Love addicts R. A. G. L. A. K (Final)

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Laksh: nothing like that will never happen I promise and if it ever does happen not that it will but if it does you will only see my dea….

He felt something over his mouth….

It as Ragini’s hand ??.

Ragini: please don’t talk about it please.

Laksh: you was a wake all this time?

Ragini: yes because I was not getting sleep ? as you didn’t even hug or kiss me when you came inside you just walked straight to the washroom so i thought you was angry with me. That’s why you went there straight.

Laksh: (thought tonight Em her mood and something naughts strikes him) ohhh ? so my wife thinks that I’m angry ? with her.

Ragini nods.

L: yes I’m angry ? I going to punish you.

R: how? What did I do? Why? Why?

Before she speaks more he he pulls her in to a kiss ? which was not a shock for her as she knew what the punishment was gonna be. So they carried on what they left last night ?







All were down stairs to have dinner ? laksh and Ragini came down stairs.

Laksh: what’s for dinner

Ap: spaghetti ?

They hear a squeal it was Ragini

Ragini: i love spaghetti ?

Laksh: oh shush ? all knows what you like and dislike.

Ragini pouts.

Dp: stop ? being rude to my daughter

Sanskar: exactly why are you being rude to my thangachi (younger sister). Remember I will murder you

Laksh: why are all supporting her.

Ap: yeh stop pampering her too much she’s becoming naughty day by day.

Ragini: dad do you smell something burning? I can.

Dp: yes I can too ??? all three of them laughed at Ap and laksh.

Laksh: this is it fair

Ragini: everything is fair in war and love.

Dp: said right.

All chit chatted and all were doing their work the men went to work and the ladies were cooking ?. Ragini was thinking ?.

Ap: what happen Ragu

Ragini: ma I was thinking of what to make lunch to make for laksh.

Ap: make his favorite tacos ?.

Ragini that’s right ma I think I would it’s been a while he ate that.

So they made that for him and some other Indian food too.

So their days passes like this.

Everyone was happy and moving on with their life but Swara was the same and didn’t change she was still same stubborn person but she has blinded he life in with Sanskar.

Moving on with our raglak their having fun, but now they have had their fun it time for then to start a family.

Laksh and Ragini went to the hospital to check up. They found out that she was pregnant ?.

After a year: raglak were playing with their child ? Sarah.

Ragini: this one year went too quickly didn’t it.

Laksh: yeh after my princess ? came everyday went so fast.

Ragini: mmm

Laksh: what Ragini?

Ragini: I want a prince ? and she winks at him ?.

Laksh: why not we will plan so ?.

They both laugh and say: I love you

The end.

I had to finish this as I didn’t know what else to write. A BIG HUG AGAIN?.

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