Love after Arrange marriage Ep-45- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after Arrange marriage Ep-45- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hi all …I hope you are fine at your homes…After this episode , only 5 episodes are left then a new ff will start with some conditions..(which will be told in Episode 50..)

Episode starts with..,

They both are playing with Vari and the doorbell rings..They both go to open the door..

Then , a boy enters…

Vansh : You are the boy who was in the disco flirting with Riddhima..Right ?

The Boy : Right..

Then , a girl enters , she holds the boy’s arms..

Vansh sees her and..

(Wait , All of you guessed right., and that is Menika..)

Vansh : Menika…

Menika : Vansh bhai !

They both hug each other..

Vansh : Menika , you are alive …How and Who is this boy..and why is he with you …

Menika : Bhai ,Bhai ..Wait..

Vansh : No, I want all my answers…

Daadi comes and hugs Menika..

Menika : Daadi….

Daadi : Menika, bacche you are alive…I told you Vansh..

Vansh : Hmm , Daadi ..

Daadi : Come in ..

They both come in..

Daadi : I will bring some food for you..

Menika : Hmmm…

Vansh : Menika, answer to my questions..

Menika : Hmm..Ask one by one..

Vansh : Hm..1st question – You died in the car accident , right ? How you are alive now..

Menika : Yes , Its right it was a car accident..I was almost dead..Police didn’t found my body as Arjun (keeping hand on that boy which came along her..) saved me…He was passing by ..He found me and then he took me to his home..

Vansh : Ok…And Arjun and you are..

Menika : We both are fiance..

Vansh : But Arjun flirted…

Menika : With my Bhabhi..I saw you coming , I told Arjun to do that with the girl beside you to see reaction , I thought she is your girlfriend but she is my Bhabhi..

Vansh : Hmm..

Menika : Bhai , now may I eat something..

Vansh : Yes , sure..

Daadi brings food..

They all talk..

Then , Riddhima’s phone rings..

Vansh : Who’s call ?

Riddhima : Shweta.

Vansh : She is at home, then..

Riddhima : Wait..

She picks the call..

Shweta : Bhabhi and Bhai , please come to my room …

(She was crying..)

Riddhima and Vansh goes..

They see Shweta breaking her chooda by rubbing her arms again and again by floor.

Vansh rushes..

Vansh : Shwetaaaaaa…

Shweta is bleeding..

Vansh : Shweta , what happened ?

Riddhima brings the first aid kit and applies it to Shweta..

They both make her calm..

Vansh : Shweta , what happened!

Shweta : Bhai…(sobbing)

She takes a handkerchief and shows to him..

Shweta : Bhai , on this lipstick mark is there…On Aakash’s phone some Divya my sweetheart’s call came..I picked it up…we both greeted each other..She asked me who am I..I told I am Aakash’s wife..She told..that I am joking because Aakash is engaged with her…(sobbing) Bhai…That Aakash cheated me…

Vansh (in anger) : I won’t leave him…Where is he ?

Shweta : Gone to bath..

Vansh : Ok..Shweta, clean yourself and go down..Menika has come..

Shweta : Menika ?

Vansh : Go ..You will get to know everything…

Aakash comes..

He sees Riddhima only..

Aakash : Hey , Riddhu ..You ?

Riddhima : Hmm..

Aakash : What are you doing here ?

Riddhima : You talked to Vansh about our one night..So, Vansh told not one night , one day…So..

Aakash : Ok..Just 1 minute..

(So , what are my readers thinking..I know you are thinking that Vansh and this…So , wait for the next one…)

Aakash : Riddhima , are you sure ?

Riddhima : Hmm..Pakka

Aakash : Ok ..Let’s begin..!

Precap : (Guys , If I will give you precap then you won’t find the next one interesting soo..)

  1. Just love it❤🥰 😇

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    Menika….Akash is in big trouble…vansh raisinghnias anger is bad😏

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Shrten aisi jo Episode 50 mei btayi jaayengi !! Which is coming on 1st Dec or 30 Nov…

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      Thank you…And I won’t mind because I am also excited to see your reaction on new ff ..

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