Love after arrange marriage Ep-50- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-50- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

So, this is the final episode…This journey will end and new will start ….I hope you liked my ff..Please give love to the new one also ..Its preface will come at 5:30 pm

Episode begins with..,

Doctor comes to Vansh ..

Doctor : So , we are ready for the final surgery ..

Vansh : Ok doctor…

Vansh goes to pray …

The team of doctors start surgery..

2 hours pass..

Vansh sees from the hole…He recalls each and every moments…

He cries.

The doctors are done with the surgery ..

A doctor comes out.

He removes his mask and coughs..

Doctor : Sorry..

Vansh : Riddhimaaaaa..

Doctor : Mr. Vansh ..I was sorry because I coughed…

Vansh : Ok..

Doctor : Riddhima is ..

Dhak dhak —dhak dhak —-

Vansh : Riddhima is…



Doctor : She is out of danger now…

Vansh : WoHoo …Riddhima …Thank you God..

Doctor : You may meet her..

Vansh goes..

Vansh :  I said naa….You  will not die..

Riddhima : Yes…Vari ?

Vansh :  She is on the way..

Ajay brings Vari..

Vansh : And here she is..

Vansh holds Vari …The trio hug each other…

Vansh :  Riddhima , now take care…

Riddhima : Hmm…Accha , listen..

Vansh : Hm

Riddhima : Love you..

Vansh  : Love you too !!!

My ff readers..I was just scaring you…Riddhima won’t die..I hope you liked it…

And Why she didn’t die…Answer is :

Because –

  1. Thank god it was a happy ending . I was fearing that Riddhima might die. But hopefully she didn’t. We may expect new ff from you now.

  2. Khushi123

    Thank you for the happy ending. Loved it. Waiting for next one 😄

  3. Awesome end Jasmine……waiting for your next FF

  4. Naira U Singh

    Nice episode fantastique, nice happy ending it was really good

  5. Loved it!
    Eagerly waiting for your next FF

  6. Loved it!
    Thanks for happy ending.
    Eagerly waiting for your next FF

  7. Your FF is great ❤️❤️
    Thanks for entertaining us ✌️✌️
    Actually I want to ask
    You listen K pop ?
    Because I love Blackpink 🖤❤️
    Actually you should try and bts is also nice
    Or mei aapke naye FF ka intzar karu gei

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thank you so muchh

  8. Super ending I really like it. Iam waiting for your new FF.

  9. Yeah LOVE ALWAYS WINS 😻🎊🎊 sooo happy this journey was awesome 😂🤣 and actually the reply from you were also Adorable 🙂 like I knew someone( you )are reading it and that made me happy and forced me to write comments 😂😃 ohhh I can’t wait for new another mind-blowing ff fom you………😘😊😊

    1. Iam eagerly waiting dear your new FF. Daily updates for very tough because so many work in our daily life but u the best because u updated in daily and some days u upload 2 or 3 episode uploaded really good dear. 💕💕😍

    2. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thank you so so so muchh

  10. I can call you jazz, right ??😁

    1. Ok u call me jazz jasmine💖💖💖💕💕. Really 1to50 episode completed and ended this FF are really awesome dear especially jealous and riansh romance are amazing ❤️😍❤️.

    2. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thank you both of u ..And ya u can call me jazz

    3. 💖💖💖💝💝tq dear 😍

  11. Dhi it was a very amazing ff…and thank you for riddhu not dying …thank you for bring rianshs baby in this ff ….will wait for your next ff…please tell its name …at least

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thank you for your love

  12. It was a nicely written ff, with a happy ending…..
    Looking forward for the next ff…….all the very best !!!

  13. Muntaj

    You really scraed me……
    Congratulations dear, you successfully completed your fan fiction 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
    And all the very best for your next fiction.

  14. Yeeeeeh finally….. 🥰🥰🥰 a happy ending…..

  15. Very nice ff and I am super excited for the new one

  16. Sakshi maheshwari

    What’s the preface

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      its up already !

  17. Okay some people are really mistaken 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and I can’t stop laughing sorry @jayshree I m not the FF writer. She is Rianshfan and I m Riansh_fan and her real name is Jasmine so I was asking her if I can call her jazz so so I know it’s bit confusing 😅🤣🤣☺️ oh no it happens 😂😂 sometimes I comment and they reply in name of her only 😃
    So Pls EVERYONE KINDLY PAY ATTENTION here so you are not mistaken next time…..🤭🤭☺️🤣🤣🤣
    And where’s the preface rianshfan( Jasmine)

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Right..And u can call me jazz….Preface came late…I was out but now its up..

  18. Episode was amazing!!
    Very nice and happy ending..

  19. Oh this doctor!!!!😂😂
    Well so nice to be with your ff every time
    Thanks and stay safe!

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