Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 6) by Zaimal

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Hey guys thank you so much for your lovely comments and i am sorry for not replying them.
but it meant a let’s continue.

“didn’t you feel shame slapping principal’s son?”kunj asked slapping on swara’s head while they entered inside house.swara slaps him on face.
“that was not my mistake…”swara said rolling her eyes.she picks up apple and start eating.
abheer and sanskar who was discussing something on laptop, looked at them.they were sitting in lounge.
“when you say it was your mistake?”kunj said throwing daggers at her.
“do you have single idea he can throw us out from college”lucky said worriedly.
“wah..that college is his father?”swara said angrily,walking toward lucky.lucky slaps on her head.
“shut up…first do mistake then don’t accept it”lucky said showing her eyes.
“you know you ware right that was my mistake…everything is my mistake,you two came in this world that was my mistake,weather is so cold here that is also my mistake,world population is increasing that is also my mistake,global warming is also because of me,Enmity between pakistan and india is also because of me,British ruled on sub-continent that was also my mistake,1857 war that was also because of me,Dinosaur extinct from this world that was also my mistake..right?”swara said fuming in anger.

“finished….”lucky asked confirming that she finally stopped.
“hmm…i don’t remember anything else”swara said and takes bite from apple.
abheer chuckled lightly.sanskar looks at him angrily.abheer arranges his face quickly.
“don’t know what’s wrong with prince today?”abheer thought in brain.
“thank God…you have little brain”lucky said thanking God for this.swara gritted her teeth.
“dinosaur would have thought there mother is coming…its time for their leave”kunj said holding his head.
“mother…they had no mother before”swara asked confusingly.
“dinosaur used to born from their father’s tummy…you don’t know?”kunj said putting hand on her shoulder.swara looks at him and shook her head innocently.
“such a useless girl you are…don’t know such big discovery,don’t know anything else than eating”kunj said shooking his head,takes apple from her hand and moves from there,leaving swara confused like hell.
lucky slaps on kunj’s head,chuckling.swara was biting her nails,thinking about dinosaur when her phone started ringing.
“hello dad..dinosaur had no mother?”swara asked without listening anything from other side.
shekhar laughed loudly hearing her.sanskar looks at her then cursed under his breath,gets up and leaves from there.abheer looks on.
“who told you this?”shekhar asked laughing.
“kunj..”swara said innocently.kunj coughed hearing his got stuck in his throat.
swra looks at kunj angrily after hearing shekhar.kunj gives her sheepish smile.swara removes her boot and throw it toward him and fortunately it hit kunj’s stomach.
“ummphh!…”kunj bend forward when boot hit his stomach.

“sanskar we all are watching movie…you can join us”lucky said after entering inside his room.
“which movie?..”abheer asked excitedly.
“horror…”lucky said.
“can i?” abheer asked looking at sanskar.
“sure…”sanskar said through gritted teeth.abheer gets up quickly.
“you are not coming?” lucky asked looking at sanskar.
“he don’t like movies..”abheer said quickly.
“there is going to be a live show”lucky said laughing a little.
“what do you mean?”sanskar asked
“girls are also watching…its going to be a lot of fun”lucky said thinking about it.
“swara is also watching?”abheer asked casually.lucky nodded his head.
“she likes horror movies?” abheer again asked trying to be innocent.sanskar was looking at him as he will shoot him at any time.lucky laughed and shook his head.
“she don’t know we are watching horror”lucky said.
“luckyyyy…”kunj shouted from downstairs.lucky left from there.abheer also left.
“this abheer sometimes behaves like kid…don’t know what is he doing in this field”sanskar muttered under his breath.
Abheer is with sanskar from the time when sanskar saved his life.And from that time he is with sanskar.he is very loyal.he is only person to whom sanskar can trust with blind eyes.but sometimes sanskar felt he was not at all belongs to this field.he was fearless but innocent person from inside.Only one thing sanskar hates about him was when he has to say something he says it not caring about sanskar’s anger.


“you said we are going to watch romantic movie”swara said slapping kunj on shoulder.
“its very romantic…”kunj said chuckling.
“its horror..i don’t want to watch it”swara said and tried to get up but lucky and kunj holds her arm and pull her down.
“you are not going anywhere…you will watch full movie”lucky said in serious tone.
“bhai plz…”swara said sweetly.
“from lucky to bhai?” lucky asked looking at her with wide eyes.
“you like butter na”swara said giving him her sweetest smile.
“i am on diet”lucky said and turns her face toward TV.
swara covers her eyes quickly.lucky and kunj removes hand from her eyes and hold them tightly.
“i hate you two”swara said cryingly.
“hate you too”lucky and kunj said in union.
twinkle,ragini and kavita were sitting like statue and was watching movie without blink.they were holding each other hands like their life depend on it.
Soon whole hall were echoing with girls shouting.
“aaa!..mama…dad”swara was yelling loudly from everyone.
“mom i want to go to mom”kavita was shouting continuously
“dadddd”ragini was shouting from her throat.
“baba ji help me”twinkle was muttering this continuously.
abheer,lucky and kunj were laughing seeing there condition.sanskar comes out from his room hearing their screams and looks down keeping hand on railing.
his eyes automatically fell on swara who was sitting on couch.Fear was visible on her face.sanskar’s heart shrunk seeing her in fear.he cursed under his breath and went inside his room again.

swara was starring at roof continuously.sleep was far away from her eyes.she looks at her left side,feeling someone will come from there.
“dad…mama”swara cried
she steps down from her bed,picks up her blanket and goes out looking here and there continuously.
she steps inside sanskar room with shivering feet.she was clenching her blanket close to her chest.
“sanskar….”swara called him loudly standing close to him.Same happened like last night.sanskar grabs her neck and pull her down.swara screamed
“plz don’t kill me…”swara cried with closed eyes.
sanskar switch on the lights and gets up quickly.
“again”sanskar said angrily.
“what’s your problem sanskar?” swara said getting up.
“what are you doing here again?”sanskar asked through gritted teeth.
“why are you angry?” swara asked confusingly.
“you are standing in my room at 2:00 am and asking why am i angry?’sanskar said angrily.
“sorry but i am not getting sleep…can i sleep here?” swara said cutely.sanskar skipped his heart beat.
“have you lost your mind….or you want to sleep with me?”sanskar said smirking, taking a step close to him.
“this is not time for joke”swara said and looks at his bed.she pushes his blanket from one side,put pillows in mid and put her blanket on other side.

“what are you doing?”sanskar asked and turned her toward him,holding her arm.
“look sanskar….i am very scared from ghost and they only attack on person who are alone…..only your room is on second floor,everyone is down.i can’t go down before reaching down my soul will reach to my grandfather and he is dead…plz plz let me sleep here i don’t want to die so soon”swara said pleading holding his hand.
“leave my hand and sleep silently”sanskar said in serious tone.
“thank youuu”swara hugs him excitedly.sanskar clenches his fist,restraining himself from hugging her back.
swara breaks hug next instant and sleeps on bed.sanskar also went and slept on bed.they were sleeping in alternative way.sanskar had left the lite ON because of swara.
“sanskar…”swara called him after five minute.
“are you sleeping?”swara asked innocently.
“no..”sanskar said smiling.

“sanskar are you sleeping?”swara asked again.
“swara sleep silently and let me sleep also”sanskar said in irritated voice.
“i am not getting also don’t sleep if ghost come who will fight with him”swara said
sanskar gets up picks up his pillow throw it adajacent to swara’s pillow and laied beside her.
“don’t you know ghost are not real?”sanskar asked tapping his finger on her forehead.
swara rubs her forehead.
“sanskar ghost are real….i have researched about them a lot”swara whispered with wide eyes.
“and and don’t say it continuously they are not real….ghost comes to scare those who don’t believe in them”swara said glaring at him.
sanskar sighed heavily and laid straight on bed keeping his both hands under his head and start staring floor.
“your name is soooo long and difficult.”swara said making face.
“its so simple”sanskar said not looking at her.
“simple?…sanskar maheswari so long…i can’t take so long name from now i will call you sanky…short and cute”swara deciding herself.

sanskar looks at her with amazement.
“you know i gave nick name to lucky…….his name was also so difficult lakshaya gadodia uff!”swara said making face.
sanskar sighed heavily and gain turns his face toward roof.
“let’s play game”swara asked after five minutes silence.
“are you a kid?” sanskar asked amused from her antics.
“yes i am..”swara said proudly.sanskar chuckled.
“game is i will ask one question then you will ask and there is only one rule….no one will lie if you don’t want to answer then pass the question”swara said explaining him game.
“what is your favourite color?” swara asked first.
“black…”sanskar said not interested at all in her stupid game.
“sanky your turn…”swara said slapping on his shoulder.
“did you get hit on your head in childhood?”sanskar asked chuckling.
“no i am like this from birth”swara said giggling.
“why are you weird like this?”swara asked turning in his direction.
“this is called seriousness and my work made me serious”sanskar replied to her.
“oooo…”swara’s turned round.
“why you didn’t wanted to tell your brother about your kidnapping?”sanskar asked casually.
“dad said no need to tell anyone..he will handle that psycho?”swara said
“why you call him psycho?”sanskar asked lost in deep thoughts.
“oh hello…its my turn… live in this city?”swara asked
“no in Mumbai”sanskar said and throw one dagger at her.
“answer my question now”sanskar said and murmured something under his breath
“actually he wants to do forceful marriage with me….how many times i told him i want to do love marriage like my parents but he don’t listen to me….believe me he is totally psycho.don’t know from where he came in my life…psycho case”swara said angrily.

“sanky he is so shameless more than you”swara said making face.sanskar looks at her angrily.
“you know what he said to dad?”swara whispered moving close to him.
“what?”sanskar asked in deep voice.
“hand over your daughter to me otherwise i have many other ways……ullu da patha.because of him dad is so worried and just because of him dad send me out of city to keep me know na he kidnapped me. i can’t go Mumbai to meet my parents.i am missing them so much”swara said sadly,gets straight and start staring at roof.
“who is he?”sanskar asked suppressing his anger.
“i don’t know…whenever i ask dad said i don’t need to worry.he will handle”swara said not looking at him.
“your father is business tycoon…nothing is difficult for him.he would have sent him jail till now”sanskar said with unknown feeling developing in his heart.
“i know my dad is best”swara said smiling and looks at him.
“you wants to do love marriage?”anskar asked making face.swara nodded her head vigorously.
“don’t tell me you don’t believe in it?”swara asked looking at his face deeply.
“that doesn’t exist…”sanskar said in very serious tone.swara slaps on his shoulder angrily.
“it exist i have seen it with my own eyes….”swara said showing him eyes.
“like seriously…you believe in all stupid things”sanskar said in irritated voice.
“how dare you call Love stupid….look mr.sanky i will not tolerate a single word against love.”swara said gets up and sit on bed.
“i am expert in love. i have seen it everywhere in this world and its is very beautiful”swara said keeping hand on his mouth.

sanskar removes her hand and sits in front of her.
“seems like you are in love with someone therefore you refused to marry to that psycho”sanskar said angrily.
“no i am still waiting for my prince charming…don’t know when he will come.”swara said sadly.sanskar laughed hearing prince charming from her mouth.swara looks at him angrily.
“stop laughing…”swara said in warning.sanskar didn’t hear her.swara push him on bed angrily sanskar falls down on his back.swara keeps hand on his mouth.
“sanky i said stop laughing……love is not joke.i have seen it from parents did love marriage if you will see them for only five minutes you will also say they love each other a lot but problem is i have just seen never felt it and i really want to feel it…got it”swara said, removed her hand and was about to get up when sanskar holds her hand and pull her down.swara fall on his chest completely.her hair were on sanskar face.swara raised her head and looks at him.her hair were giving them shadow.
Both shared a romantic eye lock,staring in each other eyes for don’t know how long.
At that time sanskar’s mobile beeped and both came in their senses.swara gets up quickly and compose herself.sanskar picks up his phone and saw liza’s message.sanskar cursed her badly.
Both laid on their places silently.soon swara was sleeping and sanskar was staring at her face.he slid her hair back from her face.swara holds his hand in sleep and hugs it like it is her teddy bear.
“shit…”sanskar whispered.

swara open her eyes because of mobile ring and for her surprise she was in her room.
“Good morning mama….”swara greeted her without looking at screen and steps down from bed.
“good morning….are you still sleeping?when you will learn to wake up yourself”shomi said worriedly.
“mama i am up….bye”swara said making face and cut the call.
“don’t know what she will do after marriage”shomi said and sighed heavily.
swara comes out from her room and looks at sanskar’s room.she peeps inside and saw him sleeping peacefully.
“he didn’t sleep whole night because of me”swara thought in her mind and left.
As usual she made breakfast and handled lucky and kunj’s drama and went college.
sanskar gets up very late after completing his sleep.he steps down from bed and her eyes caught a note on his side table.he picks it up.
“THANK YOU” was written on it and a small smiling emoji was made at end of blue paper.
sanskar shook his head smiling.
he gets fresh and comes back to his room.meanwhile abheer comes there with breakfast.sanskar looks at him.he was smiling meaningfully.
“prince breakfast…”abheer said and put covered breakfast on table.sanskar sits on chair and start eating.
“how is it?”abheer asked.
“have you lost your mind completely”sanskar asked in his usual strict voice.
“actually swara made this breakfast and told me to give you.”abheer aid smiling fully.
sanskar’s hand stopped in air for a second then he puts it down on plate.
“you will get shoot from me….”sanskar said in threatening cold voice.
“i will take a leave”abheer said and leaves from there fast.
“this girl will ruin my reputation…”sanskar said holding his head.

Swara enters inside sanskar room without knocking.sanskar was in terrace,she went after him tip toed and was about pat on his shoulder when sanskar turned with swift movement,holds her hand and twist it on her back and put other arm around her neck.
“Aaaa!….mama!”swara cried in pain because of his tight grip.
“what the heck! swara….”sanskar said annoyingly and left her quickly.swara rubs her wrist and throw daggers at him.
“sanky i am confirmed now….you ran from mental hospital.”swara said angrily and caresses her own neck.
“swara don’t come like this….i thought you are my enemy”sanskar said trying to make her understand.he was criminal and attacks on him was common.even if he is sleeping his sixth sense keeps him alarmed.
“what are you some kind of prime minister that anyone will com,e to kill you…this is third time you are grabbing my neck”swara said angrily,taking a step toward him unknowingly.
Meanwhile abheer comes there.
“what’s wrong swara?”abheer asked looking at her angry red face.
“your friend is mad.i just came here to told him we all are going out for party come with us but he grabbed my neck”swara said angrily.
sanskar rubbed sides of his head.
“are you fine?…did you get hurt?”abheer asked with concerned(drama)
“yes i am fine but your friend have swear on God he will make me rich to my grandfather”swara said and looks at sanskar angrily.
sanskar clears his throat. abheer suppressed his laugh.
“abheer you should also come us”swara said turning her face toward abheer.
“why not….waisa bhe i was getting extremely bore”abheer said making face.
“bring him also”swara said pointing at sanskar.
“i don’t…”sanskr tried to refuse but swara looks at him with narrowed eyes.
“kia?….you will come that’s your punishment for pressing my neck.get ready in 10 minutes”swara said in warning and left.
“i am leaving”abheer said quickly seeing sanskar’s angry red face.he didn’t wanted to get scold from him.

“cheers…”all shouted except sanskar and drink their shots.everyone went to dance floor.swara was also about to go but she saw sanskar standing alone near bar counter.
“sanky you are not coming?”swara asked.
“No i am fine…you go”sanskar said
“fine my foot…”swara said in irritated voice,holds his hand and pull him toward dance floor.
“you are so boring”swara said making face.
“and you are so stubborn”sanskar said through gritted teeth.
swara nodded vigorously and laughed.
“i think you don’t know dance”swara said in mocking tone.
sanskar holds her hand,twirls her from one hand to another then holds her from other hand and push her to ground still holding her both hands.swara’s hair were touching floor.she looks up at him.sanskar pull hr up.A simple beautiful step.
“i just asked didn’t told you to give me demo”swara said and laughed keeping her both hand on his shoulder.
“practical is better than talks”sanskar said smirking.
“oh really…”swara said impressed with his attitude.
At that time someone pushed swara and she lands on sanskr’s chest.their heart beat stopped together.swara takes deep breath and her lungs gets filled with his perfume.sanskar’s condition was same like her.
swara steps back nd looks abck.

“sorry it was by mistake”a boy said apologizing.swara nodded and turns toward sanskar.
Both were dancing silently trying to control their heart beat when swara again got a push and fall on sanskar.he holds her quickly and make her stand.
“he is doing this on purpose right?”swara asked angrily,pushing her hair back from her face.
sanskar nodded, looking at her back.swara turns and pats on boy’s shoulder.
“sorry it was….”boy tried to speak but swara slapped him hard.
“do you belong from donkey family?”swara asked angrily and slapped him again.sanskar chuckled lightly.
“when you don’t know dance then what are you doing here?”swara said and again slapped him.
Everyone stopped and start looking at her.
“sanskar she is creating a scene and you are standing here”kunj said coming there.lucky and kunj quickly went and stops swara and takes her out from there.sanskar also went outside.
“what’s the need to create scene inside?’kunj asked angrily.
“that was not my mistake”swara said crossing her arm over chest.kunj and lucky pulls their hair.everyone laughed hearing that.sanskar just smiled.
“ask from him?”swara said pointing at sanskar.
all looks at sanskar.
“swara you should not have slapped him….he did that mistakenly”sanskar said feeling pity for boy.
“see…”lucky said and slapped on her head.
sanskar winks at her.swara’s mouth dropped to the ground.

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