Love after arrange marriage Ep-32 – Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)


Love after arrange marriage Ep-32 – Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Happy Vishkarma Day…. or if you celebrate Govardhan Puja …From now episodes will be lengthy …Keep Loving and Supporting !!

Episode starts with .,

Siya : Wow , bhai ..Just amazing day , right ??

Vansh shies and goes. .

Siya : Bhabhi , bhai left , now you tell ..

Riddhima : Umm…Yes..

She also leaves ..

Riddhima: Vansh.. I wanna bath  but shower isn’t working..

Vansh : Wait ! I will check …

He goes to check …

Riddhima also comes behind him …

Vansh checks the shower , it turns on …

Riddhima slips there and :

Vansh saves her and they share a moment …

And Unfortunately, Siya comes there ,she checks in bathroom and pretends to cough ..Vansh and Riddhima get into their reality .
Siya : Bhai, I didn’t know that you are so romantic ..

Vansh : Siya , actually Riddhima said that shower isn’t working so I checked it and ..

Siya : Bhaiya ,you are giving clarification as you are boyfriend- girlfriend …You are married….

Vansh : Umm..

Siya : No issues , I think I should leave ..Also, daadi was calling you both ..

Riddhima : Hm..we will come !

Vansh : Now change your clothes as you have already take bath..

They both giggle..Riddhima  and Vansh change their  clothes and go down …

Daadi says,” We’re going to do Aarti , so I called you ..

Riddhima : Ok Daadi ..

Vansh: You know naa daadi , I’m atheist , I don’t believe in worshiping god..

Riddhima : Vansh , please naa , at least for me…

Vansh : Anything for you …Ok then .

They do aarti and eat prasad..

Vansh gets a call so leaves..Riddhima also leave behind …

Vansh talks and then cuts the call..

Riddhima comes to him and says,” Vansh , I have prepared somethings for you..”

Vansh : Proceed !

Riddhima narrates

” Thaam lun tera haath aur tujhe iss duniyaa se bahar le jaaon ..

Jahaan tujhe dekhne waali mere siwaa aur koi naa ho ..”

( Eng meaning – I should hold your hand and take you away from this world , where no one  else is there )

Vansh : Waah !

Riddhima : Thank you ..And one more ..

Vansh : Continue ..

Riddhima acts like Vansh and says,” You know naa daadi , I’m atheist , I don’t believe in worshiping god.. ” She laughs …

Vansh : I would give you a punishment …You acted me naa

Riddhima is tensed ..

Tune in to find out what punishment Vansh will give ?? A sweet one ?? 

Comment , what you think ..

  1. Seanna_0044

    The punishment is gonna be too good and sweet, sure about that. Nice episode 💕

  2. I hope it will going to be a sweet one and tqsm for this episode through this I can recollect their sweet romantic moments btw them.

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you soo muchhh

  3. Loved it😍🥰 very well written ☺ loved when riddhima acted like vansh

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice episode.but try to elaborate it as it was too short..

    1. Rianshfan

      Hmm…And thanku keep loving

  5. Naira U Singh

    Really good yaar now i want to know what punishment he will give her. Very excited for the long episodes

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you so much

  6. Ohh nice ☺️🥰 happy goverdhan puja
    And now finally we can have lengthy episodes wow 👏👏👏
    And hats off to you and all my fellow FF writers who wrote FFs even when all were busy in diwali 😁 preparations
    Thankyou thankyou everyone 👋☺️

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you too to al the readers who read our ffs and appreciate it ..Because appericiation encourages the writers to write good …

  7. Hi dhi …sure a sweet punishment💗💗💗…after all vansh is so romantic

  8. Nice episode 👌👌
    Siya’s advice for vansh was😂😂😂
    Waiting for the next episode
    Thank you for adding english subtitles for hindi dialogue 😉😉😉

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you soo much dear …!!!

  9. Keep going nice one!!

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