Love Is In The Air (Swalak and Ragsan) Part 2

Sorry guys couldn’t update is the next part

Swara keeps on talking and Lucky looks at her. he suddenly interrupts her and says hippo dont u get tired. She screeches hippo! nd tht 2 me? I will show you and she runs after him. They play the game of chase around the college for 1 minutes then they r both tired. They go and sit on the bench. Lucky says sorry yaar i was only trying to make you feel annoyed. Swara says it is ok…i know my lucky wont say hippo to me if he wasnt trying to make me feel annoyed ( swara knows him tooo well).

On the other side Ragani and Sanskar are talking about random subjects. While talking ragani is thinking “why he is so handsome…he makes me fall in love everytime i see him” and sanskar is thinking “why is she looking at me….why is my heart beating so fast…why?” They finish talking and see the time. Ragani is like oh god it is already 3 pm….how will i reach home fast now. Sanskar offers to help and she complies while blushing. They leave.

Sankar drops her off at her house and leaves without saying bye. She gets sad. Just as she was about to go in lucky and swara come in. Swara says there is a party which lucky has organised tonight. We are going but lucky is going to go get permission from dad. Lucky is surprised and says me..ask u go. Swara says lucky do u want AP aunty to know about curly hair. He says who is curly hair…then he remembers it is he ex ex ex girlfriend. he says no and goes to get permission. After 5 mins lucky comes out nd says he said yes. Swara and ragani give each other a high five and swara hugs lucky. Lucky’s heartbeat get fast.

SORRY once again for the l8 upd8…

Precap: Swara gets jealous seeing lucky dancing with someone else..swara says I Love….

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  1. Cool yar
    Nice one
    Update next one fastly

  2. Wow wonderful after the current track I thought there will be no swalak ff, thanks for update, its wonderful

  3. Its ok dr… may be u r with ur studies…. ohhh jealous ha ha ha

    1. Hayathi…u comment everywhere.. And encourage everyone.. To keep writing.. Very good..

      1. Hiii diya thank u…. and ya because they r trying to entertain us…. hum story tho lik nahi sakthe atleast yeah tho kar saktha hu…. thanks for ur conment dr

  4. Wonderfull…keep it up…i always loved swalak couple

  5. Amazing

  6. Good work

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