Our love or arrange marriage (Part-1)

Our arrange (OR) love marriage…

Hi guys this is juveria..hope u guys remember me..
It’s an two shots on our beloved thahaan.. It’s been a long I wrote anything n I’m really excited to read ur comments hope u guys like it plzz do comment guys..i really really write with lot of hope of getting new commenters n more comments plzz share ur thoughts.n I had my final exams so I was busy in the preparation I could not update anything..n the following is thapki’s POV

A cloudy evening it was..

‘Ahhh I am in love with the weather soo breezy it is’.. I Said,while removing the. Curtains of my room.
‘Bihaan might be is the garage I hope he ate his lunch’..I sighed thinking about him..
I then went to the bathroom n properly took a bath n perfumed myself n then wore a nice pista colored simple lehenga..I remember the lehenga was gifted by Bihaan on my birthday n it was very simple..he was soo sorry as he could not afford a costly lehenga..I was happy with the gift n I thanked him..he promised to make it look better n he fixed few pearls on it.it looks super beautiful now..I wore it quickly n started getting ready for the day..I got ready just the way he loves to see me..I remember our love story,it was unique but simple..

I remember we both met in a college..he did not liked to study n I loved to do it..
He was an orphan lives alone with some other friends..he wanted to become something so he wanted to study but nothing ever went in his mind..he saved me from few mischief boys n since then we r friends..he hated the lecturers soo much..after each class he used to rub his head vigorously indicating me that he didn’t understood anything I used to giggle at that…I am a daughter of a great business man mr Balwinder pandey n mrs Vasundra pandey is my mother..they love me soo much n always pampers me..I introduced Bihaan to them n soon he made his place in my home..he sometimes lived with us on moms insistence..dad n mom liked his friendly,helping,caring nature.n also he always makes them laugh with his talks n jokes..mom felt bad for him as he was an orphan n asked him to call her mom n dad to my dad..he smiled at them n started calling them dad n mom like me..
AMAR……umm AMAR who is this AMAR??..
AMAR was a young aged business man..umm I think he was 29 when i was 21!!!!…dad n AMAR became business friends first n then he send a proposal that he wants to marry me..after a couple of days of thinking my mom liked the proposal n said yes for the wedding..dad was also happy..I was sad with the age gap n he was not my choice but I would go with my mum n dad as an obedient child.bihaan was also happy..soon we got engaged n then amar n dad became business partners..dad wanted to do this wedding quickly as he had to go Switzerland for some work n then he n mom would return after 6months..amar also said yes n everyone got together for the wedding planning..we booked a resort in goa for the wedding n went to goa..my Haldi was done in the afternoon near the big pool n after my Haldi my friends pushed me in the pool for fun..Bihaan knew I don’t know swimming n he saved me..n then mehndi, Sangeet n the grand wedding day I was ready in a royal blue lehenga ready for the pheras n few of my friends came to take me downstairs..I reached the mandap but the groom was not there..everyone went to see where about of the groom..after a long time amar came in a casual suit!!!!..everyone were shocked.dad asked him about his whereabout n asked to get changed but he stood there itself!!..he calmly said few words which sent a thunder on all of us..he said that he is not going to marry me!..did he go mad?..
Dad asked the reason n he said he just send the proposal to get into ur partnership n now there is no need of the partner ship anymore..dad tried to make him understand n also blackmailed that he would cancel the deal..at which amar laughed evilly n said to do whatever he wants..u itself gave the singhania’s project to me the the project which worths 100 crore!!,said amar..n now there is no more need to run behind u for the partnership..all the marrige thing was a drama only to get the deal in my hand n now bye bye sweethearts..said amar making my parents shatter..I was also shattered but I was happy as I won’t marry him now..dad tried to stop him but he disappeared in his luxuries car dad fell on his knees n I went to console him..the whole room heard a roar “MOM”..n everyone turned to my mother Mrs Vasundra pandey n she was lying on the ground her head on bihaan’s lap n I knew he was the one who shouted..dad n I ran to mom n asked her to wake up..our family doctor who was invited for the wedding came farward n asked to take her in the room.bihaan took her in the room n we went to her room.he lied mom carefully on the bed..Doctor did her checkup n said that she got a major heart attack..she need artificial ventilation as soon as possible..our resort was quite far from the hospitals n dad asked to bring the ventilation system here n treat her..in the next few minutes mom was given treatment n Doctor said she is fine n now she is conscious..
Dad me n bihaan barged inside the room to see mom..mom looked weak,super weak..mom opened her eyes n saw me n Bihaan first..he was beside me..I don’t know y mom passed a smile seeing us..she asked Bihaan to come near her n he went near her n sat beside her..mom whispered something in his ear n he looked very shocked after hearing her..I was thinking what is going between them..Bihaan started nodding his head in a no n it seemed like he is refusing to do some work which mom gave her..
Dad asked about the matter n even I was curious to know..dad went near mom n mom said something to him..he was also shocked everyone looked at me n I was tensed..I felt something is wrong here..mom took bihaan’s hand n kept it on her head to which Bihaan n dad gave shocking looks..Bihaan said yes finally..mom smiled a bit n I was on cloud nine to see that smile..Vasu gestured me to come near her n I went..I sat on the floor near mom n Bihaan..mom slowly got up while we tried to stop her,she was in a partial sitting position she kissed my forehead n then laid down again as she was very weak..mom was soo weak that she was not even able to lift her hand..she lifted her hand n I held it n asked her not to take stress..I’m fine n everything will be fine..
‘Yes my Jaan everything will be fine,I believe..said mom..I smiled at her..
‘Listen beta u look soo beautiful in this bridal dress..Complimented mom again n I knew exactly what feeling she had when she said those words..
Mom plzz don’t think about it plzz..everything happens for a good cause n think that God has something big planned for me by the way I never liked amar he was an oldie..I said to chill mom but she didn’t seemed like.ofcourse she is sad because what ever happened now was unbearable to her..as a mother is possessive by nature n as all the mothers she is worried for my future..
Do u love me beta..asked mom n I was stunned..
Yes ofcourse I do mom I love u the most..said I..
‘Then can u do something for me???…she asked n I with out a second thought replied.”yes anything mom”..
Then do as I say beta marry Bihaan!!!!that was a thunder shock for me..marry my friend!!…I never ever believed this would happen in my life..I mean I never saw Bihaan with such intentions..he was just a close buddy..I looked at Bihaan n he was equally ’embarrassed’ as me..
Mom what happened to u?…I asked mom..’
you said u love me..she said n I was confused..
Yes I do love u mom but..I wanted to complete to explain her but she interrupted..
No u don’t if u loved me u would listen to me..she held my hand on her head n asked the same..I was clueless..
Mom!!! I shouted..
Do this favor for me last Time beta I don’t know how many more day I will live..she started emotionally blackmailing me but I guess I was melted..
Mom don’t say that ok I’ll do as u say but not with out bihaan’s opinion if Bihaan is happy I’ll marry if he is not happy then no one will force him..
He is ready he said yes..mom looked excited..Bihaan looked at me n I asked with my eyes he nodded in a yes n I sighed..dad took Bihaan to someother room n made him ready for the wedding..the guest were still stuck to their places..I was waiting for Bihaan in the mandap n I guess it looked funny..always a groom waits for his bride but here a bride is waiting for her groom..ahh I was soo impatient because the jewelry n the heavy dress was irritating a lot..Bihaan came after a few minutes n a servant brought mom on a wheel chair still the ventilators attached to her..I knew mom was happy but also that she wants to see me happy n only to make mom happy I went close to Bihaan while doing the rituals which pandit ji was guiding us..Bihaan looked a little surprised..dad did my kanyadaan n mom cried at the moment..we stood up for the pheras n I held bihaan’s hand intentionally..everyone started showering us with the flowers n mom was the one who showered a lot..I was soo happy to see her soo sooo sooo sooo happy..Bihaan filled my mang with sindoor n puts a mangalsutra around my neck..we took our elders blessing n the guest wished us one by one bidding a bye..
Soon the guest were gone n only the family was left..n I saw Bihaan sad.i thought he is not happy with the wedding..but I decided not to say anything now..mom would be sad then..Bihaan gave his shawl to me which was attached to my dupatta.he went somewhere I was soo tensed now but I had to stay with mom..Bihaan came later n I was little contented seeing him..
“I guess we should go to our house now”..was his words which left all of us super shocked..
What happened?? I know what ur thinking but don’t worry n trust me..mom I’ll keep thapki happy.were his exact words which left all of us shocked..
‘Bihaan’.. he came near me..
Thapki, mom,dad u all know my state before coming to this house..thapki I married u infront of everyone one,infront of the world,the media..n if u stay in pandey nivas after marriage then u will be taunted n I don’t want that to happen..I don’t want to spoil the reputation of pandey family..the family which gave me soo much which I can cherish all my life..I won’t let any one harm the reputation dad..he said honestly..
But beta,dad tried to explain..
‘No dad plzz don’t stop me today n don’t worry I will do all the possible things to keep thapki happy’..mom u say that I’m ur son right then give ur son n ur Bahu blessing n let us go I promise I will never let Thapki down..he said..I was a little happy by his decision n mom n dad also smiled at him..we soon left for our house ‘pandey nivas” in our cars n after a little rest when Bihaan insisted to leave Mom asked the servents to prepare for the bidaai ritual..later we did our bidaai ritual together n I was emotional..I didn’t wanted to leave mom n dad specially when mom needs me but staying here will be a prey for the enemies as can harm dads reputation..
I turned back to take a look at the house in which I cherished half of my life..mom n dad were at the main gate bidding me bye..I was very very very emotional that I did not wanted to go..I felt Bihaan understood my feeling n he touched my hand..wait what!!..he is holding my hand n gesturing me to smile..ah I think it was for mom..I smiled at mom n dad n we left Bihaan was holding my hand n my bag too..he hired a taxi n we went straight to his house..I was wondering about my new stage of life..how our life will change..how we will live..will we compromise thing for our future needs..what turns is life bringing up for us..while I was having these thoughts Bihaan disturbed me n I looked at him questioningly..
“We reached”…I looked around my self to take a complete view of the place..he took out our bag while I came out of the taxi..Bihaan paid the fare n we headed..
Thapki just two streets away is my house were we r going to live..don’t worry i asked my friends to clean the house n I think they would have done it by now.he assured n nodded..we started walking n as the road was not good n I was wearing a heavy lehenga n high heels I was not able to walk properly..I held his hand n he seemed confused but I think he understood n walked slowly with me..all the people passing by us were ogling at me n I felt very uncomfortable..some kids were shouting some familiar name..wait r they calling Bihaan..strange!!..
Bihaan why is everyone looking at me like this..like I’m from some other planet..what happen to them y r they shouting ur name r they angry…I questioned..
Hheheheh..what!! he is giggling at me when I’m soo soo soo scared here.
Madam they r looking at u because ur new here..n all the people here r not very rich they r poor n middle class people..u r wearing a branded heavy lehenga with heavy jewelry so they r staring at u..n these kids r shouting my name because I used to live here only before u came in my life..he stopped after that n I looked at him..
Ahh before I came to ur house..so like after 2 years I’m going back to my home n they r excited to see me..I lived here for 12 years..I listened to him carefully n nodded my head..
We reached near some open place n I saw a lady dumping garbage near a house..I made an yuck face seeing that..
‘Come thapki’..I nodded n wait,what! he is guiding me to that house itself were the lady dumped her garbage..I was not comfortable at all..
Bihaan what kind of place is this..I asked.
It’s a chawl thapki..he said n left me in shock.
R we going to live here..I asked doubtfull..he stopped ahh is he angry..
Thapki trust me I know this place is not good but I can’t afford a big house right now..but trust me I will make sure that ur satisfied with the place..I won’t let u be in trouble thapki..he assured.
Bihaan look at the place it’s not clean.people r dumping their wastes near the chawl only where we r going to live..n..n look at these mosquitoes they r soo irritating..he didn’t say anything n I felt uneasy..it seemed he didn’t liked me complaining..
I trust u Bihaan..I assured to see him smile a bit..I know this was difficult for him too. He can’t afford any costly thing right now so I did complain again.
As we reached the entrance like 50s of people ran towards me like I m some thief n I have stolen some previous thing of them..I quickly hid behind Bihaan trying to save myself from those people..Bihaan looked at me confused..
Bihaan y r they coming to beat me..I asked.
Who is going to beat u??…no one can dare to touch u..ur my wife now..they r coming to welcome u.
I peeped n I found everyone standing near Bihaan n looking at me..I came out n stood close to Bihaan..an elder lady smiled at me.

is she ur wife Bihaan.?she smiled at me n Bihaan nodded

did u both eloped.asked an elder man..(did u both eloped).
No kaka we were friends in college..clarified Bihaan..
Friend or girlfriend bhaiya..teased a young girl n Bihaan glared at her.

shut up. Naughty girl..Bihaan said n the young girl hid bihind some other person.

I was staring at them confused..I think Bihaan saw me n he clarified.
Thapki this is kaki eldest of this chawl n kaka her husband..she is pooja .she is like my sister..I smiled at them..
Haan haan introduction baad me dena pehle ye bata…tum dono aise shadi ke jode me aur Bihaan Teri biwi to ache khandan se lagti hai..Ameer lagti hai phir aise shadi kyu ki..asked kaki..(introduce us later now first say y u both r in the wedding dresses..Bihaan ur wife looks from a good family n she looks Rich too..then y did u both married like this.)
We did not elope kaki..we got married today in thapki’s house she is daughter of Balwinder pandey..thapki’s mom n dad r happy with this marriage..I used to live in their house only..clarified Bihaan..
Bihaan bhai u did not invite us..pouted pooja n I looked at Bihaan.
Sorry wo Actually everything happened soo quickly..Bihaan cleared..
Bhai app dono ki love marriage hai..she asked leaving us shocked..we started at eachother..
Ahh haan haan love marriage hai..I was shocked when he said that..I did not say anything but smiled at pooja..kaki asked someone to bring something..some ladies brought rice bowl n asked me to push it n enter..I did n entered inside..the girls took me away n I looked at Bihaan..
Bhai hum Bhabi ko leja Rahe hai app tab tak apne dosto ke paas jaiye..said pooja(bhai we r taking Bhabi with us for some time till then u go to ur friends)..he nodded n I was shocked..the girls took me to some other room n the ladies started talking to me..after sometime someone knocked the door..it was Bihaan. I stood up seeing him.
Till when r u going to talk I want to spend some time with my wife now leave her kaki…he ordered..
Haan haan ok u both go to ur room.waise bhi jis kam ke liye Roka tha tum dono ko apne room me Jane se wo kaam hogaya..said kaki winking at others.(ok ok go to ur room..the work for which we stopped u both from going to ur room is finished now..)
Nothing bhai go to ur room n u will understand..pooja pushed Bihaan out of the room n we went away to his room.we both were super confused..he opened his house door…mmm ahh our house door n I looked around the place..the house was pretty clean compared to the whole chawl..we went inside n Bihaan brought my bag too..he kept it in a corner of the hall..the house had a kitchen,a hall n a room which was closed..a small one..
So did u like it??..he questioned
Yes..it’s nice..I answered pulling off the curtain of a window which was revealing to the outsiders of the chawl..
While I looked around the whole place he was standing quietly.i was impressed by the house n I smiled at him because I knew he was tensed as I won’t be comfortable here..
“Thapki chawl people r also very understanding..it won’t be a problem to u”..he said n we heard a knock at the door after that..
Bihaan went to open the door n I was standing behind..
Namaste aunty,how r u??..I heard him saying this..
‘Fine’..the answer was soo rude..
So I got to know u got married..a female voice questioned.
Yes today only.answered Bihaan.the female lady peeped into our house n looked at me..I went near Bihaan..
‘Thapki this is shobha aunt,owner of this chawl..’I smiled at her but she was soo rude.
So now that u got married be a little responsible now..she scolded Bihaan n he kept quiet..
U did not clear ur rent since last 6 months.i know u were not living here but ur belonging were here..if u left the house why did u not took ur belongings..I wound have given this house to someone else..she was scolding Bihaan n he was quiet..
U never paid rent on time n now I don’t want to hear any excuse from u now that u got married become responsible n clear my rent in 1 week orelse u n ur wife r out of this house..I want 10,000 in one week orelse u have to find a new house for urself..she demanded.
Aunty u know this is not possible..I don’t have any job right now..protested Bihaan.
I don’t know anything.she ignored Bihaan while Bihaan was trying hard to make her understand..shobha aunt took a complete view of me n said..’y don’t u sell her jewelry n clear the rent…her eyes glittered seeing my jewelry..she moved towards me n what her hands r going near my neck..what is she up to?..ohh no she is holding my gold pendent chain which worths 15,000..mom gifted me on my 11th birthday..she is having a keen look at that chain..
Hmm,’i thing this will work’..she said while trying to take that chain out of my neck..but wait! what is Bihaan doing infront of me??.n his hands around me like he is protecting me..yes he stood between me n shobha ji n shobha ji was super astonished..
This is my wife’s belongings..it’s her mom dads love..I would never sell those for clearing my rents or loans..N dare anyone put their eyes on them..he was soo sooo sooo sooo angry..his eyes turned red with anger n fist was getting more tightened always..shobha ji looked a little scared n she backed off.
Ok ok ur wish pay by selling something or earning I just want my money..she said sarcastically.
U will get it..assured Bihaan n I was a bit shocked..shobha aunt left then.
Bihaan closed the door n.
Thapki wait here..he ran to the corner of the hall n brought a wooded box n a lock from a cupboard..
Thapki remove all ur jewelry n put it in this box..it’s not save here..we will lock it n keep it in a safe place..
Bihaan don’t worry I’ll take care of them I’ll hide them in my clothes.assured I
Do u thing they will be safe.i have lived my childhood in this chawl n I know shobha aunt very well that I can see her eyes n say what she is thinking..he scared me saying this n I nodded..
I removed my jewelry one by one n put in that box..
Quickly!!.he irritated..
Patience plzzz!!!i irritated him back..
How much time will u take to remove that one necklace.?
Ahhhh Bihaan it’s not coming out..
Turn I’ll see..I turned around n he started opening my necklaces n putting them in the box..his hands was touching my bare back n we realized it after a little time..we had this moment earlier too but that time we were friends n now we r….
We both turned red in shyness..Bihaan continued to remove the necklaces..
Thapki this big necklace have stuck with ur blouse Dori it’s not coming out..
Let me try.i tried n went on making it more entangled..
Thapki u entangled it more..I’ll do myself..he said irritatingly n tried to open it..he pulled out my Dori in one go leaving me awestruck..he took out the necklace n I was breathing heavily..he then tied my Dori back n I was relieved..he turned me n started to take out my rings n bracelets..n then the anklet..he put my leg on his lap n took out the anklet..he then puts all the jewelry in the box n locked it..he gave the box to me saying..
Thapki all ur jewelry is in this box..keep it in a safe place n don’t take it out unless it’s very necessary..I nodded taking the box..
U might be tired let’s rest.n we went in our room..Bihaan opened the door n we got in only to our shock to see the room soo soo sooo decorated like a first night!!!!…we both were equally shocked..I was still holding the wooden box..I looked at Bihaan with lots n lots of questions..but I felt he also doesn’t know about this..he looked at me innocently..
Bihaan ye Sab???..I wanted to ask but he cuts my words in middle..
Thapki I don’t have any idea,.believe me i didn’t do..he said with his innocent small eyes n I was already melted..
But Bihaan if u didn’t do then who did this..we both went in a deep thought..
I think I know who did this..said Bihaan.
Who???.i asked.
Do u remember kaki n pooja stopped both of us n didn’t let us come to our room..
Yes!!..I remembered..
N also they said that they did the work for which they stopped us..said bihaan.
Yes Bihaan ,pooja was not with us all the time..n I saw kaki n pooja winking secretly when we left the room..I cleared all the things.
Oh this kaki n pooja won’t leave them tomorrow..he makes an irritated face.
U have to leave them Bihaan..
Why??he questioned..
Bihaan u said them that we had a love marriage..I made an angry face on which he gulped his fear..
Ahh ahh yes I said because I know these chawl people they r very questioning..they will ask everything about us n spreads the rumors adding spice to it..so it’s better to hide our personal things from them..I listened to him n nodded my head in agreement..
Bihaan now how r we going to pay that 10,000..should I talk to dad to get u some job in his office..I asked n saw him coming towards me..he holds my shoulder n looked at him nervously..
Thapki do u trust me?..he asked..I nodded hesitatingly.
Then trust me I’ll find some way to clear the rent u don’t worry for that.its my job to bring bread for both of us now..Thapki I will take care of everything..I won’t take help of dad in this..its my problem now..plzz don’t trouble mom or dad..moms health is not good right now she should be kept out of this..I nodded with lots of respect for him in my eyes..I kept the box aside n hugged him with out any hesitance..he did not reciprocated I think becaus he was shocked n shy..
Thank u Bihaan thank u for doing soo much for me..thank u for making my mom smile by marrying me n thank u for understanding me soo much..I said while hugging him n then he hugged me back..after a quite long time we both realized what we r doing n parted away with a speed of train n gave a shy smile to each other…Bihaan went to his cupboard n opened a secret locker..
U keep ur jewelry in this it will be safe..here these r the keys..I kept the box inside n locked the drawer.i passed him the keys but he didn’t took.
These belong to u now.n also this..he passed a bunch of keys n I hesitated to take.
Bihaan but..I wanted to speak but he cuts me again.
U have equal right on this house Thapki these r house keys n also the locker keys I don’t have much only 2000 in my locker..n I want u to take over these things n handle them like a wife does.n I know u will handle everything easily like mom does..he said with believe in his eyes…i looked at him with great respect in my eyes..

Bihaan what about the rent..I asked.
Thapki I have 2,000 we just need 8 more we will do it..don’t think soo much take rest let’s think to it tomorrow..we both nodded n discussed about the sleeping places.he said he will sleep on floor but I refused n said I will sleep on floor..at last we both ended up sleeping on the bed with a pillow between us..

Next day I woke up little late n he was already up..
He was not in the room.i went out to search he was not in the kitchen or in the hall.i took a look outside our house but he was no where..I quietly sat on the sofa waiting umm getting worried for him..
Ahhhhh it’s been an hour now he is not here where did he go..I think I should go out n check for him once..no there r many chawl people outside I can’t face them alone..I think I should seek help from pooja yes she can help..I got up from the sofa n rushed to the main door n saw the door opening.bihaan yes he is coming inside..I was mixed up with feeling..anger,care,worry.ugh many more..I rushed to him n hugged him..
Thapki r u ok..I heard that from him..his hands went around my waist hugging me n calming me..I separated a little n hit his chest..
Where did u go with out informing..I asked with anger..
I was ou..I didn’t let him complete n hugged him again..he was surprised.
Don’t leave me like this I got scared..the place is new to me I don’t know anything..don’t leave me alone plzz..plzz don’t leave me..I repeated the same line plzz don’t leave me for a couple of times..he hugged me tightly..we heard few giggles from back n parted to see who it is..
Ugh we don’t have a little privacy..I thought..pooja n few more girls coming towards us n smiling sarcastically at us..
What Bihaan bhai if u want to romance then close the door first..u got a big door at ur entrance..teased pooja..
N Bhabi r u not satisfied with the last night..pooja irritated us.
oh god u both r soo madly in love that u both don’t want to leave eachother..she teased further.
Nothing like that. Said Bihaan.
Ok did u guys liked the surprise of last night.we both knew what she was talking.bihaan looked at me n secretly gestured to act.i acted like being shy n pooja teased us further..with this at least the chawl people will believe that we r in love n won’t question us again..we came inside our house than.

Bihaan where did u go????.
To get some food for both of us n to find some job..answered Bihaan.
Really did u find any job..I was overjoyed to see him soo determined.
Umm yes I got they called me for a final interview in the afternoon.said bihaan
Ok then I’ll come with u..said I
Why???..he questioned with out thinking!.
Why!!! To give u company.
No need Thapki what will u do there..said Bihaan
Why Bihaan I just want to come with u what is wrong??
No Thapki nothing is wrong .actually the…the place yes the place is little far n see if u come with me..umm then while my interview I will be tensed about u that were would u be now..if anyone is troubling u.if ur safe or not n all..if u be at home I will be contented that ur safe.if I think about u then my interview will go bad n I’ll loose the job..he was little nervous to speak n I got doubt but what matters right now was the job.
Ok Bihaan as u say..I smiled at him n served the food which he brought.
Bihaan there is no need to waste money on outside food n also it’s not healthy for us..U bring some vegetables I’ll make food at home by now.
Madam do u know cooking..he asked with a teasing glint in his eyes..
Bihaan u..I rushed towards him to beat him.n he ran.he ran around the whole hall room n I followed..he entered our bedroom which was still decorated..n followed him there too.
Bihaan wait..he didn’t stop n ran teasing me.i stopped n huffed a lot n behaved like I’m out of breath..he came towards me n y….y did I not control my self a little more time..I ran again to catch him but he was far n he ran again..ugh I’m really tired now but I ran behind him.i tripped on by mat n fell..ahhh noooo…oh wait I didn’t feel hurt..when I opened my eyes I saw myself over Bihaan n Bihaan on the bed under me..we had an intense eyelock..my eyes had different feelings this time..I never got such feelings around him.what is it..we both got into a deep deep eyelock which never ended..his hands were chained around my waist..
Thapki!!!he called me n I realized our position..I got up but my mangalsutra was stuck in his shirt..I had to land on him again..while he tried to take the hook out of his shirt I loosed my balance n my lips landed on his chest.i was super shocked n I think he was equally shocked..I raised my head n my lips traced his neck too..
Oh god my red lipstick is soo clear on his chest to neck..we looked at eachother n parted with a speed of train..
I’m sorry.i apologized
It’s ok..he forgiven..
Thapki I’m going to the work place..
Bihaan there is lipstick on ur neck clean it first.i said hesitatingly.
Yes I will..I’m going to take bath..I nodded.he went to the cupboard n I was still on the bed..kaki n pooja barged inside our room n I was stunned..what r they doing here.dont they know a little manners..they should knock the main door before getting in..they came in our room directly..how can they come in our room with our knocking??..I had lots of questions. But I smiled at them.
Bihaan beta I made kheer for both of u..Bihaan smiled at her..
Kaki made me eat n asked Bihaan to come near so that she can feed the kheer to him.he came near him n kaki fed a spoonful of kheer..pooja giggled n whispered something to kaki..they giggled n looked at us..we were confused.
Bhai u both r soo romantic..teased pooja n I realized that the lipstick mark is still on his body..I gestured him n he was shocked he quickly closed the top button of his shirt.
U both love eachother soo much..Bihaan when r u making me badi kaki..she asked which made both of us shy n red like tomato..after a little chat they went n Bihaan also went to take bath…later he went to his interview n I wished him luck..
After few hours I called him n asked about the interview.he said he got selected n when I asked about the company he said its mehta’s n sons..I was surprised..he cuts the call.
Mehta uncle it’s dads close friend..I should talk to him n get Bihaan a good job..yes I’ll go to the office in the evening n I’ll take lunch for Bihaan also..

In the evening I made sandwiches n packed it in a box..I went straight to Mehta uncles office n got to know that Mehta uncle is out for a view of some sites.he would come soon.i thought to meet Bihaan n asked a receptionist about his work place..receptionist checked a long employees list in her computer..
Maam there is no employee or worker named Bihaan here..I was stunned.
Check again carefully.he..he got a job today only so his name might not be written.i told her.
No ma’am if we appoint any new worker the first thing we do is storing there date in our computer.she told me n I was confused.
There is no person named Bihaan here nor we appointed anyone on a job today..I got a stunner..
U didn’t appoint anyone?!!!
No ma’am..
I felt betrayed n I didn’t say anything just guided myself to the chawl..
I was really sad that day as Bihaan hid a big thing..he didn’t get any job..he lied that he got one n I was happy that he is standing on his feet..n now we both can together fight with the upcoming obstacles..
I was very sad Bihaan came at night n looked very tired but I didn’t bother to ask him a glass of water.he went in the kitchen himself n had a glass of water from a soil pot..
He went to the room n came out changing n getting fresh.
Ahh I’m exhausted..yes he looked exhausted but I was angry I Thought he was acting.
Thapki what did u made for dinner..I didn’t speak n kept looking in the news paper..
Thapki what happen to u..Thapki..he snapped few times..I looked at him expressionless.
What happen to u now??..he asked.
What will happen to me Bihaan..said I.
Ok ok don’t say but at least serve me I’m hungry..he said like a child asking food to his mother while rubbing his stomach..
It’s in the kitchen have it..I made khichdi..I said again looking into my news paper.
He gave a clueless expression n went to the kitchen to fetch his food..
Acha won’t u eat with me?..he shouted from the kitchen.
I ate Bihaan n y do u need to shout I’m here only don’t irritate me now!!!..I shouted back.
Gajaaab u ate leaving me..he said making a sad face.
He didn’t came out of the kitchen for a long time I thought he is eating in the kitchen itself.i didn’t say anything.after sometime I found a plate with khichdi in front of my eyes i looked at the person holding the plate n it was Bihaan.he sat next to me.
I know u didn’t ate anything.the whole bowl is full with khichdi..he took a spoon n started feeding me.i pushed the spoon n the rice fell down.
Thapki! What happen he asked getting worried.
He fed again n again n again n I did the same thing everytime..i know he was determined to feed me today n at last I gave up n ate by his hand.
He fed me like a baby n I ate quietly.after finishing half of the plate he asked.
So why r u angry..is it because of chawl people.he asked.
It’s because of u.i shouted at him n he looked confused.
Me!!!!what did I do?..he was soo scared.his expressions showed everything.
U r bad very bad Bihaan..Bihaan listen I’m ur wife now n I have right to know what ur doing!!.i explained.
Yes u have the rights..
Then why did u lie to me..
When did I lie??
Now ur again behaving like u don’t know anything..I warned him giving a strict look.
Thapki can u clear everything.
Bihaan I went to Mehta company today to give u ur lunch box but I got to know that ur not working in the company..it was ok Bihaan if u didn’t get a job but y did u have to lie.i know ur trying..he looked disappointed.
Thapki can u listen to me now.i think u heard me wrong.i said I’m working in Mehra companies not Mehta companies..I think it’s because of network problem or else at that time I was on a a heavy road so because of traffic noise u heard me wrong.i was surprised.
Bihaan is it true.plzz don’t lie.
I’m not lying Thapki trust me.he assured.
I do Bihaan n I’m sorry for troubling u for such silly thing.i apologized.
U should be sorry..now like a good girl finish this plate..I nodded n tried to take the plate but he gestured that he will feed I nodded for this too.
The next day when Bihaan was getting ready I thought to wash few clothes n gathered all dirty clothes in a basket.i put them in the washing machine one by one n found a white shirt having a black stain..I tried to scratch it but it was sooo stubborn to come out.i smelled it n it was some lubricant oil used in cars or vehicles!!!..I was shocked.its bihaan’s shirt n why is his short having a stain of some vehicle oil!!..
What r u doing??.bihaan asked from back n I quickly put the cloth in the washing machine
Nothing I thought to wash clothes so..he came near me n held my hand.
Thapki I’m sorry u lived like a princess in pandey nivas n now u have to work..I’m sorry u would have got better in life but..
Bihaan plzz don’t blame urself there is no fault of urs everything was planned by God.he made our destiny n I think it was his choice to bring u in my life.bihaan smiled n came nearer he kissed my cheeks n I was super duper stunned..
Bihaan!!.i asked looking to the either sides if someone saw us because the chawl had no privacy.
I saw in the movies husband always kisses his wife before leaving for his work.its like a good luck kiss.i smiled at him n he said a bye.i waved at him n smiled a lot.i remembered about the shirt n the first thing came in my mind was follow him.i did n finally reached his ‘secret work place’..I saw him going in a small garage!!.i went behind him n saw an old man scolding him n he pleading bowing his head down.
I’m sorry sethji I won’t come late from tomorrow.he said n the old man asked to get to his work.he went near a car n lied down with some instruments..he started repairing the car n I was shocked my husband is working in a garage repairing vehicles..I was in some good clothes n the sethji thought that I came to give my vehicle for a repair..I looked at him angrily n went straight to Bihaan.i stood near the car..umm I think he saw my feet..
Maam I’m busy right now with this car give ur work to someother worker here..he said but I didn’t move from the place.i think he was confused n he came out..only to see me infront of him.his face was black with lubricant oil.he was shocked.i gave an angry look n started walking..he tried to stop me but I didn’t.n then I felt like someone is holding my wrist n twisting it a little.i tried to free myself but he pulled me back..our nose tip touched n my nose turned black like his..
LIER LIER ur a big lier..I spoke angrily.
Thapki give me a chance to explain plzz don’t get angry now..he tried to explain.
No Bihaan ur a lier..I shouted at him.
Thapki plzz I’m not a lier..I…I oh god how do I explain u now..he was confused.
Bihaan u hid soo much from me like I’m nothing to u.today I got to know that there is no relation between us not even of friendship.he gave a shocking expression.
I didn’t lie Thapki.let me clear.but I didn’t let him do that n started shouting at him..some one called his name n it was that Seth ji..he shouted that he is coming in a minute..he tried to stop me but i was cutting his words always..the next moment I found my lips didn’t open to speak up n my eyes were left wide open..my lips were getting smooched by Bihaan’s..I was in no state to recognize what had happen n trying to come out for this shock I tried to push him..he left my wrist n slipped his hands around my waist pulling me more closer..I was hidden in his body now..I still tried to rescue myself but he bit my lips n I was weak.. weak to even stand.i was going very weak on my legs n I had to hold him now..his eyes were closed but mine were open in shock.later I saw his passion n love for me in his closed eyes n I gave in the kiss.i tried to kiss him but he never gave me a chance.he was smoching my lips like anything.
it was our first kiss..he stopped kissing n we both had a deep eye lock..i had a glint on my face but I didn’t know the reason.
Thapki before u take me wrong let me explain..Thapki I didn’t lie..he turns her a little towards a big banner of the garage..Thapki I work in Mehra garage n that’s what I said u yesterday..Thapki u know I didn’t study my graduation..n no big company will appoint me..Thapki I had to start from a lower step.while I was passing from this side I saw sethji scolding his workers n saying that he need new workers so I thought to do this job..Thapki I know I didn’t say about the garage work because I thought u will feel shame as ur husband is working in a garage.I’m sorry Thapki..he explained.
Y Bihaan even if it is a garage workers job it’s a job..no job with honesty is a small one..Bihaan even if u worked in a big company I would have said it..because I know what ever u do it will be good for both of us..because I know how determined n honest ur..understand..I asked n he nodded with a smile.
N what was this??.i asked with some shyness.but he didn’t seemed to understand..
What..he asked.
What did u do to me right now.n I was angry a little.he gave an apologetic look by which I was already melted.
Thapki I’m sorry u were not listening to me n I…i..I had to do it.he stammered.
I’m sorry.he apologized.
It’s ok but Bihaan promise me that u will never hide any thing from me..I said n he held both my hands in his hands..
I won’t..he brought my hands near his lips n kissed them.i smiled.he cleaned my nose with his hand key n later I went back to home wishing a good luck to him.
Days passed by n we developed a very special relations.we together cleared the rents n loans n now live happily.we turned a little romantic too..he kissed my cheeks everyday before going n after coming home..I used to go to garage n feed him..the corner of the garage was our everyday romance place.he irritated me with his deep eyelock n I always used to get shy..I could not face the heat of his lovely eyes..he holds my hand kisses them in a gesture of thanking for making such delicious food..nah he always praises my food even it tasted yuck..he is soo genuine.i never imagined that we would grow such relationship..I had a soft corner for him but scared to express it…

N then march 19th my birthday..I totally forgot about it..the day was very casual but the night was very romantic..he gave me the plane pista coloured lehenga I liked it n quickly changed into it.we both went on the terrace of the chawl where he decorated the whole terrace..it was beautiful n I complimented his creativity..he did it all alone..
I smiled n thanked him for making this day special by giving him a deep hug..he hugged back..we ate,danced,knew more things about eachother n enjoyed each moment together..
Bihaan we still have soo many things to know about eachother.i spoke..
Yes so many things.he said.
Then let’s play a game..I asked.
Which game!!!.
Ahhh it’s a rapid fire.see I will ask u a question n u should answer quickly whatever comes in ur mind first.n vice verse..
Ok let’s do it. He agreed
Hmm ok..so food.i asked.
Ahhhh..he took few seconds to think.
Bihaan u should not take time just say anything which comes in ur mind first..
Ok ok then aloo paratha..colour?..
Green..I said n he smiled as the dress gifted by him is little green too..
Animal??.i asked.
Rose..I answered..
The game continued soo on..hmm I think I should ask some tricky questions to him now..I thought n
You….he quickly answered n left me completely shocked..even he seemed shocked.he closed his eyes for a couple of seconds n then gave a shy look to me.i was still in shock.i got up from my seat n took few steps away from him n stood surrendering myself to the cool breeze..he patted my shoulder n stood beside me.
Thapki what i said now is..before he completes I turned to him.
Just say that what u just said now was true or it just slipped out of ur mouth..
Thapki I..i he hesitated.
Bihaan tell me Bihaan.our whole life depends on this one question plzz answer me now.i explained being impatient.
Yes it was true I really love u Thapki..n the next moment I took him in my arms n hugged him like I would die tomorrow..the hug changed a cozy one n we both deepened within eachother..
I love u Thapki..he whispered.
I love u Bihaan I love u soo soo soo much..we confessed while hugging eachother..we parted a little n he cupped my face wiping away the tears..
These r pearls don’t waste them..he said lovingly n we had a good quality time together n then we came down..he apologized for giving a very simple lehenga as a gift n I confessed that I got soo much on my birthday..that I don’t want anything in my life..
Still Thapki…I’m sorry I didn’t have enough money to buy a designer piece..he said n I shut his mouth.
No Bihaan what matters is this lehenga is from ur hard earned money..this is the best gift trust me..I assured n he smiled.
Ok but I promise that I’ll make it more pretty by sticking some pearls to it.. He promised.i smiled n we hugged eachother..that day the pillow which used to lie between us was lying on the ground n we slept hugging eachother..

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