Love after arrange marriage Ep-9- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-9- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Episode starts with..,

Riddhima’s walking around in the house , she is worried . She thinks,”Vansh will give me surprise or not , and if he doesn’t then, that Chanchal will criticize me more.” She’s walking while she bumped into Vansh.  Vansh doesn’t see that its Riddhima . Vansh asks,”Can’t you take care.” Riddhima says,”Can’t you take care?” Vansh says,”Oh! Its you,” “Yes, its me,” says Riddhima. Vansh’s talking on phone and continues,”I am glad Mr.Sharma that you called me.” Riddhima thinks,”Oh! He’s talking on phone.” Then after some time Riddhima ‘s again worried and says,”He would give gift??” sees Vansh saying,”I would give gift.” Riddhima gets happy and turns towards Vansh . She sees that Vansh is talking on phone. She again gets sad. Vansh says,”You are so innocent , Poor Riddhima , its too easy to befool you.” Vansh leaves . Riddhima goes to her room and sleeps . Vansh comes there and says,”Riddhima,wake up.” Riddhima doesn’t. He says it one more time. Then Riddhima wakes up and asks,”You won’t let me sleep,right??” Vansh says,”Weren’t you to get ready for today’s rasam?” Riddhima says,”Yes! I  forgot..” Vansh says,”Get ready!” Riddhima thinks,”Vansh if you aren’t to give me gift then why shall I get ready.” “Because its a rasam, says Vansh.” Riddhima shocks and asks,”What??” Vansh says,”Nothing” and leaves.

Everyone comes down.  Daadi says,”If wife feels that the gift brought is useless , then husband has to sleep out for 1 night.” Vansh  worries that,”If Riddhima doesn’t likes it then me , me- Vansh Rai Singhania, would sleep out ?.”  Daadi asks Chanchal and Aryan to do it first. Aryan brings a ring for Chanchal . Chanchal likes it and  tries to wear it  but its tight , she gets angry and says,”Better sleep out.” . Then , Anupriya and Mrunal comes , Mrunal brings a chocolate for Anupriya , she gets angry and says,” A chocolate , are u mad??” Mrunal says,”I thought you will like it.”  Anupriya says,”I didn’t like it a bit even, now sleep outside the room.” Everybody laughs. Now, Vansh and Riddhima comes . Vansh brings a necklace set and a saree for Riddhima. Riddhima gets happy . Vansh makes her wear necklace and earrings. Daadi says,”I have judged from Riddhima’s face that she’s extremely happy.” Riddhima nods yes. Daadi says,”So, Vansh and Riddhima are the winners.” Riddhima goes to Chanchal and says,” Vansh has not only given me gift , but the best gift ever, dear Chanchal , but what you got ?? A tight ring ! Hahaaa!!” Riddhima leaves. Chanchal gets criticized. Riddhima thanks Vansh for the pleasant gift. Vansh says,”First, I want to see how will you look in this , show me.” Riddhima says,”Tomorrow.” Vansh says,”OK”

Precap: Riddhima’s looking stunning , Vansh’s eyes doesn’t move on. 

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    Of course! I have already did all that and 1546redqueen is me… Riya

  2. Hahaha ..Aryan and Mrunal had to sleep outside …
    Waiting for the next 1

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    Yaar i was really excited for this one 10/10 is just superb 👌

  4. Nice episode…but it was short

  5. Poojitha 🖤

    Superb and amazing story 💜💜😌

  6. Anupriya got 🍫 hahahaha thanks for ff

  7. Nice episode but I don’t expect this type of words from ridhu.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      C if someone says you anything you should give a reply……Also, fan fiction is absolutely different from real soo ,

  8. It was amazing. waiting for next ff 😊

  9. Owe hoe 🤣🤣 amazing episode waiting for next one….

  10. Ohhh he makes her waiting for even gift!😂
    Really excited for your next update
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