Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 22)

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swara and sanskar were coming back from functions,pari was in sanskar’s arms and sunny deliberately was walking behind swara and sanskar.sanskar was throwing daggers at him.swara was smiling at their antics.

swara:ajao pari…time to sleep.
pari and sunny look at each other.
both in union:maasi today is ice cream party day.
swara glaring:are u both not tired?
sunny and pari shook their head.swara look at sanskar.he shrugged.
swara:okay go…sit i will bring ice creams.
sunny and pari:yeahhhh!
they run and sit in lounge.swara shook her head smiling and goes toward kitchen sanskar was about to go after her when sunny called him.
sunny loudly:partner…..where are u going?…maasi will come in a second.
sanskar sighed,goes and sit with them.
sanskar with fake smile:i was coming here only.

pari and sunny giggled together.
sanskar murmured:devils….
swara come with ice creams,give them and sit with pari.
pari excitedly:today i have drawing competition….and i came first.
all claps for her.
sunny stand and clears his throat and said:one lady (pointing toward swara)…one baby (pointing toward pari) and one gentleman(pointing to sanskar)….this week…..
pari cut him in between:bhai i m not baby…i am big girl now.
swasan smile at her protest.
sunny glaring:u are a baby…
pari shooking her head:no i am not.
sunny glaring:u are not baby?….still maasi give u shower…eats from maasi hands and says i am not baby.
pari:maasi also make u wear u shirt and comb your hair….u are also a baby.
sanskar in mind:she tie my necktie its mean i am also a baby?
sanskar shook his head at his thought
pari and sunny start arguing.
swara:no…no fighting
but sunny and pari were not listening to her.sanskar also tried to top their fight but all in vein
swara loudly:i am leaving….u both don’t love me na,don’t listen anything.
pari and sunny get silent at once and look at her.
pari:maasi i love u…
sunny:me too.
swara:no u both don’t love me….
sunny and pari shook their heads vigorously,goes and stand in front of her.
sunny and pari hold their ears and make puppy dog faces.sanskar chuckled.
swara:i will except only on one condition.

swara:u both will not fight again…
sunny;se start the fight
pari:he start the fight.
swara:fine u both fight i am leaving…don’t love a little bit.
both quickly:nhe…nhe….promise we will not fight again.
swara smile and caressed their cheeks.
swara:sister and brother don’t fight…now hug each other and say sory.
sunny:i will not say sory.
pari and swara:kunnnn?
sunny:partner says boy never say sory…only girl say sory.
sanskar coughed,swara glares at sanskar.

pari poutingly:friend u think like this?
sanskar hold sunny collars and pull him back and said:when did i said that?
swara throwing daggers:sanskar!!!!!
sanskar:i never said anything like this…
swara ignores him and said:sunny come here.
sunny whispered to sanskar:told u…enmity from me will not be good.
aftetr saying this he goes and stand in front of swara.sanskar’s mouth get open at that.
swara hold sunny hands and said:when u do mistake u should say sory….its your duty and its doesn’t matter u are a boy or girl (last sentence looking at sanskar)
sanskar smile meekly at her.
swara:now say sory
pari and sunny hug each other and said sory.
swara gets up and said:its very late now…tomorrow is school also.
sunny in sugar coated voice:maasi plz sleep with me today.
swara caressed his cheek and said:okay.
sunny wink at sanskar and run from there.pari also run after him.sanskar cursed his faith
sanskar hold swara hand.
swara glaring:u told sunny boy shouldn’t say sorry?
sanskar worriedly:i didn’t…he was pulling my leg like i pull his in evening.
swara giggling:sanskar look at your face…u look so worried.
sanskar pull her close and said:he went on u i guess.
swara nodded her head laughing.
swara:everyone says this….he went on me.
sanskar slide her hair strand and said deeply:really…..
swara push him a little and said:today i am going to sleep with sunny.
swara kissed his cheek and whisper:go and sleep…sweet dreams
after saying this she leaves from there.sanskar slid his fingers from hairs,smiling like mad
sanskar murmured:she knows how to convince.


swara was working in her cabin when sanskar entered inside.swara gets up.sanskar get annoyed at that.
sanskar:swara….we are going to see constriction site…let’s go
swara:yes sir
both left from their.


swara:which constriction site?
sanskar:u will come to know.
swara felt weird but kept silent.
after sometime they reached,swara comes out from car and look around confusingly.
sanskar hold her from waist and make her walk inside the cinema hall
swara look at him confusingly:ye….
sanskar whispered in her ear:i lied…
swara’s eye widened in shock.sanskar chuckled.
sanskar:i love to see this look on your face.
swara blushed immediately.sanskar chuckled
swara:why did u bring me here?
sanskar opening glass door for her:our genius son is not letting us spend some time so i thought to spend some time together.
swara giggled.
sanskar:which movie?
swara excitedly:salman khan ki…
sanskar buys ticket of “EK THA TIGER” goes and sit on their seats.
during whole movie,sanskar was just looking at swara with ‘O’ face.she was fully engrossed in movie forgetting him completely.whistling,clapping for salman khan at each movement,he appeared.sanskar was not able to believe on his eyes.once sanskar thought “am i dreaming or what?”
after movie both come out from theater.
sanskar trying not to be dramatic:u like salman khan?
swara stop him and said in shock:LIKEE!!!!….i love him he is so handsome and dashing.
sanskar get jealous.she was still blabbering about salaman khan.sanskar keep finger on her lips.

sanskar with gritted teethes:swara don’t u know u should never praise anyone else in front of person who loves u.
swara laughed and said:sanskar…u are jealous from him.
sanskar give her death glare.swara took deep breath and smile after looking his red face.
swara:he is hero of films…u are hero of my life…..don’t get jealous from him.
sanskar felt his heart get increased in size.he was feeling immense happiness
swara:can we go now….there is alot of work in office.
sanskar:no…we will go for lunch…let’s go
swara worriedly:what…no we can’t a lot of…….
sanskar keep one hand on her mouth, other hand on waist and drags her.

they were sitting in restaurant and eating lunch,swara was throwing daggers at sanskar who was eating as he has no other work left than this.
swara irritated:sanskar fast….we need to go office also.
sanskar glaring;u are spoiling our first date nothing else.
swara put spoon in her mouth to hide her smile.after completing lunch sanskar drag her to dance floor.
sanskar hold her softly from waist,swara keep her one hand on shoulder and other on his hand.and both dance slowly with soft music playing in background.
swara blushing:sanskar……i didn’t know that u are so romantic.
sanskar smirk and pull her close.
sanskar:u don’t know many things about me….u have just seen a boss.but u are not a little bit romantic.u have soul of old woman.
swara glaring:complaining as if i don’t know anything……u only love me because i am like this.
sanskar teasing:like what?
swara:in your words soul of old woman.
sanskar laugh loudly at that.swara look around embarrassed,every couple was looking at them amused.swara hit on sanskar’s chest lightly.
swara;stop it everyone is looking at us.sanskar twirl her twice and back hug her and keep his chin on her shoulder.
sanskar:u can’t taunt also.
swara:i am normal human being i can do everything which a human do.
sanskar:u are not human

swara look at his in side way.
swara:i am not human?
sanskar in husky tone:no u are not…u are special…different from others.
they share long romantic eye lock,looking at each others.
sanskar bend a little to kiss her.swara turn her face quickly.
swara slowly:i am just simple girl….u are making me special.

sanksar slowly kiss her on neck,goosebumps raised on her skin.
sanskar whisper in her ear:our kiss is pending……
swara heart beat raised,sanskar turn her slowly,swara was looking at his chest lowering her eyes.
sanskar smiling:what happened?
swara:u are shameless…..i am not talking to u
sanskar joined their foreheads and said in deep tone: swara…one thing i don’t know but i feel it if u will stop talking to me i will die and…….
swara shocked:sanskar…..
sanskar smiling:let me complete…….
swara shook her head vigorously and said:don’t u dare take out bad words from mouth.
swara angrily:shut up…..

she free herself and leaves from there angrily.sanskar goes after her.
she was standing near car,her back was toward him.sanskar turned and get shock.she was crying.
sanskar;what the hell…why are u crying?
he wipes her tears,
sanskar:okay fine i am sory really sory i will not say anything rubbish like this again.
swara sobing;promise
sanskar hug her and said:promise…stop crying.
swara hug him back.

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