LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP!- Episode 9 (team up?)

hi everyone!!.iam back with 9th episode ☺️.hope you all enjoy it…


sai comes inside police station and gets shocked seeing naira and sirat looking same and she comes to sirat and…

Sai: excuse me..

sirat turns to sai and..

Sirat: yes..

Sai: are you and naira are twins? actually I have came here to inform something to inspector regarding naira’s case and iam shocked to see both of you looking same…

sirat looks at sai and..

Sirat: actually iam inspector virat sir’s sister. And naira is not my twin and i was also shocked to see her but virat bhai told that she is my look-alike…

Sai: ohh..

Sirat: you are related to naira’s case??

Sai: actually a guy named Aditya is reason for naira’s arrest. I think naira is arrested for violently hurting a guy right?

Sirat: yes..iam feeling pity towards naira.iam thinking how to rescue her because that guy is at main fault but due to some untime naira attacked him and got jailed…

sai thinks and..

Sai: iam nurse sai.i was handling Aditya who was admitted by your virat bhai.he is not violently attacked but he is doing drama to put naira in jail..due to his drama only naira is in jail….

sirat gets shocked hearing this..

sirat: what??

Sai: can you help me to expose him??I also feel pity towards this girl and that’s why I came here to inform to virat sir but I don’t have any proof to prove him that Aditya is doing drama but I thought to inform him as a nurse.and can you help me to get the proof against Aditya??

sirat gets angry on Aditya and agrees to help sai in collecting proof against Aditya..

Sirat: I will help you but how to collect the proof from him??

sai thinks and gets some ideas and shares her plan with sirat and sirat gets happy…

Sirat: wow..your plan is great!!.come lets go and execute it..

Sai: sure!.

Sirat POV: I want to unite two love dare this Aditya??now he is gone.i want naira to unite with her love and for that I can do anything…

telling this sai and sirat goes to hospital to collect the proof against Aditya.



mihir and bani are seen discussing and bani shares something to mihir..

bani: yesterday I met a foolish guy..

Mihir: what?? Did that foolish guy troubled you??

Bani: no..he is friend of mayuri. He stopped me from slapping her..if he dint come in between then I would have slapped her more but he stopped me from slapping her as he is her friend.

Mihir: mayuri is also having a good friend like us!!

bani gets angry and..

Bani: shut up!!. I hate that guy so much because he came in between personal matter.

Mihir: but he is friend of her so he may supported her without knowing her just leave your anger aside and focus on to collect the proof against ponky and mayuri.

Bani: you are correct.

suddenly Neil sir enters and Everyone stops their chatting and they greet him..

Everyone: good morning sir.

Neil: good morning..

telling this he starts taking class and after some time veer enters the class along with Avni in anger and shouts…

Veer shouts(in anger): who is ponky here??just come out you blo*dy rascal…

everyone gets shocked as someone is coming in the class and screaming while bani gets more shocked seeing him..

mihir sees bani sitting shocked and he asks..

Mihir: why are you shocked as if you saw a ghost??iam happy as someone came here to stop Neil sir’s class but why are you looking shocked??

Bani: you fool!!.this is the man who stopped me from slapping mayuri!.

mihir too gets shocked and both of them gets shocked seeing seeing Avni nearby him and..

Mihir: what is Avni doing with him??

Bani: if it’s mayuri’s friend then how can he be avni’s friend too???how do Avni know him???

Mihir: maybe he is her brother.

Bani: no..she don’t have any brother.

Mihir: then we will see what is happening here so that we will find out who is he and why Avni brought him here..

Bani: ok..

telling this they both look at veer and Avni while veer keeps on shouting..

Veer(angrily): just come out ponky orelse I will bash you…

ponky sees Avni and gets scared whether this new man find out his truth while Neil comes to veer and stops him and..

Neil: excuse me sir..this is not a fish market to shout.whoever you are please keep your fight outside the college..and if you shout here then we have to take action on you..

veer calms his anger and..

Veer: iam sorry to shout here professor.but I want to see ponky now as I want to get justice to your student Avni..

neil sees Avni angrily and..

Neil: so you are avni’s support?

Veer: yes..

Neil: did she tell any lie about that funny video and is it for that you are coming and shouting by believing her lie??

veer gets angry on Neil but controls and..

Veer: professor just call ponky so that you will also know the truth…

neil calls ponky and ponky comes very scared and..

Neil: he is (ponting towards ponky)ponky. He is a very good student and brilliant student also then what is the complain on him miss.avni and supporter??

veer sees ponky angry and slaps him hard..

veer shouts: ponky..what did you think??are you not ashamed yourself??now tell your reality to your professor and to this whole class so that they will know your dirty thinking…

everyone in the class gets shocked and..

Everyone POV: now Neil sir’s class turned into a movie..

while bani and mihir too gets shocked and..

Mihir: did this man found the proof of ponky’s cheat??

Bani: I think so…

while Neil gets angry and stops veer and..

Neil shouts: excuse are not acting in movie.if you have enemity with ponky then show it in outside college and don’t disturb this whole class…and miss.avni why did you brought him here??is it to disturb the class??

veer gets angry and shouts..

Veer shouts: Neil sir..I can tolerate anything but not girl’s respect. Ponky have done such a mistake that I won’t spare him. Even if this is an office I would have done the just ask him what he have done so that you will also do the same what iam doing..

neil gets shocked and turns towards ponky and..

Neil: did you do anything ponky??

ponky gets scared and lies..

Ponky POV: did they found about me??..I hope there is no proof..

Ponky : no sir.

suddenly a voice comes from behind..

Someone: you are under arrest ponky.

everyone gets shocked seeing inspector virat and virat comes towards ponky and shouts..

Virat angrily: don’t dare to hide anything ponky. You are going to get arrested for what you have done…

ponky (in scared): si..sir..what did I do??

Virat: shut up!!I have proof..

virat shows the video to neil sir and Neil gets shocked….

Virat: your friends done this with your words right ponky??

virat brings his friends and asks his friends to tel the truth to everyone..

Ponky’s friends: yes..ponky have asked us to harass Avni or rape and he offered money to create Neil’s fake video also…

everyone gets shocked while ponky bows his head down in shame and Neil becomes angry and slaps him hard…

neil shouts: shame on you ponky!!.how cheap you are..chii.because of you Avni got punished and then you tried to harass…how cheap??boys like you should stay in jail inspector get him arrested..

virat arrests ponky and he thanks veer and he takes ponky and friends while Neil looks Avni in guilt while Avni cries and hugs veer..

avni(cryingly): take me to home veer.i don’t want to come to college because iam scared of men’s now…

veer sees bani sitting and he consoles Avni by hugging her..

Veer: should study college. Iam always there to protect you..

veer again sees bani in one eye and he indirectly flirts with her..

Veer: Avni..there is a strong girl in this class who is expert in slapping so you go and sit with her so that she will protect you from men because seeing her anger and slap all the men’s would run away…

everyone including Avni gets confused while bani understands and she murmers in low tone..

bani murmers: iam happy that he saved Avni but why is he again targetting me??what is his motive??did I slap mayuri in such a way that he is praising my slap??


precap: sai and sirat wins against Aditya.shivani pours kerosene on herself.naksh is suprised.neil apologises to Avni.



  1. Aldy

    Loved the compo between sirat and sai….loved veer coming to the class and telling the truth….last scene where veer tells about bani was also nice.. waiting for next

    1. Zuha

      Happy that you liked the combo between sai and sirat 😊. happy that you liked veer coming to class and telling truth 😊. happy that you liked the last scene of veer and bani😊.I will upload next episode tomorrow ☺️.

  2. Nice episode so now sai and seerat is on mission to reunite our kaira but what’s their plan really happy that pinky got arrested and got slaps from neil nice that veer was consoling avni and same time flirting with bani too finally in front of whole class she got her respect back now how will neil apologize will be interesting waiting fir next episode

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊.yes sai and sirat will unite kaira and their plan will be revealed in next episode 😊. happy that you liked veer consoling Avni 😊.yes he was flirting too..Neil will apologize in upcoming episodes 😊.next episode will be uploaded tomorrow ☺️.

  3. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Sirat and Sai joining together against Aditya was great. Sirat’s motive to unite love birds was awesome. Veer barging into Neil’s class and shouting at Ponky was daring. Mihir and Bani conversation at that time was funny. Veeranshu slapping Ponky in front of whole class and exposing his deeds was awesome. Good that Virat arrested Ponky and his gang. Veer’s wink and Bani’s monologue was interesting.

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊. happy that you liked sai and sirat joining together😊. happy that you liked sirat’s motive of uniting kaira 😊. happy that you liked veer exposing in front of whole class 😊. happy that you liked veer’s wink and bani’s monologue😊.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Sai telling the truth to sirat n they joining hands together to expose aditya was sir

  5. Jasminerahul

    Continuation from the previous comment…
    Jai bani scene was cute.veer coming in search of ponky..ponky getting exposed n virat arresting him was interesting.veer consoling avni was emotional. Veer telling avni about bani n bani hearing it was cool.perfect pics

    1. Zuha

      Happy that you liked mihir and bani scene 😊. happy that you liked virat arresting ponky and veer exposing him 😊. thank you so much 😊.

  6. Sai and Sirat won’t spare Aditya now!!
    There teamup is just awesome , now due to Sirat Sai Virat would come close ❤️💓😍😀😀

    Ponky deserve all’ things as he had done wrong with Avni 😤
    Veer is supportive to Avni🤗🤗

    Neil must apologise to her😥😥

    Send next FF soon *Awaited for 10th part

    1. Zuha

      Yes..sai and sirat won’t spare Aditya and he is gone now 🤣. happy that you liked their team up😊. surely sairat will come close 😊.Neil will surely apologize to Avni 😊.10th part will be uploaded tomorrow (Monday)😊.

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