Love after arrange marriage Ep-17- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-17- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Episode starts with..,

Angre- Sejal, now you will answer my question ..,

Sejal – Ok

Angre – If I give you are to tell your secrets to someone whom it would be  and why between me and Vansh ??

Sejal – Obviously you …because  I don’t think Vansh likes me more than you..

Riddhima – Ooo ..Liking ,

Sejal – Zip up your mouth

Chanchal- Sejal , praise Angre in 2-3 words..

Sejal- Angre is sweet .. He’s cute and handsome ..He talks very softly and politely ..Moreover , he has emotions …He’s a nice guy …

Riddhima & Vansh interrupts – We don’t said you to write a book on him ..Only 2-3 words ..

Everyone giggles …

Siya says,”Now Aryan you have to …(she whispers)

Aryan – Ok Siya , but …

Vansh – Do now …

Aryan takes Vansh’s phone and says,”May I tell your secret ??” Vansh says,”Secret?? Which ??” Aryan says,”Bhaiya, don’t try to be innocent..Do you think I am fool ..” They started fighting ..

Vansh gets angry ..Aryan says,”Cool down bhaiya !! Its just a dare …” Vansh says,”What??”

Flashback – Siya saying to Aryan ,” You have to fight with Vansh bhaiya ..”  Flashback ends … Vansh says,”Oo so you be fooled me ..” He laughs. Vansh says,”Lets go to home now..” Everyone reaches VR Mansion ..

VR Mansion

They go inside and see Aupriya crying . Siya asks,”What happened??” Anupriya says,”Vansh beta .. This girl , this Riddhima deceived us ..She loves Angre(she shows the pictures of Riddhima and Angre). Vansh says,”Calm down!!” Anupriya says,”Riddhima here’s your bag , its good if you leave from here yourself or I will call the  security.”Riddhima starts crying. Kabir says,”Riddhu !!” Riddhima says,”Ok I am leaving .. I can’t live where  people disrespect me ..”

She leaves the house ..Its night time. Vansh gets worried and thinks ,”Riddhima has no parents , no house of here , even her brother and friends are here , where would she go??” Riddhima gets tensed . She thinks of proving herself innocent .. She goes to Cyber Cafe . Next day , she again enters the VR mansion . Anupriya says,”Why you have come here??” Everyone gathers there . Riddhima says,”Ms. Anupriya, you are very clever , but you don’t know who am I ?” Anupriya says,”Who are you ?? A normal girl…” Riddhima says,”Oh!! So, see here ..Its my Id-Card .” It was written DSP Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania .. Everyone gets shocked . Riddhima says,”Ms. Anupriya , in this photo you have fitted Angre’s  face very cleverly ..Hm.., Its not Angre , its Vansh , see Vansh has same clothes , anything can’t be spared from  my eyes.” Vansh screams at Anupriya . Anupriya says,”Vansh, believe me , I got this pics from ********** this number.” Vansh calls at the number but it is declined . He calls to the department and gets to know that its some Rudra’s number.”  He says his personal assistant ( Ajay) to find Rudra.  Ajay comes after an hour and tells Vansh,” Rudra is Ishani’s boyfriend.” Vansh gets shocked . He says,”I need his photograph.”

Ajay gives her photo . Vansh says,”Oh , so this guy in red is Ishani’s boyfriend.” I won’t leave him ..

Precap: Riddhima calls Angre and says,” What’s this ??” 

Watch the next update to find out what will Vansh do .., Also Riddhima sees what??

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  1. My good name is Muntaj
    episode is really interesting…
    Eagerly waiting for next one

  2. ‘Rudra is Ishani’s boyfriend’. This line made me laugh out loud. Only after seeing the photo of Shakti Arora I had stopped.
    Yaar, You always have such sarcastic odd ones. I like that very much.

  3. I was thinking of Sakti Arora in real immj2 as a new face but u made his entry in your ff…… 😋😝👍😍

  4. Riansh Lover

    Wonderful yaar…Anupriya and ber stupid tricks …Editing 😒😏

  5. RiyaVaghani

    Ooh! Crime, Thriller and all ha! Oh! And I loved the fact that Ridhima is cop! just loved it!

  6. Nice episode…..

  7. Ohh what an episode!! Really 🥰
    Keep entertaining us!!👍😊 with Little long ff

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