske bd classes or fir school alag fir mera dimag nahi chalega yr tum log kaise manage karte ho yr pta nahi comming to the point this is so nice ep sorry if I wasted ur time thanks u dear stay safe bye ALLAH HAFIZ

    1. Riansh1212

      I really want to get behosh yar!! Mujhe hona hai behosh!!! So start writing one!😊😊😊😊 I don’t know men manage kese krti hun but seriously its hectic..but yar its fun too. U should give it a try. I know u can do it! ❤️😘😉and thanx alot dear! You haven’t wasted my time at all! I love reading comments jitne bhi lmbe hojaene i enjoy alot!!! And have a blessed Ramadan! Ramadan Mubarak! And Take care! Allah hafiz!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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