Love Begins with Friendship (IMMJ)- Episode 4

As Riddhima was confused about whom to share her lunch with? She decided to cut each sandwich into three pieces. She takes teacher’s help to cut two sandwiches into 6 pieces. The teacher did as she said and was waiting to see what Riddhima will do with the 6 pieces.  Riddhima gives 2 pieces each to Vansh and Kabir and she keeps 2 sandwich pieces for herself. Vansh and Kabir thanks her.  Teacher was impressed and gave her a big chocolate. Riddhima was very happy.


Later, a girl named Sia was jealous of Riddhima. She was about to hit her with a wooden stick, but teacher stopped her and asked why she was trying to beat Riddhima. She couldn’t keep her jealousy a secret and reveals before the teacher. The teacher asked her to be polite and not to be jealous of anyone. Sia agrees to teacher’s sayings. Teacher befriends Sia and Riddhima and makes them take part in the competition. Riddhima is having three friends in class now. The teacher informs them about the exam next month. Kabir and Vansh decide to study beforehand, but Riddhima has other plans.


Next day, Riddhima asked her parents if she could go for a movie, as her exam is scheduled for next month. Her Parents agree and asked her to take her friend along with her. Riddhima asked if she can take her two friends, but her father refuses, as he can bought only two tickets. Riddhima was confused about whom to take, Sia, Kabir or Vansh?


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