LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP!- Episode 4 (slap)

hi everyone!!.iam back with 4th episode ☺️.hope you like this episode..


keerthi is seen driving the car and she thinks something while driving..

Keerthi POV: I don’t know why naksh called me alone in park. I think he called me to discuss about naira and kartik’s relationship…but I called tara to reach park along with us because she is also our friend and may be she can also help to discuss about kartik and naira’s relationship..

keerthi’s car suddenly stops in between the way and she gets shocked..

Keerthi POV: what happened to this car suddenly??I will go and check now..

keerthi goes and checks her car…


kartik phones naira but the call gets disconnected and he gets tensed..

Kartik POV: why is this naira not picking my calls??and she didn’t even see my message yet even after long hours…is she in problem??no no.. don’t think negative kartik..may be she have some work in her house. So let me go and ask akshara aunty…

telling this kartik goes to Singhania house and rings the bell while akshara opens the door..

Akshara (happily): hey kartik..please come in..

Kartik: aunty. Actually I came to ask whether naira is here or not?is she here aunty??

Akshara: no beta.. actually she dint study well for her exam and so I think she is writing exam slowly as she dint study and can you go and pick her in college because it’s already time up and if she comes by walking then it will take much time…

Kartik: sure aunty.

kartik goes to his car and drives towards her college..

Kartik POV: bechari naira..I told her to study but she refused and now she is taking time..


keerthi again checks her car and she starts but it doesn’t so she decides something..

Keerthi POV: thank god tara is there to accompany naksh.if I dint called her then naksh would have been sitting alone waiting for how will I repair this car in between this jungle?

she sees here and there and she sees some path leading into jungle..

Keerthi POV: if I go inside this way then I can find someone so that I can ask help from them..

keerthi goes inside the jungle to find someone and she sees something and gets shocked..

keerthi POV: naira…how is she tied up here??who did kidnapped her??I will go and help her because no one is there around her…

keerthi goes towards tied up naira but stops seeing Aditya coming towards naira and she hides..

Keerthi POV: ohh how will I rescue her from him??better I will phone kartik.

thinking this Keerthi phones kartik and tells everything and kartik who was driving towards college gets shocked hearing this and turns his way towards the jungle…while Aditya comes towards naira and..

Aditya: hey wifey!!.I brought the mangalsutra and sindoor for you so be ready to get married…

keerthi gets shocked hearing this while naira gets angry and shouts..

Naira: shut up!!.even if you tie mangalsutra and fill sindoor it is not considered as marriage understood?the marriage is done by vows and blessings of God and elders and not like this…so get lost!

aditya smiles evilly and..

Aditya: don’t shout too much dear because it looks bad on our wedding just shut up and sit till I marry you..

telling this he removes her ties and makes her stand up by force while naira tries to get away from him but  she couldn’t as he is holding her tightly and he removes her chudi dupatta which shocks her…

naira shouts: hey you rascal…how dare you!!

keerthi is shocked seeing this and she cries seeing naira’s condition..

while Aditya comes close to naira after removing her dupatta and takes sindoor in his hands but suddenly he is pulled back by kartik who have reached there and beats him angrily while Keerthi and naira gets happy seeing him…

kartik shouts: you..ruthless idiot! How dare you touch my naira??she belongs only to kartik Goenka and if anyone comes in between then I will bash him..

telling this he punches Aditya and he falls down and looks kartik angrily while kartik takes naira aside and..

Kartik: naira..

naira hugs him without any reaction and cries while kartik consoles her..

kartik: naira.. pls calm down.when Kartik is there why are you crying??

Naira: though I spoke to that idiot strongly but my heart was really scared that….

kartik keeps his finger on her lips and..

Kartik: shshsh.. don’t tell that you was scared that he will marry you because you should be confident that you belong only to me.even if god  stops us..our marriage won’t stop…

naira cries happily and hugs him tightly…

naira(with tears): I love you mendak..

kartik gets shocked and suprised..

Kartik: mendak??

naira smiles shyly and..

Naira: yes..I kept your name mendak because you was fighting with that idiot like I kept your name as mendak.

kartik smiles and he kisses  her forehead and..

Kartik: I love you too sherni..

keerthi smiles seeing them and she informs to police about Aditya through phone while Aditya fumes seeing kaira and gets up and angrily and he takes a stick and goes back kartik and hits his head which shocks naira…

Naira shouts: kartikkkk…

kartik holds his head in pain while naira gets more angry and holds Aditya in anger and slaps him hard..

naira shouts: how dare you idiot??I won’t spare you if anything happens to him..

suddenly kartik feels dizzy and..

Kartik shouts: nairaaa…(and falls down in dizziness)

naira gets shocked seeing kartik unconscious and she tries to run to him but Aditya holds her leg and she falls down…

Adity angrily: you can’t go to him my dear..

naira gets more angry and she takes a stone and hits his head hard out of anger and Aditya falls down holding his head…

naira gets shocked seeing Aditya unconscious…

Naira: ohh noo..what did I do?

and group of police along with inspector virat comes to that place and naira sees police and gets scared..



akshara is seen cooking in the kitchen while naitik comes there and hugs her from behind which shocks akshara..

akshara: naitik ji…

Naitik: haan ji..

Akshara: leave me na..I have to cook.

Naitik: you are becoming grandma nowadays..

Akshara(in confused way): why??

Naitik: tomorrow is our princess naira’s birthday right??we dint prepare any gifts for her yet…

akshara hits her head and..

Akshara: yes..I really forgot. go and get ready and we will go out and buy some gifts for her..

Naitik: ok..come soon.

Akshara: ok..

naitik goes to get ready while akshara gets sad and offs the gas and she goes to a store room and takes the photo of her with her husband and naira and she cries…

akshara POV: every year of naira’s birthday I really feel heartbroken because naira’s twin have died during her birth which is making me cry every year of naira’s birthday..and iam hiding this truth from naira and if she knows it then she will also get heartbroken..if that twin survived then it would be happiest family ever but I lost her…

telling this she cries..


in some other dark place a girl named sirat is seen practicing boxing..



neil sir class is over and he goes while bani and mihir discuss something seriously..

mihir: I will go and console Avni and you go and follow that ponky okay? You try to collect any evidence against him okay?

Bani: ok..

bani and mihir goes separately while bani follows ponky and she is shocked to see ponky with mayuri and she hides behind a wall and hears their conversation…

ponky: thank you mayuri.. because of you today Neil sir praised me…

Mayuri(smiles and): it’s okay go and keep avni’s pendrive on her place and take your pendrive and come..

ponky makes a different face and..

Ponky: I feel pity for Avni.. because of you she is going to get punished..

mayuri gets angry and..

Mayuri: even you are involved in this plan..if I dint make her punished then you would have been in her place and is that okay for you??

Ponky:…I just pulled your leg by showing fake pity towards Avni..however I like to trouble people so iam happy that Avni is punished…

Mayuri: you go and exchange it soon and I will go home okay?

Ponky: ok..bye.

Mayuri: bye..

telling this ponky goes towards class and mayuri goes towards out and bani who have heard the conversation and gets angry on mayuri and follows her and when mayuri goes out of the college bani goes and stops her angrily…

bani shouts: hey stop you idiot mayuri…

mayuri gets shocked and turns back and looks bani..

Mayuri: banii..

Bani: yes..I am bani. How dare you cheat Avni???

mayuri smiles evilly and..

Mayuri: Avni is only punished and not you and then why are you angry on me?

bani gets angry and slaps her hard which shocks mayuri..

bani shouts: iam her true friend and so iam concerned about her and if anything happens to her I will always support her and that’s I am slapping you on her behalf and I will surely find the proof against you guys and I will make you both get punished soon.. wait and watch..

mayuri laughs evilly and..

Mayuri: ok..all the best for your work!.let’s see whether you will find the proof or not..and don’t forget to meet your friend Avni today because she would have got punished now by Neil sir and so go and console your dear friend instead of wasting time with me…

telling this mayuri laughs evilly while bani gets Angry and was about to slap her again but a guy named veer holds her hand before she slaps which shocks mayuri and bani..



after shivani gone vyom goes and sees nikki standing upset..

vyom confusingly: what’s the matter nikki?

nikki doesn’t reply so he pulls her closer and..

vyom: if you stand upset like this then how will your love know about it??

Nikki: iam upset because you praised your fan telling that she is beautiful..

vyom gets shocked and he laughs and..

Vyom: so you are jealous??

Nikki: ofcourse..

telling this she turns away her face but vyom hugs her from behind..

vyom: your jealousy is making me to kiss you because you are looking more beautiful in your jealousy..

telling this he comes close to kiss her while someone shouts..

Someone: vyom sir..please come fast…


precap:shivani throws things in anger.naira to get jailed?. Nikki is shocked.naksh proposes tara. Sirat saves kartik’s life.suwarna fixes kartik and vedika’s marriage.

  1. Awesome episode. Is sirat paired with Ranveer . Sirat is Naira’s twin . That’s interesting . Their reunion will be on birthday . I guess . Naira to be jailed is like a trap na .

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊.yes, sirat pair is ranveer 😊.their reunion will be different ☺️. naira’s jail will be because of Aditya and it will be revealed in next episode😊.

  2. It was awesome 😊.this Aditya deserves death 😡😡. sirat’s intro was awesome.sirat as naira’s twin is awesome 😊. mayuri is mad and she should be exposed soon. Happy about veer’s entry 😍😍.I want vyom and shivani 😊.please.. precap is interesting 😊👍.

    1. Thank you so much 😊. happy that you liked sirat’s entry 😊.yes,,mayuri will be exposed soon 😊. happy that you liked veer’s entry 😍. don’t worry vyom and shivani is only pair 😊. thank you so much 😊.

  3. Really very interesting kirti use her mind on right time kartik and nyra both beat aaditya was good is aditya died or he is alive so seerat is nyra’s twin she didn’t die but lost mihir and bani are true friends I like how bani slap that evil mayuri I hope veer knows everything and support bani not that mayuri so vyom and nikki loves each other what about shivani waiting for next episode

    1. Thank you so much 😊.yes Keerthi used her mind on right time 😊. happy that you liked both beating Aditya 😊. whether Aditya is alive or not will be revealed in next episode 😊. happy that you liked bani slapping mayuri 😊.veer will soon learn the truth😊.yes they both are lovers but shivani will be the permanent lover of vyom and Nikki’s charater will end and that twist will be shown in upcoming episodes 😊.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Karthik punching aditya was superb.kaira scene was nice.shocking that aditya injured karthik making him fall unconscious n aditya got injured by naira n he is also unconscious. Police too came.hope naira won’t be misunderstood. Mayuri bani scene was nice.but sad that veer stopped bani from slapping mayuri.hope ponky mayuri will get exposed.vyom nikki scene was romantic. Who called vyom n what happened?naikshara scene was nice.shocking that naira has a lost twin called did they lose sirat?perfect pics

    1. Happy that you liked kartik punching Aditya😊. happy that you liked kaira scenes😊. happy that you liked Mayuri and bani scenes 😊.soon ponky and Mayuri will be exposed😊. vyom’s caller will be revealed in next episode😊. happy that you liked naikshara scene 😊. sirat’s past will be revealed in upcoming episodes 😊. thank you so much 😊.

  5. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Keerti seeing Naira and calling Kartik for rescue is superb. Karthik saving Naira from Aditya was nice. Surprising that Akshara lost Naira’s twin during delivery. Sirat entry was unexpected. Vyom loving Nikki was surprising. Bani confronting Mayuri was awesome. Veeranshu entry was nice.

    1. Thank you so much 😊. happy that you liked Keerthi calling kartik for rescue 😊. happy that you liked kartik saving naira 😊. happy that you liked bani confronting mayuri 😊. happy that you liked veeranshu entry 😊.

  6. Hey, Lovely Episode, Zuha. Loved it.❤❤

    1. Heeena 00

      Thank you so much 😊.

    2. Sorry sorry I thought to ask you zingo but instead thank you so much have gone 😩😩.sorry to zuha phone is little repair😩😩.ok I will chat with you privately..iam so sorry again for zuha.. don’t think bad please and zingo too pls sorry!!

    3. It’s okay heeena😊.I understand it because even my phone does same thing in whatsapp!!

    4. Thank you so much zingo ☺️!

  7. Fabulous episode, loved it
    Keerthi is intelligent that she saved naira from Aditya
    Kartik is Shernis hero🤩❤️
    Aditya deserve it 😠😤 but please prove naira innocent🥺

    Thanks Zuha for adding Sirat
    It would be interesting to see her too,😘😘💓
    But Vyom loving nikki was not acceptable to us but it’s ok because many choices change by time so no worry

    Mihir and bani are so good friends they are just amazing

    Precap was interesting😁

    1. Thank you so much 😊.naira will be proven innocent soon 😊.yes, Keerthi did right 😊.no need to thank because your idea made to write the story easy 😊👍. actually nikki is just temporary but his true love will be shivani 😊. happy that you liked mihir and bani friendship😊👍. thank you so much 😊.

  8. Aldy

    Nice update……happy that Keerthi finds naira and calls Karthik so that he can reach there on time….also loved naira slapping him….did he die????…so sad for avni….loved bani slapping mayuri…but veer😡😡😡😡hopes he finds their truth….is vyom in love with nikki…promo was shocking….

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊. happy that you liked Keerthi called kartik 😊. happy that you liked naira slapping him 😊. happy that you liked bani slapping mayuri 😊.veer will support bani soon 😊.yeah, vyom and nikki loves each other 😊.

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