Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 EPILOGUE

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hello guys first of all thank u so much for your lovely and overwhelming comments.i am reallllyyyy sory for late epilogue. i have a REQUEST guys i posted 2nd season on wattpad with name “LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL”
and my id is “zaimalk” plz like it there too.plz plz plz its a request
and i hope u all will like this and in this only swasan scenes.
plz plz comment.


Swara entered inside her room holding two cup of coffee.she put them on table and look at sanskar with narrowed eyes.
sanskar was working on laptop,leaning against bad.he didn’t even raised his head to look at her.swara shook her head and close the laptop with her hand,remove the charger and keep it on side table.
sanskar look at her with confused face.
sanskar:swara what are u doing?……i need to complete my presentation….tomorrow is my my important meeting.
swara give him his black coffee and sit beside him,holding her own cup.
swara:take some rest, working from morning….if u work like this u will get sick.
sanskar smile and put hand around her waist and take sip of his coffee.
swara look at him and said:can i ask a question?
sanskar sighing:not needed of any permission…
swara making face:how can u drink this black coffee without sugar?
sanskar chuckling:just like the way, u drink your cream coffee with so much sugar.
swara giggling:u have answer of every question.
sanskar offer her his cup.
sanskar looking at her deeply:try….
swara shooking her head:no thank u…..i don’t want my mouth to get bitter.
sanskar shrugged and drink his remaining coffee in one gulp and put cup on side table.swara also finished her coffee and keep it to side.she keep her head on his shoulder.
sanskar looking at far point:swara..
sanskar looking at their joined hands:i was thinking sunny pari should start calling us mom and dad……what u think?
swara keep silent for a second then said: why so suddenly?
sanskar:tomorrow our own baby will come ….i don’t want a little difference between them…..if they will call us mom and dad then there will be less difference between them…….and our children will consider them as their real brother and sister just like we want them.
swara sadly:i don’t want to take ragini di’s place in their life….they should not forget who are their real will i face di when i will meet her?
sanskar shook his head and tightened his grip on her.
sanskar:she will be happy and we are not going to take someone place.sunny and pari know very well who are their parents….
swara keep silent.
sanskar:don’t know about u swara but i want my children to call me DAD.and i have another reason also.
swara:and what is that?
sanskar:did u see pari at her parents meeting day?…..she miss her parents….i want her to call us mom and dad proudly in front of her friends.

swara in deep voice:sunny never go to school at parents day.
sanskar:that’s what i am saying.
swara:i think u are right…
sanskar proudly:always…
she smile, look at him raising her head and kiss him on cheek.
sanskar smile at her antic and pull her close to him and whisper in her ear huskily.
sanskar:so many times told u kiss on right place.
sanskar bend and kiss on her lips softly,cupping her cheek.swara kiss him back and closing her eyes.
they departed themselves when it get hard for them to breath.sanskar kiss on her forehead and hug her.swara hug him back.
swara:how will we talk about this to sunny and pari?
sanskar:i don’t think our children will have problem with this…..but u will talk with them.
swara nervous:main kesa….
sanskar:they only listen yours…..

sanskar,sunny and pari was sitting on breakfast table.swara comes there with servant behind her and tell him to put the tray.
she start serving food to everyone and sit down beside pari.
pari glaring at sunny:maasi from today i will eat myself.
sunny giggled and look down at his plate.sanskar look at sunny and shook his head.
swara pull her soft cheek and said:why can’t i make my daughter eat?
pari irritated:bhai always make fun of me and yesterday he told my friends that i eat from your hand and they laughed so much.
sanskar and swara look at sunny with serious expression on their face.
sanskar:sunny why did u do that?
sunny throwing daggers at pari:u tell my friend that i wear shirt from maasi’s hand…..did i complain?
swara:therefore u wear your shirt yourself……
pari angrily:u started first….tit for tat.
swara and sanskar look at each other then at pari cute angry face then again at each other.
both laugh.sunny and pari look at them.
sunny glaring:we are fighting at so important point and u both laughing?
sanskar get up from his seat and pick pari up in his arms.
sanskar chuckling:i didn’t know that my little princess also get angry
he tickles her.pari laugh.
swara loudly:getting affected from father’s company…..right?(last word looking at sunny)
sunny laughing:right….
sanskar and pari glare at them.
pari whisper:jealous from us.
sanskar look at her and laugh.
sanskar laughing:hmm….absolutely.
he goes and sit on chair,making pari sit on his lap.
sanskar look at swara and sign her to start the talk.swara lick her lips and took deep breath.
swara:sunny come here….
sunny get up,walk around the table and sit on pari’s chair.
sunny:g maasi?
swara turn toward her completely and hold his hand.
swara with fast beating heart:sunny,pari actually sanskar and me was thinking that do u both have any problem if u both call us mom and dad?
sunny and pari look at her with wide eyes then at sanskar.
sanskar smile at them.pari jump from sanskar’s lap,run,sit on swara’s lap and hug her.
pari excited:mama!.
swara get extreme happy and hug her back.sanskar smile.swara look at sunny.he was siting silently.
swara with heavy heart:sunny if u don’t want it then……
but before she could have complete.sunny hug her tightly.
sunny whisper:mom!…..
swara close her eyes and a tear of happiness fall down from corner of eye.
sanskar get from his seat and stand near to them,glaring at them
sanskar making faces:i knew it u both only love your mother….
sunny and pari break hug from swara and hug sanskar.
pari beyond happy:papaaa!!!…
sunny smiling:its not like that…d for daddy!!
sanskar hug them back.
sanskar:idea was mine….
sunny loudly:i knew it….my mom is not that intelligent.
swara’s mouth get open.sanskar and pari laugh.


swara raised her head from pillow and look at sanskar with her half close eyes then at wall clock.12:00
swara angrily:sanskar u didn’t sleep till now….look at the time.
sanskar busy:just two mins….
swara get up take laptop from him.sanskar look at her.
swara’s nger reached to maximum level seeing his red eyes.
swara furious:sanskar sleep now….
sanskar:i was giving finishing touch…give it back.
swara with red face said in orderly way:i said sleep now…i will complete it.
sanskar look at her amusingly.
swara still angry:if u didn’t sleep i will cancel tomorrow’s meeting.
sanskar helplessly:fine sleeping but complete it plz.
sanskar lay down on bad completely,turn toward her side and start staring at her.she was wearing pink night dress,without any makeup but still was glowing.
swara keep laptop on her lap and start working on it.
swara without looking at him:sanskar stop staring and sleep.
sanskar teasing:when u are so beautiful how can i stop myself.
swara’s cheek turned pink and lips get spread in little smile.
swara smiling:people should learn from u “how to flirt?”
she laid stress on her last sentence.sanskar chuckled.
sanskar:girls should learn “how to blush?”
swara blushing:sanskar sleep…tomorrow u have to be fresh for meeting….
sanskar sighing:yeah this annual meeting….turning a big headache for me.
swara smiling:stop taking stress everything will go well.
sanskar look at her and smile.
swara look at him and said with raised eye brow: now close eyes and sleep……close them.
sanskar in deep voice:more than sleep this scene is making me more fresh.
swara blush crimson but compose herself quickly and giv him death glare.
sanskar smile naughtly,he get up,take laptop from her.switch it off and keep it to side
swara quickly:what are u doing?
sanskar:i will complete it in morning.
sanskar pull her close and said huskly:i have some other plan…
swara’s eye widened and she shook her head vigorously.
swara with red face:sanskar…u have to get up early so….
sanskar move his hand on her waist slowly making swara numb.
sanskar kiss corner of her lips and said teasing:u were saying something..
swara blushed.sanskar open the knot of her dress.swara’s heart start beating fast.sanskar buried his face in her neck,kissing her softly.swara close her eyes,feeling his touch.her hands moved toward his shirt buttons.
they consummate their marriage again.


swara was preparing breakfast quickly and was looking at wall clock time to time.
swara:kaka!….did u wake sahab up?
kaka making faces:bibi ji!….wake him up yourself….when ever i try to wake him up he says “swara plz let me sleep..five min more”
swara laughing:okay go wake children up…
kaka with horrified face:bibi ji plz don’t do this with me…..last time i woke sunny baba up…..he put cockroaches in my shalvar….and pari bibi also keep on saying ‘FIVE MIN MORE” i will prepare breakfast ap plz apna bacho ko ja kar uthaya.(plz go and wake up your children)
swara again burst out laughing and leaves from there.
first she go to kids room and sit on sunny’s bad.
swara:sunny wake up…..
sunny threatening voice:ramu kaka let me sleep otherwise i will put dozen cockroaches in your shalvar…
swara pull blanket from sunny.sunny get up angrily and look at swara…but his anger fall down seeing swara there.
sunny cryingly:mom!…..
swara hold his ear and twist it.
sunny loudly:aaaa!….mom!
swara:u will not next threat kaka again…..he is elder than u.
sunny quickly:okay fine….leave my ear now……plz
he look at her with puppy dog eyes.swara smile and leave his ear.
swara:go get ready….
sunny poutingly:can i sleep for 5 min more?
swara kiss on his forehead.
swara:NO…… go get ready
sunny smile,get up from bad and walk toward washroom.
swara walked toward pari’s bad and wake her up.
swara:pari shona wake up!…
pari turned toward other side and said with close eyes:mama! five min plz
swara caressed her hairs smiling fully.
swara:shona its already morning….how much u will sleep?
pari still sleeping;five min mama!….
swara hold her from shoulders and make her sit.
swara:your five mins are just like your papa……which will never end.
pari look at her then step down from bad and run outside.
swara quickly:where are u going?
swara go after her.pari push the door of swasan’s room.
swara murmured:going to complain about me.
pari jump on bad and shook sanskar with her tiny hands.
pari cryingly:papa see na…….mama is not letting me sleep.
sanskar look at her with half close eyes and smile.
sanskar:swara let my princess sleep….
he make her sleep with him and put blanket on her.
swara irritated:sanskar its already 7:30….she have to get ready for school also.
pari and sanskar in union:five min….
swara hit on her forehead and went close to them.swara place her hand on sanskar shoulder.
swara calmly:sanskar today is your annual meeting….u will get late.
sanskar’s eye get open fully.he look at her.swara smile.
sanskar worriedly:i forgot….
he quickly gate up,wear his shoes,kiss swara on forehead.
sanskar:thank u…
swara:i have keep your clothes in washroom.
sanskar nodded and walk toward washroom fast.
pari was still sleeping on bad.
swara loudly:sanskar….wake up your daughter.
sanskar shouted from washroom:princess get up for now…when u will return from school we both will complete our sleep.
pari get up and shouted:promise!!!!!
sanskar shouted:promise….
pari get up and leaves from there.swara giggled at father,daughter antics.
she arrange bad sheet of bad and keep sanskar’s everything on it and leaves from there.

Swara was arranging breakfast on table with the help of kaka when sanskar shouted from their room.
sanskar shouted:swara!!!!
kaka smiling:bibi ji u go…i will arrange everything.
swara nodded and walk toward their room.swara enter inside the room and stand in front of sanskar.he show her his tie while a small smile was playing on his lips.
swara glare at him,take tie and put it around his neck.
swara:i kept it after making knot……u open it again….u are behaving like newly born child.
sanskar keep his both hands around her waist.
sanskar chuckled.swara complete the knot and tried to move back.sanskar hold her firmly.
swara:sanskar let me go….i have to get ready myself
sanskar pull her close and said in deep voice:swara i don’t want to change few things….
swara smiling:which things?
sanskar looking direct into her eyes,said with full love: u will always wake me up,make knot of tie around my neck and will scold me like this always.
swara giggled at his last wish.
sanskar in deep voice:i am serious about these things.
swara pull his cheek and said:okay….now plz let me go.
sanskar smile and leave her.
swara:go breakfast is ready….i will see your princess…u made her lazy like u.
sanskar glaring:don’t say anything to my princess……did u see your son?
swara proudly:my son wake up with one kiss.
sanskar stare at her.swara raised her both eye brow.
swara confused:what!!!
sanskar with narrowed:u give kiss to your son?
swara nodded confusingly but then quickly nodded in NO.
sanskar smirk,hold her from waist again and pull her with jerk.
sanskar:where is my kiss then?
swara hit him on chest twice.
swara glaring:competition with your son!!!!
sanskar chuckling:not competition sweetheart….its just i also want u wake me up with kiss.
swara blushing crimson:have some shame.u are father of two children.
sanskar mischievously:i will kiss u even then when i will become father of 8 children.
swara with wild open eyes:eight!!!!!
sanskar teasing: are these less….never mind we will make our cricket team.
swara’s face turned complete red.sanskar lean toward her face and kiss her on lips softly.swara close her eyes and kiss him back.

Hall get echoed with clapping sound when sanskar complete his presentation.swara smile proudly,looking at her husband…..clapping at his success.sanskar look at her and raised his one eye brow as asking “how was it?”
swara look around at people carefully and give him flying kiss.
sanskar get shock and look at her in disbelief.swara giggled seeing his face.
sanskar clear his throat and adjust his tie and smile more brightly.
sanskar in mind:she never stop surprising me.
A man shake hand with sanskar.
MAN: congratulation mr.mehwari…..i must say with passage of time your capabilities are increasing….
sanskar smiling:thank u….plz excuse me..
sanskar goes hug swara.her eyes widened.everyone look at them,smile and again start talking about presentation.
swara muttered horrified:in front of everyone!!!….
sanskar whisper:when u can give me flying in front of everyone….then i can also hug u in front of everyone.
sanskar break hug and wink at her.
swara look around embarrassed.she snatch file from his hand,give death glare to him and leave from there murmuring continuously.sanskar chuckled.
sanskar after dealing with everyone,goes toward swatra’s cabin.
he open the door,swara raised her head and get up after seeing him.
sasnkar:swara lets go….
swara said while gritting her teeth:sorry SIRRR!….i have to complete my pending work.
sanskar hide his smile,walk forward and sit on opposite chair.swara look at him angrily.
sanskar:plz be sited….complete your work….then we will go together.
swara sit down on her chair and bend her head on files,completely ignoring him.
sanskar pic glass of water from her table,lay back on chair and start sipping it,staring at swara.
swara felt his intense gaze and raise her head to look at him.
swara angrily:what are u doing?
sanskar calmly:i am doing my work….of staring at u.
swara get furious,pick file and throw at him.file strike with glass and some water sprinkle on his shirt…sanskar quickly get staright,put glass on table and wipe his shirt with tissue.
swara angrily:i am not your wife here….
sanskar look at her after wiping his shirt.
sanskar:why are u angry?
swara:u don’t know the reason?
sanskar:swara u are my wife….i have full right to hug u….i hope u remember we did marriage twice.
swara showing him eyes:all board of governors were there,such big business men were there…..
swara cryingly:and u hug me….hey bhagwan!
sanskar laughed seeing her face.
swara loudly:don’t laugh…..
sanskar still laughing:everyone know that we are husband and wife.
swara laying stress on each word: WE ARE HUSBAND AND WIFE AT HOME…..HERE I AM YOUR PA.
before sanskar could have answer her.miss rose entered there.
miss rose:swara take these files and…..
she stopped seeing sanskar there.
miss rose little worried:good morning sir!
miss rose:i…i…will come later.
swara loudly:nhe…its not needed…sir was just living…right sir?
sanskar look at swara and sighed.he get up from seat and leaves from there,shooking his head.
miss rose giggled,give file to swara
miss rose:swara u fought with sir?
swara angrily:no…just trying to knock some senses in his brain.
miss rose:what he did now?
swara complaining like kid:he hug me in front of everyone…..who do this?
miss rose smile.swara look at her.
swara:why are u smiling?
miss rose:u are so lucky…he love u so much and instead of getting happy…u are complaining like kid?….stupid girl go after him.
swara quickly:but he…
miss rose:i will not listen anything…go.
swara get up from seat and goes from there.

she open the door of sanskar’s cabin and entered inside him.sanskar look at her.
sanskar:u forgot to knock…who enter his boss cabin without knock?….go back,knock and then enter.
swara smile a little,walk toward him and sit on his lap,putting hand on his chest.sanskar keep his hand around her waist.
sanskar staring at her deeply:for what?
swara:for troubling u without any reason….
sanskar:hmm! that’s okay but…..
sanskar teasing:PA don’t sit on boss’s lap.
swara keep her head on his shoulder and said:but wife can…..
he look at her face and kiss on her head.
sanskar:do u want to say something?
swara look at his face
swara:how do u know?
sanskar smile.he slid hair strand from her face.
sanskar:when u get silent like this……its mean u want to say something….and u didn’t even get angry when i tease u.
sanskar whisper to himself:i miss that…
swara looking at floor,said in slowly:sanskar i….i….want to leave job.
sanskar look at her face and calmly:why?
swara:i promised di i will be a singer….i want to complete that.
sanskar gets happy.finally she was thinking about herself….about her career.
swara get confused with his silence.
swara get up and look at him.
swara:say something….
sanskar hold her arm and again pull her to his chest.
sanskar:what should i say?……complete your promise but sing for your own too….not just to complete promise.
swara get up from his lap and leaves from there.sanskar blinked confusingly.swara comes after five min and give him a envelop.
sanskar take envelop abd said:what is this?
swara :my resignation letter…sir plz accept it this time,i can’t do this boring job…and most important thing i can’t handle your anger now….plz accept.i will not listen anything.
sanskar look at her with ‘O’ face.
swara burst out laughing seeing his face expression.sanskar also laugh with her.
he gets up and hug her.swara hug him back
sanskar control his laugh and said:but mrs.maheswari u have to handle my anger your whole life.
swara smile and hug him more tightly.
swara:thank u

sanskar:swara get up
swara open her eyes and look at him with top to bottom.
he was dressed in royal blue shirt and black blaze.
swara in sleepy voice:u are ready? what is time?
sanskar:its 6 …now get up
swara get up and look at him,blinking her eyes.
swara confused:why are u ready so early in morning?
sanskar smiling:swara today is your recording…
sanskar slid his fingers from his hairs and said:did i forgot to tell u?
sanskar smiling widely:today is your recording….i have talked with everyone…now plz get up u should not get late at first day.
swara’s eyes widened completely.
sanskar hold her,make her stand and push toward washroom.
sanskar:its not time to get shock…go get ready i kept your clothes in washroom.
swara turn toward him and said being shocked:but we just talked about it yesterday.
sanskar chuckling:u should not get more late in completing promise.
swara:I LOVE U.
she kiss him on cheek and run toward washroom.
sanskar shouted:so many times told u kiss on right place.
swara’s sweet laughter came from washroom.
sanskar smile and whisper:LOVE U TOO!
she came out wearing dark blue chudi dar shalwar and frok coming to her knee.
sanskar smile after seeing him.swara goes in front of mirror and start combing her long black hair
swara worriedly:sanskar isn’t it odd to wear this in studio.
sanskar gets up and stand behind her.
sanskar:u are my wife….not needed to get change for world i love u like this.
sanskar kiss her on cheek.swara blush and nodded.
at that time sunny and pari entered inside the room.
sunny yelled:mom,dad stop romancing……we are getting late.
swara and sanskar turn and look at them.
sanskar:partner can u stop poking your nose in our romance.
swara hit on sanskar’s shoulder.
swara showing him eyes:he is only 9 and you are teaching this to him.
pari:mama…they will never change…boys are useless.
swara laughed seeing sanskar face.he was looking at pari with wide eyes.
sanskar in serious tone:princess i will like to meet your friends and teachers.
pari worriedly:okay papa!.
sunny giggled seeing pari.swara shook her head pick her earring and ear them.then put duppta around her neck.
swara:i am ready…
sunny and pari come in front of swara.
sunny:all the best mom
swar:thank u
sunny sadly:our monthly exams are going on….otherwise we would have come with u.
swara hug him and said:its okay.
sunny to sanskar:dad take care of mom okay?
sanskar smile:yes boss
sunny leaves from there.
pari hug swara and said:best of luck…sing well
pari still hugging swara,said in whisper:mama….why papa want to meet my friends?
swara break hug and kiss on her forehead.
swara:he is just possessive about u….don’t worry
pari nodded vigorously and leaves from there.
sanskar:lets go
swara came in front of him and said:sanskar…your tie
sanskar look down and said:yeah i forgot.
swara bring tie and start making knot around his neck.
swara:sanskar pari is growing…she will get change with time…its normal.
sanskar in serious tone:i don’t want her to get influence with bad company.
swara:but if u will do over strictness she will start hiding things from us….thinking that we will stop her from that.
sanskar hold her from waist and pull her close to his chest.
sanskar:tell me honestly….how can u understand children so much.
swara:dad always give us full freedom…..and we used to share everything with him.
sanskar:but i will surely meet her friends.
swara showing him eyes:sanskar..
sanskar chuckled and kiss her on forehead.


swara was rubbing her sweated hands nervously.she was sitting in waiting room.just then sanskar came inside the cabin.
sanskar:swara its your turn….
swara:sanskar i am nervous…
sanskar hold her from shoulder and make her stand.
sanskar:i have a solution…
sanskar:close your eyes…remember our happy moments….remember our children and sing.
swara nodded with half smile.
sanskar whisper in her ear:i love u…all the best.
swara entered inside the recording room and put head phone.she look at him.sanskar smile at her putting hands in his pockets.
swara start singing “MOH MOH KA DHAAGE”
(guys i am not giving lyrics…but it is very nice song.)

after completing song swara come out from recording song and look at sanskar with twinkling eyes.
swara:how was it?
sanskar sign her to look back.swara look back confusingly.
men were clapping for her.
one man come there and said:u have very beautiful voice….our team will love to work with u.
swara smile.and shake hand with him.sanskar look at their joined with narrowed eyes.
sanskar put hand around swara’s waist.
sanskar gritening his teeth:she is my wife…
swara giggled.she free her hand.MAN gulped seeing sanskar angry face.
another man came there.
man:wow sanskar bhabhi rocked rocked.
swara look at him confused.
sanskar:he is my friend nikhal…owner of this studio.
swara nodded.
sanskar:nikhal i will talk with u on phone…..
nikhal:sure…something important.
sanskar looking at man:very important…
swara keep hand on lips to hide her smile.
nikhal:okay then bye…and bhabhi u are very good singer.
swara:thank u.
sanskar and swara leave from there.
swara poutingly:sanskar u didn’t tell…how was my song?
sanskar look at her pouted face and said:i will tell u at home…
swara confused:mtlb…
sanskar wink at her.swara face turned red face,understanding his meaning.
swara remove his hand and said:u are going office silently…i am going at kavi place to tell her good news.
sanskar teasing:swara if u will stay far from me….how will we give good news.
swara hit him on shoulder twice.sanskar laughed.
swara:shut up sanskar…such a shameless u are.
sanskar:let me drop u at kavita’s place
swara innocently:okay
sanskar bite his inner cheek to supress his laugh.
sanskar and swara sit inside the car.
after sometime sanskar stop car in front of their house.
swara confused:sanskar this….
sanskar get down from car,walk around and open the door of her side.
he put his hand on door and bend inside.
sanskar smirking:u think i will always listen to u.
sanskar pick her up in bridal style.swara struggle to free herself.
sanskar glare at her.
swar poutingly:u said u are dropping me at kavi place.
sanskar chuckling:did i told to be so innocent.
swara look at him poutingly.they entered inside the house.sanskar walked toward their room.
swara bring her face close to him.sanskar look at her and bend to kiss her.
swara taking advantage of this…free herself from his grip and run laughing.
sanskar run after her.
sabskar angrily:u always do this
they entered inside their room.
swara laughing:do u have any other work than romance?
she throw pillow at him.sanskar catches it.
sanskar throw pillow at her and said:do u ever let me romance….
swara laughed and run.sanskar run after her.
after chasing her in whole room.sanskar get tired and sit on bad angrily.
swara was breathing heavily because of so much running.she goes and sit with sanskar.
swara breathing fast:u promised u will not get angrily.
sanskar turned,hold her from shoulder and pinned to bad.
sanskar smirking:who is angry here?
swara glaring:u were acting…
sanskar lean toward her and said:u can never see me angry…
swara close her eyes when sanskar kiss her deeply and passionately.

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