Love after arrange marriage Ep-34- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)


Love after arrange marriage Ep-34- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hey guys, I hope you all are fine at your homes..

Episodes starts as..,

Riddhima: Its my best birthday ever..

Tears roll down from her eyes, she gets emotional..

Vansh takes his handkerchief and wipes out..

Siya and Shweta leave and closes the door..

Vansh and Riddhima share a moment…

Riddhima : Thank you so much Vansh …

Vansh : For ?

Riddhima : For making my birthday special …

Vansh : Thank you to you…

Riddhima : For ?

Vansh : For making my life special..

They both smile…

Like this 5-6 months passes…

Its night time,

Riddhima rushes to the washroom and is vomiting …

Vansh notices and goes to her…

He says,”Your delivery date is arriving..”

Riddhima cleans herself and goes to her bed ..

Riddhima : But still 2 months are there…

Vansh : First , I will call the doctor ..

He calls the doctor..

Doctor comes..She checks up Riddhima and ..

Doctor  : Mr. Rai Singhania , you will have to admit her in the hospital ..

Vansh : Ok doctor. ..Thank you..

Riddhima is admitted..

The doctor comes, she checks up Riddhima and takes to Operation Theater

Vansh comes to the room (hospital )

He’s surprised to see a baby and Riddhima ..

He gets happy..

Vansh : Aww…My cute baby ..Riddhima – she’s girl ?

Riddhima : Hmm…My cutie…

Vansh informs at his home and at Riddhima’s too …

They come and bless her…

They all congratulate Vansh and Riddhima …

Vansh calls Ajay ..

Vansh : Distribute some sweets among our relatives and to the poor..

Ajay : Why sir ?

Vansh : Vansh Rai Singhania has been blessed with a baby girl ..

Ajay : Wow sir , Congratulations !

Vansh : Thanks ..

He cuts the call..

Doctor : Congratulations , Mr.  and Mrs. Rai Singhania but let me tell you that the baby is very sensitive and her immunity is very weak ..So , you will have to take care…

Vansh : Yes doctor …

Vansh plays with baby…

Vansh : Aww..My cutie.I suggest you my fairy don’t become like Riddhima mom ..Ok?

Riddhima : Waah …(she beats him in a sweet way )

Vansh : Why you had beaten me ..

Riddhima : My fairy ? Its our fairy and also don’t become like Riddhima mom..Ha

Vansh : Ohk sorry…

Riddhima is sleepy so she sleeps …

Vansh pulls her cheeks (Riddhima’s)

Riddhima wakes up and says,”Vansh , I’m not newborn ok? I am not kid don’t pull my cheeks..”

Vansh : Oh , sorry you both look same ..

Riddhima : Hehe !!

Vansh laughs ..




  1. So cute episode 🥰☺loved it😍 waiting for the next one 🙂

  2. Shivanshi singh

    That was a very nice episode 😊 and I’m just loving it was very very loving ☺️😘

    1. Rianshfan

      Thanks a ton …

  3. Nice episode 😘😘
    Thanks for updating the episodes daily 🙏🙏

    1. Rianshfan

      Thanks to u too

  4. Awww!! So nice and heartwarming episode!!
    I’m really impressed,, you always keep us updated..,,didn’t let us down single time 🥰
    Stay blessed and keep us entertaining dear!

  5. Oh:) vansh and ridhu become parents 😄😄😄.
    What’s the baby name ???

    1. Rianshfan

      Name in next episode

  6. Lovely episode….elaborate more when it comes to Riansh playing with baby….we will all enjoy reading 😍😍😍😍

  7. Wow!!! Very nice episode 😍

  8. Naira U Singh

    It was really fantastic

  9. Oh dhi it was wonderful…finally baby riansh came😍😘 …most special episode ever❤❤❤❤

  10. RiyaVaghani

    Keep the baby’s name Riva! Ri from Riddhima and Va from Vansh!

    1. Rianshfan

      Well Thank you for the suggestion but I think **** name would be nice …which I have written in next episode on word …

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