Love after arrange marriage Ep-13- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-13- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Episode starts with..,

Vansh says,”Now you see.” He fills a bucket with water and spills on Riddhima. Riddhima is angry , she also does the same. They both get wet and are shivering.

Vansh says,”Riddhima, go change your clothes.” Riddhima also says same . They both look at each other and then go to change their clothes. Riddhima changes her clothes and comes . Vansh says(in a angry tone)”Riddhima.” Riddhima comes. She gets scared and says,”What happened?” Vansh says,”Riddhima, since you have came .. You keep my things away , so not getting it .. Where is my charger??” Riddhima says,”First, talk to me politely, also , Its your charger .. It charges you ??” She laughs. Vansh says(in anger) ” Riddhima tell me where is my ch.. my phone’s charger.” Riddhima says,”Why are you angry??”  Vansh says,”I am very possessive about my phone , so .”  Riddhima says,”Its in the drawer.” Vansh takes it and leaves. Riddhima cries . He sees Siya coming. She looks sad. Vansh goes near her and says,”Siya, what happened?” Siya says,”Bhai, I have a boyfriend, he called me to his house , I saw that in his room all things were scattered , I tried to arrange it , he came and screamed at me.I left from their and started crying .” Suddenly , Siya’s boyfriend’s call comes. She keeps it on speaker . Her boyfriend Kabir says,”Siya, I am really sorry for what I did, but don’t get sad , let us go somewhere and enjoy ..Also , how’s Vansh Jiju  and how’s Riddhu Di .??” Vansh whispers in Siya’s ears,” Don’t tell him  that I am here.” Siya says,”They both are absolutely fine, I am coming.” Siya leaves.

Vansh thinks,”I also got angry on Riddhu because of my things , so I will have to convince her.” Vansh goes to the room . He sees that Riddhima’s crying bitterly . Vansh goes to console her but she ignores . She calls someone and says,”Vansh scolded me, please help me Sejal.” Vansh snatches the phone and says,”Sejal , she is kidding , she told me that she’s gonna prank you.” He cuts the call . Riddhima says,”Vansh, why you cut the call??” Vansh says,”Sweetheart, this type of small nok-jhok keeps happening but any outsider may it be best friend shouldn’t know about it…” Riddhima says,”Vansh I understand you but..” Vansh says,”Lets go to a trip and enjoy.” Vansh comes down . He says,”Everyone pack their bags , we will be leaving for a trip.” He informs Siya and Kabir about that too.

Precap: They enjoy at the trip…

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  1. Wow ! The trip one seems excited😻

  2. Seanna_0044

    Amazing! Waiting to see where they go and the Riansh scenes

  3. Poojitha 🖤

    Just amazing dear loved your story sweetheart 💓💕

  4. Of course if you are inserting photos it will be more interesting 😝😝😝
    Short even nice episode 👌👌
    Waiting for the next episode

  5. About which pic you are talking
    . Not able to understand what are you asking

    1. Rianshfan

      I am asking dat shall i insert some pics of riansh in my ff’s ….

  6. Wow the episode is really nice..yes ofcourse you can insert their pics cause it will be really good..

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  8. Yes sure. Nice idea. You should insert pics also

  9. Yup dear it will be more interesting!!
    Nice episode though really enjoyed!
    Keep updating us

  10. RiyaVaghani

    Yup! Sure! You should insert pics! Actually in my ffs I don’t cause I think it’s difficult to find corrects pics and gifs 😅😂🤣😛😝😜

  11. Naira U Singh

    Nice one and i think u should put the pic if u find the pictures 📷 which suit the situation as it helps us understand or imagine the story better u know

    1. Rianshfan

      Ypp I know …

  12. Of course dear….. It’s going to be more interesting and I makes us easy to imagine.
    Coming to episode it’s really nice waiting for the trip.

    1. Rianshfan

      Hmm .. Its up !!

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    Yes … Pictures sound great …

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