LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP!- Character sketch

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parents of naksh and naira. Both of them believes traditional culture especially arranged marriage.

Naksh Singhania:

son of akshara and naitik. Elder brother of naira. Keerthi’s one side lover. Naksh’s one side love is only known to naira.

Naira Singhania:

daughter of akshara and naitik. Younger sister of naksh.kartik’s lover.3rd year student in Udaipur college.her love matter is known to naksh and Keerthi and they both support them. Friend of shivani and veeranshu (veer).

neela Parikh:

sister of naitik. Widow of Ashish. Mother of Avni. Lives with Singhania family due to loss of her husband at earlier age.

avni Parikh:

daughtet of neela and Ashish. Cousin of naira and naksh. 1st pg student in Udaipur college. Secretly loves her professor Neil khanna (one sided). Friend of bani and mihir.

shwetha and prakash khanna:

parents of Neil and vyom. Shwetha is best friend of akshara and suwarna.

neil khanna:

son of Shwetha and prakash. Elder brother of vyom. Strict professor of 1st mba students. Doesn’t have hope on love.

vyom khanna:

son of Shwetha and prakash. Younger brother of Neil. Bollywood actor.lover of nikki.his love is not known to anyone.

dadi(Suhasini goenka):

mother of Manish and akhilesh.

manish and suwarna Goenka:

parents of kartik and keerthi.suwarna is friend of Shwetha.manish is the head of Goenka family company.suwarna aims a girl named Vedika as her daughter in law and doesn’t tell it to anyone and decides to fix alliance with her.

kartik Goenka:

son of Manish and suwarna.elder brother of Keerthi. Naira’s lover. CEO of Goenka family company.his love is known only to naksh and Keerthi and they support kartik and naira.

surekha and akhilesh Goenka:

parents of bani. Cool parents.they another younger child is declared dead during her birth.

bani Goenka:

daughter of akhilesh and surekha. Cousin of kartik and Keerthi. 1st pg(mba) student in Udaipur college.friend of Avni and mihir.

veeranshu Singhania:

his family is not revealed yet. He works in naitik’s company.he is friend of naira as he accompanies to Singhania house often and so naira and veer became friends.akshara and naitik likes their cute friendship.


she is orphan.3rd year student along with of actor vyom and have crush friend of naira.

nikki Raichand:

bollywood actress. Lover of vyom.her family is not necessary and if needed her parents alone will be shown in middle.


1st year mba student in Udaipur college. Friend of Avni and bani.he is also an orphan.protects his friends very much.


loves naira secretly and obsessive for her. Can go any extent to achieve her.unknown background.

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  1. Aldy

    Nice update…. Please upload first chapter soon.

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much. Today I will upload a teaser and tomorrow I will 1st Episode☺️.

  2. Awesome character sketch . Waiting for 1st episode .

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much. I will teaser today and episode tomorrow ☺️.

  3. Jasminerahul

    All are interesting jodies.Is Shivani the lost daughter of surekha n akhilesh?I wonder whether mihir will get a new love interest or Shivani will be his love interest.who will be the end couple?vyom nikki or vyom Shivani?Neil as a professor is surprising.why he doesn’t believe in love?

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so will know it in episodes whether shivani is akhilesh’s lost daughter or not 😊.shivani won’t be his love interest because shivani and vyom are pairs 😊.vyom shivani are end couples😊.I mean he is not interested in love..

  4. That’s sound interesting I’ve never read a ff but will try this one ❤

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊.

  5. Nice and plese don’t make mihir negative

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊.mihir won’t be negative here..

  6. Shesha485

    Loved all the pairs. I just wonder who is the pair for Vyom… Nikki or Shivani.

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊.shivani is the pair for vyom.

  7. Amazing, Zuha. This fanfic is gonna rock. I wish. The pairs are extremely cute. I loved them. I think Shivani is Bani sister. Whatever, but I loved it. The twists are of course mostly appreciated by me. Love❤

    1. Zuha

      Thank you so much 😊. sorry..I dint see the comment😔

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