LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP!- EPISODE 1 (happy beginning)

hi friends ☺️. Thank you for showing Support through comments and here is the first episode ☺️.


naksh is seen practicing something seriously and he is practicing to propose Keerthi..

Naksh: I love you Keerthi..I..I..

naksh hits his head..

Naksh POV: what kind of man you are naksh??even in the practice you are failing to propose then how will you propose to Keerthi in reality??now a days you are becoming a fool naksh!!.

naira passes by his room and stops near his room hearing his sound and thinks..

Naira POV: to whom naksh is talking??all the family members are down but naksh is talking to someone but whom ??let me check it…

naira opens naksh’s door and is shocked to see naksh practicing for his proposal and she starts laughing…

hearing naira’s laugh naksh stops his practice and looks at her angrily…

Naksh angrily: stop laughing!!!

Naira(controls her laughter): naksh bhaiya…what are you doing?? Even for exams I won’t practice like this but for proposing my bhabhi you are practicing like as if you are going to write NEET exam..

naira couldn’t control her laughter and she laughs again which makes naksh furious..

naksh shouts: nairaaa!!I won’t spare you if you make fun of me.

Naira(by controlling her laughter): then come and kill me my lovesick bro..

naksh gets more angry as naira teases him and he takes the pillows and starts beating her…

Naira: hey..bhaiya..please stop beating me orelse I will call mumma!!!.

naksh doesn’t stop so naira shouts..

Naira shouts: mummmaaaa!!!naksh bhaiya is beating me…

hearing naira’s scream akshara comes there and  gets shocked seeing naksh beating naira and she stops naksh…

Akshara: what is this behaviour naksh??

Naksh: mumma…she was making fun of me!!!then what will I do??..

Akshara: ok guys!!both of them stop your idiot fight and come down for breakfast…

naira thinks something and..

Naira: mumma today I have exam so I will go college earlier and study for today I don’t need breakfast.

naksh looks at her confused and asks her indirectly…

Naksh: is princess is going to meet her prince in kaira story or is lazy girl is going to study for first time in her life in normal story??

akshara thinks that naksh is talking about some story books but naira alone understands what naksh is telling…and she too indirectly tells something..

Naira: in both the stories that particular girl’s brother is suffering from lovesick disease understood my dear brother??? And also in both the stories that girl’s brother is prohibited to ask details from his sister understood my bhaiya???

naira too gives befitting reply and takes her college things and goes while naksh gets angry on naira for indirectly teasing his lovestory while akshara stands there confused…

Akshara: naksh…I dint understand what you both were talking about?? first I thought it was story but naira’s reply is making me confused…

Naksh: maa..she confused the story and went. Don’t worry about we will go and have breakfast okay?

Akshara: ok..

Naksh POV: thank god mumma dint understand anything…

naksh takes akshara down to breakfast while naira leaves from her house..



kartik is getting ready in his room while suddenly he hears a knock from window and he gets shocked…

Kartik POV: which idiot climbed through window??why can’t that idiot come from main door???

he goes and opens the door angrily and gets shocked seeing naira hanging in his window..

kartik: nairaa???

Kartik POV: sorry my jaan.i shouted thinking someone..

Kartik: what are you doing here at this time???

Naira: arrey kartik idiot!!.first take me in and talk..if you keep on talking without taking me in then I will fall…

Kartik: ok my cute naira.

he takes naira in and looks at her..

Kartik: naira…you are so careless for your exams!.today is your exam right?? Then why did you skip your study and came here???

naira gets angry and..

Naira shouts: shut up!!! I thought to come here to meet my love for some time but you became mr.lecturer whom I hate so much…I already hate studying and now you are making me hate you by talking about studies.!!

naira becomes upset and turns away while kartik makes a face and comes to upset naira and holds her cheeks…

kartik: ok sorry my jaan. I was actually worried for your exam and that’s why I told!!.iam scared whether you will fail and that’s why I cared for your studies…

Naira(with upset voice): you know one thing kartik?

Kartik: what’s it??

Naira(with upset voice): in this world i..have only one aim and that is you…I really don’t have interest to study because I hate studying always!!

naira makes her face more upset while kartik smiles and pulls her closer and..

kartik: even I have only one wish and one aim and that is you my sherni..but make me a promise.

Naira: what promise?

Kartik: you should not fail okay?if you fail then I will become mr.lecturer and your tution teacher okay??

naira smiles and..

Naira: I will promise only if you kiss me..

Kartik: ok done.

kartik kisses cutely on her cheeks and she promises kartik and she starts blushing thinking about the kiss while kartik romantically looks at her and again he comes close to her…

nnaira feels shy seeing kartik coming close and she pushes him away while kartik looks her with a smile..

Kartik: why did you pushed me??? don’t I have rights to romance my love??

Naira: you have rights but first marry me soon and you can romance whenever you want okay??

kartik makes a face and..

Kartik: if god have created us without family then I would have married you at this moment but what to do God made injustice by creating a family!!!!

naira makes cute reaction..

naira: don’t talk too much!!.ok it’s time up so kindly drop me in college mr.goenka..

Kartik: ok my highness..

naira goes down through window again as goenka’s doesn’t know about naira and kartik’s love and kartik comes out and he picks her in his bike and leaves for college while Aditya sees her with kartik and gets angry..

aditya POV: naira is always roaming with that guy..who isthat idiot in between me and naira??? I won’t spare him if he comes between me and naira…I will better follow them!!.

aditya follows kartik’s bike with his car and he too reaches naira’s college and sees kartik dropping naira in her college and he smiles evilly…

Aditya POV: finally I found naira’s college. Now it’s easy for me to achieve my long goal…and that goal will be achieved today evening atself and for that be ready my naira.

he smiles evilly seeing naira going inside college.



bani, mihir and Avni are sitting in a same bench..and they are seen talking while professor Neil enters and they become silent seeing professor Neil.

All students : good morning sir..

Neil: good morning students!.okay..shall we continue our finance law class?.

Everyone in mind: ohh law class!!.then we all going to sleep peacefully now.

Bani to mihir (whispers): hey head is going to spin today because today is law class…

Mihir to bani(whispers): not only for you but for everyone except our idiot friend Avni because she always listens very carefully in every class..I don’t know how she likes law..

Bani: because she is studying earthworm I think!!!.

Neil shouts: hey guys!!what are you all discussing silently??I asked you whether we shall start our finance class or not??instead of answering me you all are discussing yourself huh??shall I punish you guys??

everyone becomes silent hearing Neil’s scoldings and they answer..

Everyone: sir we shall start our finance law class but don’t punish us sir.sorry sir for not replying..

Neil: ok this is the last time you should answer me quickly understood??

everyone: okay sir!!.

neil starts to write finance laws on board and he starts teaching while everyone feels sleepy except Avni and she looks at him very eagerly..

mihir looks Avni and slowly comments on her to bani..

Mihir whispers: I think this idiot Avni will become next law professor after this professor resigns..see her na of how she eagerly listening it!!!

Bani whispers back: you are right.if this professor takes more time then I will fall down due to dizziness which I will get through this laws…

suddenly Neil stops his teachings and he looks at everyone and he sees Avni eagerly looking and he calls her..

Neil: miss.avni Parikh..please get up and answer my question!.

avni gets scared…while every students too gets scared as they all were in sleepy mode..

Everyone in mind: ohh noo..if sir calls us next then that’s all!!

Neil: miss.avni Parikh..please define the term for ‘ finance’.

avni stands blank while mihir again whispers to bani..

Mihir (whispers): now..see Avni will only answer it because she has only listened to the class!!.

Bani(whispers back): ofcourse you are right. If sir calls me then I will pretend to feel dizzy so that I can escape…

mihir: shut up!! Don’t try to escape.. if you lie then I will inform your acting to Neil sir..

Bani: woww!! What a horrible friend I have ..

Mihir: thank you so much for commenting on me..

bani gets angry and throws pencil on his head which is noticed by Neil and Neil calls them angrily…

Neil shouts: bani and mihir…what are you doing in the class??is this class or playground???is this time to play now??..

bani and mihir stand up and..

Bani and mihir: sorry sir..we will not do next time..

Neil: ok..this is the last warning alright? If I see you guys Playing next time then i will send you outside okay??

Mihir and bani: ok sir..

Neil: both sit down and Avni please answer fast..

avni stands blank and she gets scared..

avni (in scared): sir…I don’t know sir.

everyone gets shocked while Neil gets angry and shouts at her while bani and mihir gets confused…

Bani whispers: she was listening very eagerly but how dint she know it??

Mihir: I don’t know..

Neil shouts: what were you doing Avni? Were you pretending to listen ??what were you doing when I teached you huh?? Were you went to dream??

neil repeatedly asks angrily and Avni slowly answers..

Avni: no sir.. actually..

Neil: shut up!!.you are useless student in my class!!.

while Neil scolds her nicely Avni gets lost seeing neil and she dreams of romancing with him…

and Avni smiles seeing the dream and Neil notices it and he becomes hyper..

Neil shouts: avniiii…iam shouting and you are smiling huh???how dare you???just get out of my class Avni…

avni comes out of the dream due to Neil’s shouting and gets out of the class without even asking sorry which makes Neil more furious…

Neil POV: this girl doesn’t even have maners to ask sorry!!!.she should be punished severly for her improper character…let me see her tomorrow.

he again takes the class after Avni goes out and later the class finishes and Neil goes while bani and mihir meets Avni and asks..

Bani: hey Avni..what happened suddenly??you was listening eagerly but why you dint answer him??

avni smiles and..

avni: actually I was not listening his class but I was listening only him…

Bani and Mihir: what???

Avni: yes.. because I love him.i was just staring him always.and when he was scoldings me I dreamed as if we were romancing…

mihir and bani gets more shocked and they start to tease her..

mihir: woww…a girl have fallen for a demon professor!!.what a fantastic love..

Bani: yes…

they both laugh and tease her..

Avni: you guys shut up!!.he is not a demon okay??he is a Romeo for me…

Mihir: what?? Professor Neil is Romeo for you huh??let me see whether he becomes Romeo from demon or not..

Avni: ok..let’s challenge!.

Mihir: challenge accepted!! .let’s see..


precap: shivani and vyom selfie!.suwarna fixes kartik marriage with Vedika. Naksh proposes tara..

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    1. Thank you so much. Iam happy that you like kaira scenes 😍. happy that you liked naksh and naira bonding..happy that you loved bani and mihir’s conversation☺️. happy that you liked mihir and bani teasing avni.i will upload next episode tomorrow ☺️.

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    1. Thank you so much 😊. happy that you liked naksh and naira fight☺️. happy that you liked kaira romance ☺️.yes Aditya found naira’s college and what is his aim will be revealed in next episode☺️.yes Avni was only concentrating on Neil and not at his lecture🤣. happy that you liked bani and mihir teasing☺️.next episode will be uploaded tomorrow ☺️.

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