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I just sat near my shona and hold her hand between my hands.After 9 year struggle you became mine.I still remember when i first saw you.That stupid kabir introduce me and he said he likes you but that day i didn’t saw you properly. Then he said that he want to know about you so i just called my friends and collect information about you.Then i said kabir about your birthday.Then he gave a greeting card and said to me please give this card to swara. Then i came to your class but that day you absent.I got irritated again the next day you were absent.You know what that day i was scolding you for your behaviour. Then again i went to your class finally you present that day.But when i saw you i forgot about surrounding.Oh my god your big eyes i just cannot describe.Then i gave greeting card to you.Oh my god your expression till i remember you just widened your eyes i just went crazy. Then i said kabir gave this card for you. But you didn’t know about who is kabir? Then i gave explaniation to you then again you widened your eyes.Oh my god shona when you wake up i just want to tell you first thing don’t wide your eyes because i can’t controll myself.Then i told kabir whatever happened. Then i went to my dreamland.I just thinking about you shona.But that stupid kabir he only speaking about you.I don’t know what happened to me i just got angry whenever kabir talking about you.I just hate the fact that kabir is liking you.

I have many college friends so i take help from them and warned kabir and said stay away from swara.Kabir got really scared from that day he didn’t come bus also.Then do you remember shona that i playfully slapped you and after that day whenever i saw you i smiled at you and you also smiled back.I was just attracted towards you.One day i went to shop with my mom and you and your sister also came that shop. Your sister called you as shona then i got it,it’s your pet name.You asking ice cream to your sister but she started scolding you and you are changing your facial expression.Oh my god shona i just loved your cute antics.The next day our class test was conducted in your class. When i saw you i was intentionally called you as shona and asked pen and your expression i just loved it.You give chocolate to me for my birthday.I still have that chocolate cover.You always called me sanskarji am i look like old shona? When i told you to call me sanky then you called me as sankyji.Really you are crazy shona.Like days passed. But when i looked at you with that nikhil.I just lost my sense and i get angry on stupid nikhil.I dont like that whenever the nikhil is around you.I dont like the fact that you are close with someone.So i intentionally fight with that nikhil and create a big issue.

My plan was succeed that you stop speaking with nikhil.One day you came to me and gave chocolate to me and said yesterday is your birthday.Sorry shona that day i didn’t wished you.Actually that day principal sir called my parents for my behaviour.In that wish i didn’t wish you.But i promise you coming birthday i give you lot of surprises. Then i didn’t saw you many days.You just sitting in your class room only. So i daily came to your floor and secretly i was looking at you without your sense. I was just waiting for chance to speak you then my birthday came.You know what shona that day i directly came to your class shona and gave chocolate i didn’t went to my class room also. Then you also gave me a chocolate in afternoon and wished me.But i felt bad because you didn’t speak me properly.I want to clear this misunderstanding.So i came to your class but the nikhil called you and i lost my temper so i called you and asked you why you didn’t speak with me but you said to me that i am the one who didn’t speak.I don’t what to say.Then after few months i saw you in specs.You are just cute in this avatar.I went even crazy from that attire but the your beautiful eyes are hidden behind the specs. Day by day i went crazy about shona. I don’t know the name of the feeling. Whatever called obession or attraction or love.


Continuation sanskar pov.

Guys there will be only sanskar pov in two more parts.

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    Nice episode…Loved it…

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    I knew it i knew it i knew it….
    Sanky was in love wid her frm startng n all d issues wid nikhil n dat sir n kabir dsaprnce is done by sanky… loves it

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  5. awesome…!!! loved it..!!

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    awwwww my cutieee sanskar do u lover her this much…!!!! awesome dear loved it…

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    Its soooooooooo cute
    Sanky loves shona this muchhhhh
    I always Had Doubt that sanky loves shona
    Now its confirmed
    Sooooooo sanky loves shona from the starting
    Episode is awesome
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