Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 14 & 15

Episode 14

rv arrives at ishu’s office. rv says there is a big problem. ishani says come sit what happened. rv says do you know today your parents came in my bureau, discussing about your marriage problem. ishu says what, i have told them i dont want to get marry right now but still.

ishani says just a sec thats my problem, why are you worried. rv says im not worried about you duffer, my parents have come back and are doing swayamvar to find suitable bride for me. ishu laughs and says swayamvar and again laughs. rv says stop laughing, we are in the same situation right now and leaves angrily. ishu still laughs.

next day in the market kailash and harshad accidentally crashed each other. they both hugs and asks about they are. harshad says “ab kya batau my daughter is not ready to marry”. kailash says yaar me too experiencing the same with my son, and says this new gen is very complicate to understand. harshad says why dont you come at lunch in our house today. kailash ofcourse definitely we will come. they leaves.

at lunch in ishu’s house they talk about their past life and discusses about their children. falguni says ishani is owner of a well-known boutique. amba says good and tells that ranveer owns a company(odhni) and marriage bureau(bandhan). falguni and harshad look at each other surprisingly. harshad says it means he was ranveer whom we met yesterday. kailash says yes. they all had lunch. suddenly kailash says dont mind but i have an idea why can we turn into relatives. amba says you mean ranveer & ishani.

falguni and harshad overjoys hearing this. kailash says so you talk to your daughter and we will talk to our son about this proposal. amba & falguni hugs and so kailash & harshad. after that they leaves.
falguni says “bhagwan plz ye rishta pakka ho jaye”. harshad says yes our daughter will stay happy . falguni gets tensed and says but will ishani acceptt this, i mean all the last proposals she have rejected. harshad says dont worry i will talk to her this time and consoles falguni.

Episode 15

at night ishani was sitting on window side listening to music. harshad comes and tells about the proposal. she says papa you know i dont want to marry. harshad says ishu i know but tomorrow you will have to. ishu beta life becomes beautiful when you discover it with your partner. ishu says but..harshad stops and says that look at your parents example we are also happy with each other. and leaves by saying that think about it. ishani was in thought.

on the otherside amba was trying to convince him. rv said that i dont have time and moves. amba holds his hand and says son your dad were also busy those days but he took out time for his family. amba and rv sits on bed. rv keeps his head on amba’s lap. amba gently moves her hand on his hairs and says son once you get married you will not feel busy. she will share your good and bad moments. choice is yours son. she leaves. rv was upst and was in thought.

ishu calls the radio station and shares her problem. rv was also listening to the radio.. the RJ suggests her to go with the flow.

ranveer thinks that i should call ishani. she is also experiencing the same and calls her.
ishu picks up and in dull and low voice says hello. rv says what happened why are you sounding like that. ishu says marriage. rv says same with me yrr. they both talks about their life and their dreams till late and sleeps.

in morning rv says to amba that im going to office. amba says today, i will not allow you to go deekra. rv gets a call from ishu.
ishu says rv i want to meet you right now in the park. amba sees rv. rv says im coming. rv says mom i got a urgent meeting and will have to leave now. he kisses amba on cheeks and hurries.
ishu was coming down she meets harshad. he asks where are you rushing. ishu excuses that she is going to parlour and will comeback before the guests and leaves.

in park ishveer were looking very sad. rv says ishu now what you will you do. ishu says just a sec we both have the same problem so why cant we get a same solution. rv says im not getting anything. ishu says idea and smiles creepily.

Precap- amba and kailash arrives at ishu’s home and as ishveer enters everyone gets shocked…….

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  1. Wow nice jeevi..still both r not fall in love so pls make it soon.waiting for next epsiode

  2. Super …. pls unite ishveer forever …. !!

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb jeevi.l think in precap ishveer r going to say that they r in love for stopping the marriage.eagerly waiting for ur next.pls update fast.


    Wow dear……..I love it soo much… I’m thinking that ishu has an idea that is she’ll act to gf of Ranveer and vice a versa…..but they don’t know what’s the real situation……

  5. Amazinggg waiting fr the next epi…❤

  6. Awsum yaar I just luv such tracks… cntnue…longer episode!!!!! Plz frm nxt tm want a longer episode… nd also update asap….

  7. awesome mam. make them one

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