love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 23)

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ii frends this is diksha back with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope u all gonna like it. so let’s start.

@ sanroh side.
rohan : so What did u think?
Sanskar : about what?
Rohan : about marrying me.
Sanskar : what???
Rohan : what, what idiot I was asking about what did u think about prposing ragini?
Sanskar : oh I thought what happened to u. U me and marriage??i don’t know about u but atleast I m straight yr. It’s can’t be happened.
Rohan : oh what do u mean u don’t know about me. I m also straight u fool.
Sanskar : oh really I have doubt.
Rohan : go to hell with ur blo*dy doubt. I don’t give a damn to that now if u r done with all this than will u tell me what u thought about ur prposal.
Sanskar : yr what is there to think about it I’ll ask her out and than I will tell her about my feeling thats it.
Rohan : I pity ragini. Actually I m really doubtful that how on earth girl like ragini can love a unromantic person like u.
Sanskar : oh really. By the way I m doubtful too that how on earth girl like geeta can love a fool like u?
Rohan : u? How can u say like this I m not fool?
Sanskar : I m saying the truth only. It’s not my falut if u can’t digest the truth.
Rohan : u wait.
Saying so he went to Sanskar and the both start fighting in a frendly way. After sometime.
Rohan : stop sanskar u r groom’s frend u should look handsome I don’t want that my friend come in my wedding with bandages.
Sanskar : oh really.
Rohan : yupp. ok leave all this and now we should sleep.
Day Before rohgeet weeding
Ragini was busy with the decoration and geeta was helping her. Ragini was doing ligting work.
Geeta : what is this ragini? I never thought that I have to do work day befor my wedding and that to because of my bestiie to help her proposing her love.
Ragini : u only used yo say that u are unique so ur everything will be unique and see in this u will also get chance to go on a date with ur would be. By the way what did u do to send them away?
Geeta : don’t ask yr this was really difficult ur lover was very stubborn he was not going anywhere u know I had made so much excuses but of no use than I got the idea.
Ragini : ohho don’t tell me story just tell me what u did?
Geeta : I give rohan two ticket of football match and told him that its last gift from a gf to a bf and u know both boys right they can’t say no to football match.
Ragini : great work janemn.
Geeta : now let’s complete our prepration.
Than they both completed the decoration.

@ evening
Rageeta was sitting at hall and was having tea. Just than sanroh enter inside.
Sanskar : so what’s going on?
Ragini : nthng, so how was ur cricket match?
Sanskar : awsome, And how was ur day?
Ragini : our day was awsome we went to shopping and than to a movie we enjoyed a lot by the way rohan I had some work with u will u come with me?
Sanskar : y rohan I m here come i’ll will help u let the groom enjoy his last day of bfhood with his gf.
Ragini : no need rohan will help me. Rohan do u have any problm?
Rohan : nope let’s go.
They went to ragini room
Sanskar : no need rohan will help me.
Said sanskar mimicking ragini. Geeta chuckle listening his talk.
Sanskar : she was saying as if I m of no use.
Geeta : Sanskar, can u help me? I need ur help.
Sanskar : ok no prblm.
They went to rohan room.

@ rageeta room.
Rohan : now tell me ragini how may I help u?
Ragini : rohan see u r my best friend so I should give u ur wedding gift.
Rohan : their is no need of all this.
Ragini : it’s my wish so I had planned a beautiful date with ur would be and this is the dress for u so now take this and get ready and I’ll make geeta ready so go fast.

@ sanroh room.
Sanskar : so geeta tell me for which thing u need my help.
Geeta : Sanskar, we are friends for long time so I brought this gift for u pls wear it and come to garden area ok.
Sanskar : ok and thanx for the gift.
Saying so geeta went to her room and rohan come to his room all get ready sanskar went to garden area and here ragini send both rohgeet to their date.

@ garden area.
Sanskar went their and saw that their was no one and it was dark too. he was confused to saw the dark area. He was wondering their just than he stamp on something and all light get on he saw all area decorated with beautiful light curtains and balloons. He was amazed with seeing all this and just than he saw a beautiful collage of his pic with his brother and family. His eyes turn teary. And than came ragini come infront of him and hold his hand.
Ragini : sanskar I know everything about u that how u lost ur family in that terrorist attack to how that kavya come in ur life and than how she put all blame of his bf on u saying that u r the one who leak all the info about the mission and than how u prove urself innocent I know everthing about u I m glad that u belive me that I will understand u and ur pain and u give me ur diary. And I know somewhere u had some spcl place in ur heart for me. And I promise u i will always understand u I’ll be their with u in ur happiness to ur problm I promise u that I will never let u face any prblm alone and I’ll never be the reason of ur problms I know I m very mudy shortemper stubbrn but I promise to love u till my last breath. No one can take ur place in my heart. I love u and I love till infinity I know this love is dangerous but it is beautiful too. And I want to feel this dangerously beautiful love. Will u be with me in this beautiful journey.
Sanskar : yes ragini, I will be with u my life long I love u too till infinity they hug each other and than spend time with each other talking and expressing their love for each other.
Next day rohgeet get married will whole riw!tuals and than ragini went back to her place back after one week ragsan too get merried in simple way.

@ ragsan wedding night.
Sanskar went inside the room. He saw her bride sitting on bed covering her face. He went near her and sit beside her.
Sanskar : ragini, their is no need of this veil and all. We know each other. So leave all this.
Ragini : I know but we should follow the ritual so it’s ur right to pick the veil. He pick up the veil and was socked to see the person sitting infront of him.
Sanskar : what the hell r u doing here? U should be with geeta y the hell r u here mr. Rohan.
Just than he hear giggling sound. And see geeta and rohan giggling.
Sanskar : what’s all this geeta u r also with him in this idiotic plan.
Geeta : no I m not but someone else was their with him and that person only took me out when I was coming to tell u all this.
Sanskar : who else was with this idiot. Just than geeta move aside and their standing ragini in her bridal lehanga.
Sanskar : what is this ragini how can u do this with me.
Ragini : u know all this was really funny and ur expression just mind blowing see I made video too.
Sanskar : what that’s not fair?
Rohgeet left the room. And ragini latched the door and than ragini move toward sanskar and pull him toward her and move her finger sensualy on his face.
Ragini : so what was u saying? Sanskar (a bit nervously): I iiii waas saying that it’s not fair.
Ragini : don’t u know mr. Hottie everthing is fair in love and war. And this is our love.
Sanskar : all this is fine but how rohan manage to talk in ur voice.
Ragini : oh that he play voive recording. And mr. Hottie u r so unromentice here ur wife is trying to romance with u and u r asking this useless question.
Saying so she put her hand around his neck pull him toward and their lips met and start kissing each other and than they conssumate their marriage.
They were spending their life happily. When one day sanskar went to his posting on a Maoists area he was fighting with terrorist. When his craft went out of cntrl and than it crashed. After the attack sanskar body went to his home rohan was with him too in this war but he survived. He was in dilemma after seeing his bestii like this and here ragini was sitting infront of his dead body being lifeless she was not even crying her face was expressionless after sanskar last ritual. Ragini was sitting in their room and rohgeet went to saw her after seeing ragini its became hard for rohan to cntrl himself he start crying he was not able to belive that his frend is no more who use to be with him in his every step. It was being difficult to him to face this harsh reality. After one year ragini also died because of brain tumer. She can be survived from this dieses but now she had lose her all hope of living her life because she had lose her all hope. Dr. was treating her but of mo use. And she also leaved this world. She spend her all time while seeing their beautiful memories which they recorded.

So, frends this is diksha signing off the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous. Hope u all had like my ff thanx for ur beautiful comments support and appreciation.

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  1. I loved ur ff BT it’s too emotional why did u made it as tragedy I want a Happy end

  2. And I want more rags an scene and u end it quickly BT I loved or ff a lot plzz come back with another one

  3. BT little sad that both ragsan suffered a lot in their life
    They both lost their family
    Atleast they should live their life happy it’s my view
    Don’t be sad
    Hope u will Come back with another ragsan ff

  4. Lovely7

    Wat is the need lot sad ending sis, tough to control my emotions

  5. nice very emotional

  6. Akankshanna

    Awesome…BT end is really dangerous or marvelous

  7. Amazing

  8. awesome comeback with another ragsanff

  9. Lahari


  10. awesome.

  11. A.xx

    amazing and why’d u end,,hope u come back with another ff xx

  12. Asra

    awesome dear….but it sad ending dear…but love it…Sanky sacrifice hid life for country….tkcr dear…

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