Love after arrange marriage Ep-29- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-29- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hello …Happy Dhanteras …May this Dhanteras fills lots of gold in your life …

Episode starts as..,

They all complete their pending game….

Suddenly Daadi screams,” Vansh!! ” Vansh goes . Vansh asks,” What happened Daadi ??” Daadi says,”Wait ” She calls everyone down . Riddhima too comes .Vansh says,” Riddhima , why did you came here ??” Riddhima says,”Daadi called ..and please don’t interrogate me now ..Daadi you say.” Daadi says,”I talked to pandit ji today , he told that their are some obstacles in Riddhima and Vansh’s life , so you will have to..” Vansh says,”Please don’t say that we will have to be divorced..” Daadi says,”Vansh , quiet !! have to marry again !!” Vansh says,”Woah !! Ok…” Daadi says,”I have informed Aarohi and Lakshay ..and today will be engagement..Get ready ..In 2 hours ..” Everyone get ready .. Here’s the look ( Author’s point –Β  Only Vansh and Riddhima’s look …”


Riddhima :

(They are happy now…In the pics Riddhima is sad ..but in my ff they are happy in the engagement photo also )

Soon they get engaged ..They both are happy …Daadi announces,”According to pandit ji , we have to complete this marriage by tomorrow night 9 pm …So todayΒ  only it will be haldi and mehndi ….

Vansh and Riddhima are back in their room ..Vansh says,”Sweetheart, what are you wearing in haldi function ??” Suddenly a voice comes,”Bhai..What ? You are marrying again ..At first , I can’t come but now I will ..I missed you a lot !!!” Vansh says,”Shweta ..Wow !! You are back …”


Vansh : I missed you a lot ..

Shweta : Bhai , me too …

Vansh : Riddhima, meet my cute and naughty sister Shweta..

Riddhima : Hii ..

Shweta : Hi Bhabhi ! Bhai ! We will talk later on …

Vansh : Hmm…

Vansh and Riddhima get ready …

Vansh and Riddhima :

The haldi ceremony begins ..Everybody applies haldi to Vansh and Riddhima …

Precap : The wedding takes place…

I hope you liked the ep …

  1. Rianshfan

    I hope u liked today’s episode…Write your views..

    1. It was short but amazing episode. Waiting for the next episode.

  2. Nice episode😍 but was kind of short….Looking forward to their marriage πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you dear

  3. Nice episode πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    Vansh interrogation with granny was😝😝😝
    Waiting for the next

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you …

  4. So sorry for bothering you dear!!! But I can’t find the episode no:20 Is it deleted or something went wrong πŸ€”
    By the way! Nice episode πŸ₯°
    can you fix the problem??

    1. Thanks dear!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  5. Yes dhi ..😘.loved the episide…really needed something good to read from yesterday episode πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”….
    Please post the next one early DhiπŸ’—

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you …I will post early ….

  6. Nice update….. Hope their marriage go with out any obstacles πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜‡

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you …

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you soo much ..

  7. Seanna_0044

    Though short but sweet πŸ™‚ keep going πŸ’ž

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you so much …

  8. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    When vansh said ‘ don’t say we have to divorce ‘ was quite funny. Nice epi, update the next soon.

    1. Rianshfan

      Thank you …

  9. Naira U Singh

    Really good

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