Love after arrange marriage Ep-46- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-46- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Aakash (thinking) : Something is fishy…Or maybe not…

Riddhima : Aakash ..Quick

Aakash : Hmm…

He removes his shirt…

Riddhima is sitting on bed , he goes and sits beside her..He is moving closer to her mouth  and then “Bang”

Vansh kicks him on his face.(I loved this one  and hope you too )

Aakash falls on the floor. Riddhima and Vansh give each other a hi-figh …

Vansh  : Aakash , so you really thought..Your thinking powers are so bad..Uff

Aakash : What you did wasn’t right..

Vansh : And what you did was right ? Riddhima , Divya , Shweta and so on ..

Aakash : Oh , you knew about my plan ..

Vansh : Yes…

Vansh moves forward to hit him but Aakash says,”You may hit me but tell me how  this happened..”

Vansh tells upto when Shweta left to meet Menika…

After that..

Flashback : 

When Shweta left , Vansh said to Riddhima about the plan and he hid himself behind the curtain…

Present :

Vansh hits Aakash badly..

Aakash feels sorry for what he did ..

Aakash : I will leave Divya..

Vansh : Break the relationship in front of me..

Aakash : Hmm..

He calls Divya..

Divya : Hi sweetheart..

Aakash : Divya , I want to break with you , I am already married..I will send my ring to your home ..

Divya (cries) : So , you cheated on me..

Aakash :  I am sorry.
He hangs up the phone….

Vansh : Now fine..

Aakash : Vansh if you don’t mind , can Riddhima apply me bandage ?

Vansh : YOU !!

Aakash : I was joking ..

Vansh : If you weren’t then I was ready to punch and kick you..

Vansh smirks..

Vansh and Riddhima go to their room..

Riddhima : Waah , Mr. Rai Singhania …Great Job !

Vansh : Thank you  , Mrs. Rai Singhania ..You too great job…

They both smile…

Vansh : Riddhima , if I ask for something , will you give me ?

Riddhima : Hmm…And that thing is..

Vansh : A kiss..

Riddhima : Um..m….m..

Vansh : What

Riddhima moves towards Vansh …

Then , Vari coughs…

Vansh : Vari , you are not of 1 year also ..And spoiling it…

Riddhima laughs..

Vari also laughs..

Precap : Riddhima falls from stairs and is very closer to death..

Question Time :

Will Riddhima die ? (I am asking this because this ff is about to end so …she can ) 

  1. Pls don’t make a sad end 😭😭
    I’m requesting u to have a happy ending of the story 😀😀😄😄

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Well …I have already witten ending of d story..

  2. Please do a happy ending.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      I have already written ending ..

  3. Happy ending please…yaar tum logo riddhima and vansh kyun marna chaati ho?😰😜

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Haha !! Mai ending likh chuki hun…

  4. Plzzzz a happy ending plzz 😅☺ mere dil ki ye duaa hai plzz 🤣😂

    1. BTW lovely one 😊

    2. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thank uh ..And I have already written ending..

  5. Nhi nhi riddhu nhi marni chahiye bhalehi dead end tak pahuncha do use par not death 😊😊
    Riansh rocked aakash shocked🤭😂😂

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thank uh..And ya ..Ending likh chuki hun alreadyy

  6. Please yaar vaisa maath Karo….
    But second thought Mae yes be Hai, kyu kee riddhima’s death sae complete hokar
    Next part vari ridhu Kae jaisae hee dikthi Hai vaisae bae thu start kar Sakthi naa…..
    But as a fan I don’t like ridhu’s death

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Me too don’t lyk her death but kya krein …Emotional ending !

  7. Nice episode 👌 dear.keep rocking dear 🤩. I don’t like riddhima dead dear.i always riansh lover

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thanks…Meko bhi ni psand her death but kya krein ..ending likh chuki huuu

    2. Hey…tum sach me kara ha ho?
      Pagal ho kya….yaar tum sab riddhima and vansh ko marna chaati ho…😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨

  8. No, pls 🙏don’t do this

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Mai likh chuki hun sb episode now …Anything can’t happen

  9. Naira U Singh

    Yaar the 3 last episodes were fantastique i just read them now as i didn’t get time bcs of school really this one too was fantastique. Update soon

  10. Plzzzzzz noo ………😭😭😭😭
    Don’t make a sad end 😔😔😔
    If u want u make her die😩 n alive😉 again n show happy end😍💕💕💕

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      I hv already written all episodes so now anything can’t happen ..

  11. Bichari Rianshfan sab ko ending likh chuki hu bol bol kar thak gayi hogi na tum😂😂

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Hmm…Sach mein…

  12. No sad ending!!!

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