LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP!- Episode 3 (slap)

Hi Everyone!. thank you shesha, Tina, Bd, jasminrahul,aldy,prajiksha ,vikasini and all silent reader for your support ☺️.here is the next episode..


mihir, Avni and bani sit and talk about their project and..

Mihir: hey guys!! From morning we are only discussing about our project and don’t you feel bored??

avni makes a face..

Avni: I know you are trying to tell to invite us to canteen right??

Mihir: exactly!.

Bani:but it’s 8:10 now and within 5 minutes Neil sir will come…

Mihir: hey miss.perfect! don’t be so scared for Neil sir because however he is going to become our friends husband one day and so we will train ourselves to become formal with him from now on…

bani: shut up !!.however until Avni becomes his girlfriend he is our sir only and not our friends lover understood mr.joker?

Mihir: ok..fine.atleast come to canteen now. We will eat fast and come before Neil sir comes..

Bani and Avni: ok.

the three friends leave for canteen while mayuri looks them going and smiles evilly..

mayuri: hey ponky!!.this is the right chance to exchange the pendrive…so go and exchange it soon!!.

Ponky: ok..

ponky goes and exchanges the pendrive with avni’s and he sits in his place as if he is innocent and the three friends comes after eating and they sit and they doesn’t know that the pendrive is exchanged and finally Neil sir enters…

Everyone: good morning sir!

Neil: good morning students!.now everyone show your project and display it in front of the class one by one..

Everyone: ok sir!.

slowly one by one displays their project and next avni’s turns comes and she gets up and starts displaying her project while bani and mihir discuss something..

Mihir: now Neil sir’s anger towards Avni will get vanished seeing this project video..

Bani: yes..and also Everyone will feel jealous seeing her project!! because her project is awesome!!.

Mihir: true..even iam feeling jealous!!!.

bani makes a face and..

Bani: you are a alien friend for us!!!!

Mihir: what??

Bani: because you are different type of friend that I’ve ever seen..

mihir gets angry but controls and..

Mihir: wait and watch..after this class gets over I will make you into pieces!!

they continue their chatting while avni’s project starts running and evveryone gets shocked seeing Neil’s funny video and Avni herself gets shocked…

avni POV: what is going on here??i..I dint create this video and my pendrive had only the project then how come this video is running???now what will Neil sir think…ohh nooo..

everyone starts laughing seeing the video while bani and mihir gets shocked seeing the video..

mihir(in shock): hey bani!!what is going on here??how come avni’s project changed into Neil sir’s funny video???I know Avni won’t do this…do you know how it happened??

Bani(in shock voice): don’t know..iam scared of Avni now because Neil sir is already in angry with her and now what will he do is really making me scared…

Mihir: yes..iam too scared.

neil sees this and gets angry and shouts..

Neil shouts: evveryone stop your laughter!!.

everyone stops their laughter hearing his shout and Neil sees Avni in anger and he throws avni’s(ponky’s) pendrive and he shouts..

Neil shouts: what is this Avni???do you know what have you done??you are really a shameless character!!.how can you insult a professor like this??I really feel like throwing you out of this college…

avni gets upset and tries to defend herself..

avni (in scared voice): but I dint do it…

Neil shouts: shut up Avni!!.if it was not done by you then how come you have this pendrive huh??if you dint do it then did it come by magic???

Avni: sir..

Neil shouts: iam fed up of you!.now get lost and get out of my class immediately and I will handle you by taking to HOD sir after this class gets over and now get lost immediately…

avni starts crying and she tries to say..

avni(cries): sir..

Neil shouts: I don’t want to hear any reasons so just get out immediately!!.

avni goes out cryingly while bani and mihir gets sad seeing her condition.

Mihir: I have a doubt..

Bani: what??

Mihir: I doubt that someone has done this!.and someone may exchanged avni’s project when we went out…

Bani: if someone has done this then how will we find out?

Mihir: however that idiot person has to display his/her project right?if that person has exchanged with avni’s project then when he/she displays in front of the class we can find out…

Bani: you are right!!.we will carefully see Everyon’s project so that we can find out..and we must punish that idiot.

Mihir: I will bang that idiot if it was a men.

while they discuss Neil asks others to continue their project and Everyone displays it while ponky’s turn comes…

ponky displays it and bani and mihir gets shocked seeing it and..

Mihir: so this idiot is the culprit..

Bani: we should not spare him.. don’t bang him because we should collect the proof against him and show it to everyone so that everyone will come to his reality!!

Mihir: you are right!!.

ponky finishes showing his project and Neil praises it..

Neil: woww ponky!! This project is the best in this whole are really smart.

ponky happily: thank you sir!

Ponky POV: thank you mayuri.

seeing this bani and mihir fumes..

Bani angrily: the credit goes to Avni..I feel like slapping him in front the class.

Mihir: but we need proof to slap him because no one will believe if we just go and slap him just like that…

Bani: yes..iam controlling my anger now only to get the proof.



shivani and vyom takes selfie and then vyom offers something to shivani..

Vyom: by the way take this card(he hands a card to shivani)

shivani gets it and looks him confused..

Shivani: what’s this?

vyom smiles and..

Vyom: this card is my gift to my fans… because if my movie releases then you can show this card to the cinema counter and watch my movie freely…

shivani gets happy and collects the card from vyom happily…

Shivani happily: thank you so much sir.i really feel as if iam in dream…you are the best actor!.

Vyom smiles and : thank you!.

after talking she takes the card and goes happily and shivani walks on the road happily thinking about it…

Shivani POV: wow..if I show our selfie and this card to naira then she will surely feel jealous!!.so iam going to irritate her using this for sometime…

shivani walks towards the car happily while she gets a phone call and she picks it..

shivani: hello..who is it??

the stranger in phone tells something and shivani gets shocked and she drops the phone in shock…



aditya takes naira in his car by tying her mouth and eyes…

he takes naira to some forest area and ties her legs and hands and opens her eyes and mouth and naira sees Aditya and gets shocked…

naira (cries and shouts): so you are the one who kidnapped??I thought you are a nice man because you forgave me when I hit you but it was all you innocent drama to kidnap me right???

aditya smiles and..

Aditya: of course baby..what to do Its my work to kidnap you…

Naira shouts: who are you??what do you gain by kidnapping me huh??

aditya makes a face and comes close to her which irritates naira…

Naira shouts: move away from me dare you??

Aditya: don’t I have rights to come close to my future wife huh??

naira gets shocked..

Naira(in shock voice): what??

Aditya: I kidnapped you to marry you my dear…so wait here five minutes I will bring sindoor and mangalsutra from my car and come okay??

naira gets shocked and shouts..

Naira: you idiot..I won’t spare you.i won’t marry you at any cost understood?

aditya smiles and..

Aditya: don’t shout my are going to be my bride okay?? don’t have a hope of escaping from me because no one will come and save you from our marriage and even you can’t escape because you are tied up so I will fill your maang and tie mangalsutra on your neck with your tied up hands and legs atself so that you won’t escape…

naira gets angry and shouts..

Naira shouts: first of all you don’t have a hope of marrying me okay?? because if no one stops but there is one thing which can stop your foolish idea…and that is god.

aditya laughs evilly and..

Aditya: I don’t believe god’s.. but for your sake we will challenge ok?? let’s see whether your god stops or our marriage happens….

while Aditya goes to take sindoor and mangalsutra from his car naira cries more and shouts..

Naira shouts(cryingly): kaaartikkkk..please come and save me..please…


precap: naira hits Aditya Aditya dead?.shivani throws things in anger but why?.naksh proposes tara. Bani slaps mayuri and veer slaps bani. I couldn’t complete some parts because I have college works so I will bring lengthier episode on Monday.

  1. Aldy

    Awesome….poor avni, Neil scold her too much, hopes he understand pinky and mayuris deeds…bani and mihir always support avni…scenes between vyom and shivani was nice…why did she becomes so shocked…did she fail in exam? sad for naira…wish she gets saved…promo was shocking…how can veer slap bani..

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊.soon Neil will realise that it is ponky and mayuri’s deeds 😊. because bani mihir and Avni are great friends 😊. happy that you liked the scenes between vyom and shivani😊.you will know in next episode of why she is shocked 😊.she will get saved 😊.veer slapping bani’s reason will be revealed in next episode😊😊.

  2. Poor avni I felt really bad for her neil happily said that ponky’s project was best it means he loves avni’s project hope he will find our soon and apologize to avni and punish that ponky and mayuri now shivani is on cloud infinity she have a movie card of his favorite actor given by him now what will our sherni do waiting for your lenghtier episode

    1. Neil will find out the truth soon 😊.and also Neil will surely punish mayuri and ponky 😊.yes shivani is on cloud nine but there is a shocker in next episode 😊.sherni will surely show her sherni form 😊. lengthier episode will be uploaded on Monday ☺️.

  3. Woww!!.it was really an awesome episode 😍😍😍. Sad for Avni..better Neil should throw ponky’s tc on his face 😡😡.vyom is really an awesome actor 👍😍.I loved vyom’s attitude.shivani’s shock is shocking me too😬😬.Aditya is a mad and he is unaware of our sherni’s power and let him get nice attack tomorrow ☺️.superbbb epi..

    1. Thank you so much 😊.haha..Neil will give nice punishment to ponky soon 😊. happy that you liked vyom character 😊.shivani’s shock will be revealed in next episode😊.yes Aditya is unaware of sherni’s power and he will know it soon 😊. Thank you so much 😊.

  4. Superb and fantastic episode . Will be waiting for next episode . Sad that Neil scolded Avni , now Neil will be in guilt. Most exciting thought is about what will happen if naksh will propose tara ? What will keerti think .

    1. Thank you so much 😊.I will upload next episode soon.neil will feel guilt once he learns the truth 😊.what will happen if naksh propose to tara will be known in next episode😊. Keerthi thinking will also be known in next episode😊.

  5. Amazing…..waiting for the next update…p
    And please try to add more kaira scenes…please

    1. Thank you so much 😊.I will upload next episode soon 😃. surely I will add more kaira scenes 😊.

  6. Jasminerahul

    Jay bani scene was cute n hilarious.Sad that the wrong video got played n Neil misunderstood avni n threw her out of the class.glad that Jay bani realized who the real culprit is.hope they will expose them.surprising that vyom gave a card to shivani to watch the movie free.cute scene.who called shivani?aditya or someone else?aditya wants to marry naira which is very shocking. Perfect pics

    1. Zuha

      Happy that you liked mihir and bani scene 😊.soon bani and mihir will expose them 😊. happy that you liked vyom giving card to shivani for watching freely his movie 😊.in next episode you will know who called shivani 😊. thank you so much 😊.

  7. Shesha485

    Loved the chapter. Sad that Mayuri replaced Avni’s pendrive with Ponky’s one. Poor Avni was berated by Neil. Mihir and Bani conversation was cute and funny. Wonder what are they going to do to expose Ponky and Mayuri. Vyom and Shivani scenes are cute. Poor Naira got caught with Aditya. Wonder how she will escape.

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊. happy that you liked mihir and bani conversation 😊. Mihir and bani will expose that two in different way and it will be revealed in upcoming episode ☺️. happy that you liked vyom and shivani scene 😊. Her escape will be on next episode😊. Thank you so much 😊

  8. Loved the ff ,
    Poor Avni😔
    1000curses to ponky and mayuri 😠😠😤
    Shivani and vyoms scen were good

    Aditya 😠 its your last few minutes of smiling because our Mendhak and Sherni won’t spare you!!
    One request, can you show Sirat in the ff ?? As naira’s twin sister who was separated from the family immediately after the birth

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊.curses to ponky and mayuri 🤣🤣. happy that you liked vyom and shivani scene😊.yes Aditya will get nice from our sherni and mendak on next episode😊. yeah I will surely show sirat 😊👍. thank you for supporting 😊.

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