Our love or arrange marriage (Part-2)

Days passed n I like an understanding wife understood him soo much n helped him..now we r in the same chawl but happy.our chawl room looks much pretty then before.we decorated it together..he always used to spend his weekend on decorating my lehenga n it looks beautiful now..

The big day.. it was his birthday but as usual he is going for his work..he is determined.
Bihaan plzz its ur birthday plzz don’t go today.i requested.
No Thapki Seth ji said if I work good then he will increase my salary so I have to go..
Acha ok baba but promise me we will celebrate ur birthday tonight together.u won’t be late ok.i warned him
Ok ok but first let me go..said he.
Bihaan..I came near him n trailed my arms around his neck..Bihaan gave a smirk.
What happen.. became so romantic today???..he teased.i smiled at him n
Acha so what do u want on ur birthday.??i asked.
Gift??.he asked.
Yes..I said.
Umm I want something very very very special from u but I’m afraid if u could do that for me.he said.
I will do anything for u Bihaan u just say..I love u..I hugged him n he hugged me back.
Umm I want u to get ready for me tonight..he said n I was shocked n looked at him with surprised eyes.
Bihaan..I tried to say but before I could he sealed my mouth with his hand..n without any other thought he said.
Can we take our relationship to next level???..he asked hesitatingly n I didn’t had any word..I was left bewildered..I don’t know how he does this always..how he reads my mind always..how does he know that even I want this..
Even u want it right?..he asked n I was shy to answer..but gathering all the courage I nodded my head with a smile n wet eyes..he wiped the unwanted tears n kissed my forehead..
I’ll wait for u..I kissed his cheek n he went away..

I started preparing for the night n made his favorite chocolate cake too.i specially decorated our room with candles n rose petals..the candles lightened the environment n made the room look glowing..the rose perfumes were spread through the corners of the room..a big red rose bouquet in the middle of the room highlighted the room..after completing all the arrangements I saw the time n its already quarter to 9…ah he might come anytime.i quickly went towards the wardrobe to fetch some good clothes to look good in front of him..I took out a red nighty n blushed holding it close to my chest but then the second thought came in my mind.i kept the nighty back n opened his wardrobe to fetch the lehenga he gifted me.this would be very special for him today..he worked on it like around three months to make it extra pretty,beautiful n elegant..I should quickly change in this he might come at any time..I rushed to our small bathroom n changed into the lehenga..it was a perfect fit to me n looked gorgeous at me.i could not believe bihaaan changed the simple plain cloth to a designer one..I got ready quickly n sat by the mirror to do a little makeup..our love story was very unique..I never imagined I could survive in this chawl but he made it possible.. I learned many things living with him..the most impossible thing was cooking..yes I learnt cooking not good as mom does ummm I think not good as Bihaan does too..yes he is a nice cook..he taught me making pulao,samosas,kheer n many things..he cooks delicious..I got the best life partner.,thanks mom n thanks amar..ohhh yes I forgot to tell u guys about amar..he is in jail at present..he betrayed the singhania’s n got caught too n his family is on street..he lost all his property in some silly card game.he is a dumbo I must say..thanks amar for giving me the best in my life.i love u soo much Bihaan n I can’t wait to live the rest of our life together.i wish our life filled with joy,happiness,blessings,support,understanding love n of course romance!..I found a small eyes staring at me n I looked at the side table..there he is..our small photo frame of our wedding..mom gave me the photo..i took the frame in hand n caressed his picture..
Hey Bihaan pandey waiting for u..come soon..I miss u n I love u..kissing to his picture I smiled n then continued to get ready..finally I’m done..yes I look perfect just the way he loves to see me..my kajal is on point.little makeup with hairs tied in a simple bun to make the dupatta stable..after taking the dupatta on head I pinned it with few pins..I am waiting like a bride for his groom..ohhh when will he come I am very excited.ok wait let me check if there is any thing left I want everything to be done right..ok the cake is ready.the candles r lit the rose flowers are watered n the door I open.ugh the door is not opened how will he enter I should rush..I rushed to the door to open it n came back to the room..n later I found the room door opening n I quickly hid my face in the dupatta.yes he is here the groom is here to lift the bribes dupatta..I could see his smiling face from the dupatta..I shied n he sat beside me..he slowly removed the veil from my face n smiled at me..I looked at him n like a new wedded bride I shied n looked down..n then I heard him giggling n when I looked at him he started laughing..I was shocked..he was laughing holding his stomach..why is he laughing?.do I look so funny?.is their anything drawn on my face or the makeup is soo much?..I was very confused while he laughed at me.

Thapki u..we r eight months married now n u r sitting here like a bride waiting for her groom to come n remove the veil..he laughed again..
It looks good on a first night only..he laughed.
Bihaan ur bad I’m planning everything since morning..I thought we didn’t had our first night so let’s make it same way n memorable but u ur very bad very bad..I started hitting his chest with my closed fist n saw him smiling at me which made me more angry..
I wasted my day for all this Bihaan I thought u would like it but..ur soo bad Bihaan I continued to hit his chest..
Won’t talk to u now..n then my hands were no more moving..they were not obeying my orders..he held my both wrist n came extremely close to me n our nose tips touched..
Ok even I don’t want to waste my time in talking today..his words made me super shy n melted my anger..he pecked my cheeks n stared at me like for around 10mins I was also smiling n getting shy all the time..
I loved ur arrangements Thapki but I found it little childish but thank u for this.its really gonna be memorable..love u..he said n I smiled.he came close to me n kissed my forehead..he took holds of my hand n brought it near his lips n kissed it staring at me lovingly..I smiled at him
Beautiful…he complimented n made me shy.i looked the other side..he turned my face towards him n moved closer n closer to me..I closed my eyes n held his shirt near his chest n he was dragged closer to me..he pulls off my dupatta from my head n opens the bun freeing my hairs.he nuzzled in my hairs n inhaled its fragrance.he kissed the earlobe passing shivers in me..he kissed my neck n chin..he slowly lied me on the bed n came over me but something popped in my mind I quickly got up n ran away from him..he looked at me very surprised..he came near me gestured about this act..
I smiled at him n brought a plate towards him..It had a chocolate cake with Bihaan written over it..he smiled looking at the cake..
First cut the cake Bihaan.I said n he smiled widely..
I then started searching for the candles over the table..
What r u searching?..he asked.
Candles Bihaan.i said little worried.
It’s ok let it be like this let’s cut the cake quickly..his voice clearly showed the eagerness for our special night..
Bihaan I remember I kept it here only wait I will find it..ahh see I got it..I quickly put few candles on the cake n then..ahhh where is this matchbox now..I started searching it..

He took the knife n started to cut the cake but I stopped him n took the knife.
Thapki plzz leave it na..but I didn’t listen to him I was continuously searching the matchbox..
Bihaan I kept the matchbox near the cake only I don’t know where it is now..
I know where it is..he said n I liked a him
U know??..he nodded..I asked where?
Its in my pocket..
Then give it to me Bihaan.i forwarded my hand.he took both his hands backwards.
Take it urself.
Ahh take it urself..he repeated.
Bihaan what childishness is this.
Thapki ur wasting both of ours time just come near me take out the matchbox from my pocket.he said n looked other side.i was irritated but went near him n put my hands in his pocket to take the matchstick box.i didn’t find anything in his pocket.but before I could pull my hands out he held me tightly by my waist I somehow managed to take out my hands but he pulled me in his arms..he smirked n I got to know all about his trick.
Bihaan?? I gave a complaining look but his smirk was melting me over all.he leaned over the table with me over him n stared at me for couple of minutes.
Bihaan leave me..I pushed him n moved far away.

Now let me find the matchbox orelse I won’t speak to u..I warned.
I already said that I don’t want to speak today..he said teasing me.
Bihaan stop irritating n help me find the matchbox.he frowned n I started searching..
N then I could feel a couple of cold hand on my bare waist n I was familiar with the touch.
Bihaan..I whispered as he kissed my earlobe..he moved my hairs to aside n kissed my neck..
Bihaan what r u doing I have to search the matchbox.
U search it then.he said.
Ur disturbing me Bihaan.i complained.
U do ur work n I’ll do mine..he bit my ear n I moaned..
I finally found the matchbox under the table n I quickly grabbed it.
Yay I found it. I lit the candles n asked him to blow.. N also to make a wish.he wished something closing his eyes n then looked at me passing his dimpled smile.i love looooooooooovvvvveeee his dimples.he held my hand in his other Hand n cuts the cake feeding a small bite to me n I fed him too..some cake was left near his lips n I went closer to him n he smiled..I cleaned his mouth n we smiled at eachother..he started to come near me when I stopped him holding his shoulders..
First lets eat dinner..he gave a complaining look..I started to go when he held my arm..
Nothing is important right now thapki.. Not even eating..his voice was sooo deep soo passionate that I could not stop myself from looking at him..he was sooo sooo eagerly waiting for this day..even I was..he pulled me back on himself..he asked permission by his eyes n I could not resist..I smiled back n hugged him giving him all the authorities..he kissed my forehead n cheeks..I gave a shy smile..

Ang laga de re..
Mohe rang laga de re..
Ang laga de re..
Mohe rang laga de re..he took a rose from the table n traced it on my face romantically..I closed my eyes..
Main toh teri joganiya..
Tu jog laga de re..
Jog laga de re..
Prem ka rog laga de re..
Main toh teri joganiyaan..
Tu jog laga de re..I hugged him cozily n he kissed my shoulder..he unpinned the dupatta from my shoulder while the hug n I was getting nervous..
Ram ratan dhan..
Lagan magan man…
Tan mora chandan re…
Ujli kori preet piya…
Satrang laga de re…I turned away from him n he pulled my dupatta away from my shoulders.i gasped n shied a lot..

Ang laga de re..
Mohey rang laga de re..
Main to teri joganiya..
Tu jog laga de re..I turned my face towards him n smiled..he came near me n picked me in arms n took me towards the bed…he made me sit.i smiled at him n lied down facing my back towards him..
Raat banjar si hai..
Kaale khanjar si hai..I was lying on the bed showing my back to him he lied beside me n kissed my shoulder..I gasped n closed my eyes tightly..
Raat banjar si hai..
Kaale khanjar si hai…he slowly opened the not of my blouse n started playing with the Dori..I smiled he kissed my back n I shivered..he gave few soft n wet kisses on my back..I was struggling to breath.he came more nearer n kissed my neck n started to pull of my blouse from my right shoulder..I smiled n got up from the bed n ran a few steps near the window..I took deep breaths n smiled at his touch..n then I found a pair of strong n hot hands around my bare belly..Bihaan slowly took out my earrings n puts them on the side table..he held both my hands n started kissing my neck..I moaned with his touch..he took me a little away from the window n pinned me to the wall with no space to move..he was very close.he came close to kiss my lips but I shied soo much..I smiled at him n turned my face he smiled n kissed my neck passionately..my neck was soon wet by his wet kisses n I could not control my moans when he started giving his love bites..I moved a little away from him..he pulled me in his arms n started caressing my waist while kissing n biting my neck..he sat down on his knees n kissed my navel..I gasped..he gave butterfly kisses on my belly n I was only moaning n ruffling his hairs he stood up again n came closer..he bit my ear n…

Bihaaaaan..I moaned..he looked at me n I smiled..I took out his t shirt n pushed him back towards the bed n he fell on the bed..he looked at me shocked..I went near him n lied OVER him..
Tere seene ki lau..
Mere andar bhi hai..
Tu hawa de isey…
Toh mera tann jale.n started giving wet kisses on his chest n neck..he giggled at my bold avatar..I smiled n kept on pouring my love..we looked at eachother n smiled..
Jala de re sang jala de re…
Mohey ang laga de re…
Main toh teri joganiya…
Tu jog laga de re…he held my gentle waist n turned me now he was upon me holding my gentle body in his arms..he tickled me n I giggled he smirked n moved to capture my lips..he kissed me passionately.,I was little shy to participate but I tried..he stopped kissing when I was out of breath..we smiled at eachother n cherished this moment..he started undressing me n I was nervous again..he kissed my arms n comforted me..I smiled n pecked his lips..he took the duvet upon us n we took our relation ahead..

The next morning was sooo beautiful n bright..I was lying on his chest n he was caressing my hairs..I smiled..
U didn’t sleep???..he asked n I properly lied on his shoulder..
Even u didn’t..I replied..
Thapki I’m sorry I couldn’t give u a luxurious life in which u used to live..I brought u to this chawl where u have to live with certain rules..he was ashamed but before he could say anything else I sealed his mouth with my palm..looked into his eyes..
I’m in a luxurious place right now..ur arms is my luxury bihaan..I love u n I want to get up the same way every morning..he smiled..
I m proud of u bihaan whatever u r today is just because of ur hardwork..u own a garage bihaan..n I know u will make me proud always..I said proudly..he took away my hand from his mouth n held it firmly..
Behind a successful man there is always a women n in my case it’s u my lady love..I smiled widely..he kissed my chin n took me in arms again..
Ahhh I love u thapki..he whispered in my ears..
I love u too..I replied
Thapki I have a surprise for u.he said”
What is it???..I asked excitedly
It’s a surprise!!!he said irritatedly..I smiled..
Get ready we will go there..said he.
But where..
Just,just get ready..he smiled n kissed my forehead.

After we both got ready..he took me somewhere in a taxi..he tied my eyes with a cloth n took me to some place..I was so anxious all the way that I questioned him many times about our whereabout..after a little time he sounded irritated..ohhh I love my irritated baby..
bihaan please I’m curious plzz atleast give me a hint…I said
Thapki!!!.he held my hand..
Do u trust me??..he asked..I smiled n lied on his shoulder..
I always do..I replied..
After a quite long time the car stopped n he held my hand n took my out of the car..
We walked few feets n he left my hand..I got scared..
Bihaan..bi..bihaan..I found a firm grip on my waist..I was familiar with the touch..
Don’t worry baby I am always with u.its my promise..he fanned my cheek..he slowly took off the cloth from my eyes n asked me to open my eyes..I was shocked to see the scenario infront Of me..a small beautiful house of wood..very small..a miniature on a big ground..I looked at bihaan surprised by that..
Thapki this is the surprise..he said.
Bihaan..I was confused.
This is the place where our dream house will be in the next few years..he holds the small miniature house in his hand n shows it to me ‘our dream house’..he said.
Bihaan this is beautiful but..I wanted to ask few things but he didn’t let me..
Bihaan plzz don’t feel that I’m not happy with u in that chawl..I already said Bihaan where ever we live we will live together that’s my comfort not a big house Bihaan..I don’t want this property I want u ur love always..
I’m always with u Thapki but I couldn’t see u like that Thapki..I want to give u a nice life like ur father.i want to become like ur father Thapki..I want u to feel like mom does.i smiled
But Bihaan..he again stopped me.
Trust me Thapki I will work really hard now to make our dreams true..this is my dream to fulfill all ur dreams..he was soo confident at his decision..he would do anything to make it come true..I didn’t wanted to let him down..
I’m always with you Bihaan no matter what happens I’m always with u.i hugged him n he smiled n hugged me too..
Since that day I got to see another Bihaan..who is more focused on his work..he even forget to eat his meals..
I was with him always to support him,to feed him..
Once I shared the plan of thinking about our future our kids but he didn’t agree..he first wanted to give me a stress less life n then think about kids..he cared for me sooo much..I was happy with him always..

After two years
It’s the day we r finally shifting to our house.our dream house..I’m super happy for his success..he is a successful business man now..he owns a car showroom n many garages..he loves me very much n very dedicated all these years only to fulfill my dreams..bihaan I was always happy with u..I love u soo much..
We bid bye to the chawl people who supported us very much in our thicks n thins..we left for our house..after a long drive we reached the place..it was really beautiful..like a fairytale house.bihaan asked the driver to bring our luggage n we headed inside..just near the door he stopped me..
A bride doesn’t enters the house like this.there r some rituals..he said.
Which rituals.i asked.
Have u forgot we did those rituals when we went to the chawl too.he said.
But Bihaan kaki n others where there to do that who will do those rituals here..I asked.
We will do them..!!some voice of a lady come from behind n I turned to see who it is..
Mom dad..I exclaimed n rushed to hug them..dad hugged Bihaan n congratulated for his success..
Mom n dad did the rituals..i was entering the house when he shouted.
Wait.there is one more ritual pending.he said.
Which one?..asked mom.he smiled
He came near me n took me in arms..
Bihaan..I was shocked.
This one.he said.i smiled n saw saw dad n mom eyeing n laughing at us.i was shy..he took me inside to the prayer hall n we prayed together..
Dad n mom stayed with us for few weeks on my insistence but then they had to go somewhere.bihaan was now a complete hard working person he loved his work.he had a lot of office stress n lots of pending work on his shoulders.he was very tired of working now..he was getting ready to go to office n I hugged him from behind..
Bihaan is it really imp to go today I’m feeling very alone with out u..I complain.
Thapki I have a lot of work in office so there is no chance to stay home right now..he said while wearing his watch.
But Bihaan I get bored all day there is no one to talk with here..
Why don’t u visit mom n dad.he said.

They went to Lucknow today for some business meet. N Bihaan y do u do all the office work alone..I think u should appoint a P.A n give ur time to ur wife now..I said a little angrily..he smiled n hugged me.
Aww my cute wife misses me a lot..I pouted.
Ok I’ll think about the P.A but until I get one I have to go to office there is no choice..he sighed..he kissed my forehead n asked for a return kiss.i was angry so I didn’t kiss him.
Thapki plzzz give me a kiss quickly I’m getting late..he pleaded.
See ur still thinking about ur work u don’t care about me right.u love ur work more then me..i said cutely yet angrily n beat a few times on his chest making a fist.he held my hands n pulled me closer before I could say anything he kissed my lips passionately..I was shocked but later gave in the kiss as it was more relaxing..we detached after some time..but he still held me tightly.
Thapki u know what, where ever I go,no matter how much busy I’m with my work,office n all I still think of u Thapki..ur the one who preoccupies my mind then my work..I love u more Thapki.thapki work is just a source of bringing happiness in our life..I love u more..I’m just worried that if I won’t work hard I’ll lose everything again n I won’t be able to give u a peaceful life..even sometimes i feel like I’m preoccupied by work but later I think about u,I think about our future I want our kids to life a happy n joyful life which is not possible if I don’t work hard..I don’t want u n my kids to live in the chawl..I was soo touched by his words..he is soo caring..he is trying his best to give me a good life.im soo proud of him..I didn’t had words to appreciate him..I smiled at him n kissed his cheek n wished his luck..he smiled n left the house..
But by his words I also felt that he is tired now by his office work..he needs n break n I know exactly what to do..
I did the arrangements by night n called him

Hello Bihaan.
Hi baby missing me??..he said..
Yes a lot..said I.
When r u coming.its already 10..I asked.
Ahh right now I am working on a file n after that I have to attend a meeting with the employees n then I have to check few cars n then..he described his never ending work.
Bihaaaaaan..I said in frustration.
Ok baba I’m coming n I will be home in an hour or so u take care of ur self…he said
N what about ur work??.i asked.
I’ll do that tomorrow.bye love u.he said.
Love u too..I smiled
After an hour he came home n I opened the door..he was amazed to see the house n specially me.i was wearing a white night gown.i kept my hairs open n applied a little makeup.
Welcome home husband..I took his bag from his shoulder n kept it on the sofa
Thapki what is all this u decorated the house for me.he asked.
Yes to give u a little relaxing time..I said.
Impressive..he complimented.
Bihaan come I made dinner today ur favorite chola puri come lets eat.i said.
Really!!!u made it.he said with a sad smile..I knew he was teasing.i beat his chest.
Bihaaaan I’m a good cook now..I said irritatedly.
Ok ok sorry.he apologized.i smiled.
Come lets eat.he said.i served him n fed him with my hands.he smiled.
Umm really it’s really amazing ur a good cook really.he complimented.
Thank u Bihaan.i smiled.

After the food I took him to our room n he was again surprised to see the room..I decorated it like a first night..
Thapki this???..he asked
Bihaan don’t u think we should think about our future?..I said.
N also u need a break from ur work Bihaan u need to release ur stress..
But Thapki I don’t know I’m ready for kids now..I need time Thapki first I want to fulfill some dreams thapki.ur dreams our dreams.i don’t want my kids to see or be in any tough situation..u know about my dreams right.he asked cupping my face.
Bihaan don’t u think that we r living our dream.a nice big house.ur getting success on each n every step..I’m happy Bihaan I was always happy..a women is completed by her husband n her kids Bihaan complete me today..he smiled at my honest confession..n the next moment I pushed him on the bed n he was completely shocked n switched on the music..
Kaate nahi katte ye din ye raat kehni thi tum se jo dil ki baat..ajj main kehte Hun I love you..I danced infront of him n he smiled at my behavior..he held my arm n pulled me upon him.
U don’t have to do this Thapki..he said.
But I want to do it for u.i pushed him on the bed again n danced on the same song n he just smiled at me.
He got up n held my arm again..
Bihaaan leave me I want to dance..I said.
Shhh.he sealed my lips by his finger.
But I want to do something else.he winked n took me to the bed.he planted numerous kisses on my face n neck..
I love u Thapki.he said.
I love u too..n we kissed..

Next morning I woke up n got ready in a green palazzo suit.i stood infront of the mirror n wore my mangalsutra n sindoor..I wore my silver earrings n bangles..the noise which my bangles were making irritated Bihaan a lot..
Hmm Thapki..he said n took the blanket upon him self.i smiled n went near him.
Get up Bihaan its 9 don’t u have to go to office.i said.the next moment I fell over him by his strong jerk..
Bihaan what r u doing??..I asked.
What all the husbands do.he said n smiled at me I smiled back.
Waise I don’t feel like going to office today I want to spend some more time with my beautiful wife..he said putting my hairs behind my ear.i smiled at him.
Acha the one who is strict n does all the works according to the schedule is saying this..I teased
Yes giving time to wife is never a wrong option n ur looking very pretty today..he kissed my shoulder..
Bihaan I have some work leave me..I said.he made an angry face n got up with me.
Thapki now u don’t have to do house work..I have appointed maids for this work..plzzz take care of ur self I don’t want u to do all this at least now that we can afford maid..plzz Thapki.he said giving a concerned smile..
Bihaan I’m not talking about that work I want to do some work some job to pass the time.i clarified.
That’s good u will be indulged in some work n also u won’t miss me..he said.
Did u got any offer??he asked.
Yes I got an offer.i said.
Great.which offer?which company?..he asked curiously.
As a P.A in Bihaan pandey’s company..I said.
What????..he asked confused.
Bihaan u remember I said u to appoint a P.A for urself..I said.
Yes Thapki but u..he said while I stopped him.
Bihaan I think this is a perfect job for me.we both will together take our company to heights n I really believe we can do that n also we will be close to eachother always.said I.
Hmm so all this is for being close to me?..he teased.i hit his chest n smiled.
No Bihaan I want to divide ur work n ur stress..i promised to be with u always n I want to help u to make our dreams possible..Bihaan smiled..
I love u soo much Thapki.said he.i smiled.
So welcome as my P.A mrs Thapki Bihaan pandey..he started coming close to me n I stopped him pushing him back..
Not now, get ready.breakfast in half an hour..i started going when he pulled me upon the bed..
One kiss please Thapki..he insisted.
Bihaan plzzz leave me not now..I said strictly.
Thapki plzzz.he said with a puppy smile.i smiled n kissed his lips he looked shocked but happy too..

Since that day we both worked together to make our dreams possible
After 4 years
Nidhi wait baby..said Bihaan.
Daddy daddy daddy catch me..
Finally Bihaan caught her n tickled her.they laughed a lot..then both started playing tennis
I came out with a trolly which had tea n smiled to see the father daughter duo playing together..this was our dream.our kids should live a peaceful life n we wanted to give every happiness to our child..
I called Bihaan to come n have tea..
Nidhi daddy’s going to take a little rest will come soon u warm up till then.said he
Ok daddy.he smiled n kissed nidhi n came towards me..
Ahhh exhausted..he said.
Playing tennis with nidhi is always tiring..I said n he smiled
Yes n is aayush sleeping..
Yes…I said passing a cup of tea to him..
Just then we heard a cry of a small baby..we looked at eachother
Not actually.i said sarcastically n left to see the baby..
Aww my baby what happen..I said taking little aayush in arms.
Oh so ur hungry…the little one started chewing his fingers.
I feed him my milk n soon aayush was quite.we heard a knock on the door..
Come in..I said arranging my dress
Hmm so he is awake.said Bihaan.
Yeah..I said
Aayush again cried moving his small hands n legs..
What happen baby why r u crying??.asked Bihaan.
I checked his diaper n it was full..
Hmm so ur sons diaper is full n aayush wants daddy to change his diaper n also take him in arms.i said quickly n he looked expressionless.he was always scared to hold the little aayush.he even didn’t took nidhi a lot in his arms.when nidhi was born Bihaan went to London for some business meeting n came India when she was 1..
What no No no…he said.
Bihaan plzz..I passed him the diaper n baby powder..
But Thapki he is very small I’m afraid I would hurt him.he said sadly.
No Bihaan..I always said u that u will be the best father n ur a best father Bihaan u will never hurt ur kids.he smiled n tried to change his diaper.i instructed him n he did the same way..
It’s really easy now I will change his diapers everyday..he said proudly.i smiled.

He held aayush in arms n we both smiled at him..the little nidhi came running towards our room..
Daddy I waited for u for soo long n ur here with aayush.she said making a sad face..
Daddy please leave him I don’t like aayush.she said angrily.
Nidhi u should not say like that he is ur little brother.said I.
He is coming between me n daddy n you..aayush came after me so daddy is only mine..she said little possessively
Aww my little nidhi is jealous of aayush..I teased her.bihaan giggled n took her in arms.
See nidhi aayush is very cute na.n look at his cheeks he is soo soft right..said Bihaan n I kept looking at them.nidhi touched his cheeks n smiled.
Yes he is soft.she said.
So now do u like aayush.asked Bihaan.
Yes I like him daddy.we smiled n nidhi started playing with aayush.i sat beside Bihaan.
Hmm nice was to make her understand..he smiled.
Thapki my world is infront of me right now..my dreams have been fulfilled Thapki I have my love n my bundle of joys with me n we will always be happy.he smiled.i hugged him.
N that’s just because of u Bihaan..I said.
Not without ur support Thapki.he said n kissed my forehead we both admired our kids n smiled at them..

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