Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 2

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Hi guyz it’s Eliza again…. Thank you all for your response I really overwhelmed and yay the credit also goes to my Srita(Srimathi)
And guyz I really donno when she ll update her stories but she said this week she was having heavy work and she was in travel for several meetings and some official work and she will be free after Monday and after that I hope she ll update.
Okay guyz moving on to today’s doze…
Have a soul full reading!!
“Abhi… have you decided what we gonna do for tonight movie or something else you planned”,she asked while sipping the coffee from his mug and he was sipping from her mug.”Well pragz Tanu and Nikkil had told me they wanna spend some time here as she feels alone in their flat and so I decided to watch movie in our home theatre how about that”,he said little hesitantly as he knew she hate Nikkil.Pragya looked at him with a wide anger eyes “She doesn’t wanna spend some time with us she wanna spend some time with ME you know why because she itself couldn’t tolerate that Nikkil”,She said and moved from his embrace and walked in.”Baby…it’s not like that I can’t deny them just think from my view”,he said sincerely.She looked at him with a blank face and he smile a bit as he knew she looked so convinced immediately he hugged her “Thank you jaan you are the best”,he said.She pushed him “I didn’t say okay”,she said with a glare.”But I know u will say”,he said with a proud smirk.She blurt out in laughter and hugged him “It’s just for you Romeo you know na I hate that Nikkil I don’t know I just hate him and Tanu I don’t know how she is living with him”,she complained.He laughed “And jaan you are ryt Nikkil is really a creep person and I really hate him more than you hate him”,he said.”Then why u accepted Romeo”,she pouted sadly.”What to do jaan they are insisting me alot so no other way”,he said like a kid.She broke the hug “Okay okay leave it… leave it…. just don’t bother ourselves for them”,she said and smiled at him.”That’s my girl”,he said.

“Okay now I have to cover up myself fully our privacy breaked Romeo”,she said by wearing her night pyjama pants.He chuckled”Jaan..I don’t have any problem with this shorts and sleeveless top”.”But I’m not comfortable when some other men roaming around our home”.”My typical Hindustani”,he said while pulling her cheeks.”Okay now stop it and take a full length top for me”,she said while hooking her bra.He walked to the closest “Sorry pragz…your night shirts are under laundry wear it tonight”,he said and throwed his tee that hit her face.”Ughhhh….Abhi…I’m already struggling with this hell hook you are throwing it on my face”,she yelled.He walked out from the closest”Pragz…thum bhi na roll up your top and hook it don’t you know a simple logic”,he said by earning a glare from her.”Uffo…baby..thum bhi na”,he said and goes behind her and rolled up her top till her fore back and hooked her upper inner garment “Jaan..when you are gonna learn to hook it..I can’t be always there to help you in that”,he said seriously.”Soon I ll learn your ego doesn’t hurt in hooking my”,she said irritatedly.”It’s not about ego I’m just telling that you should never expect anyone atleast for dressing yourself”,he said.”I’m not expecting anyone to do this for me it’s you what’s wrong in that Abhi”,she aksed by pulling down her top and turned to see him.”Look I’m just saying for your betterment don’t create it as a topic”,he said shrugging her words.”I’m not making it as topic Abhi..okay no need of your help I ll manage myself and I ll manage my dressing”,she said angrily.”Yes…I’m seeing the way you manage yourself first pull down your top well”,he said and pulled her top down which she didn’t pulled down properly.Pragya stared him.”Don’t stare at me just grow up pragz..that’s what I’m saying atleast you should take care of urself in my absence na”,he said calmly.”I know that I just said I couldn’t do this because you are here if you are not here I wouldn’t say anything and even I didn’t ask for your help you itself did that and blaming me”,she said.”I’m not blaming you I’m just trying to”,his words cutted off by her “I know you are saying for my betterment and I could manage myself Abhi last time you left for Cambridge na I was all alone I laundered our cloths and I did all work by myself na”,she pouted and continued “And It doesn’t matters to me if you help me in this its just a man to man help”,she said.He chuckled”Man to woman help..My cute drama queen”,he pulled her cheeks.

“Anyhow go and set the couch”,she said and he moved out while she wored his long length tee and came out.”Abhi…I think I have became lil fatty see last time your tee was very loose than this time”,she said while rolling up her sleeves.”You are still the same this is my old one I didn’t get fit into it”,he said.”You are a stud..You woked out this much”,she said while clinging onto her right arm.”Jaan it’s not a swing its my arm”,he said.She smiled “Is that hurting I’m sorry”,she said.”It’s okay baby”,he said shrugging.Suddenly their door bell rang.”They came Abhi”,she said sadly.He smiled at her “Come on open the door”,he said.

She opened the door “Welcome to our home Ms.Tanu and Mr.Nikil”,she said with a smile.”Hey whats all this much of respect”,said Tanu.”Nothing just kidding”,said Pragya and hugged Tanu.Abhi too welcomed them.Nikkil was about to hug Pragya but she held Tanu’s hand and got her in.Abhi hugs Nikkil and took him in.”What’s special Tanu”, asked Pragya.”Nothing just boring in our flat that’s why”,said Tanu with a smile.”Okay sit..I ll bring you coffee”,said Pragya and moved towards the kitchen.Abhi seated with Tanu and Nikkil.They were chatting and laughing at some random things.Pragya came there with coffee”Hey… Guys hot coffee and choco truffles are here”,said Pragya holding the tray.Abhi took the one and gave to Nikkil and Tanu took another cup.”Pragya for you”,asked Tanu.”Just now I had coffee”,said Pragya and seated with them.”Then for me”,Abhi asked Pragya.”Two coffees a day your limit is over”,said Pragya firmly.Abhi pouted.”Come on Pragya it’s just for a day na”, said Tanu.”No Tanu I had tried alot and just I reduced his 5 per day to 2 per day”,said Pragya while eyeing Abhi.”Then you can have na Pragya”,said Nikkil.”No its okay”,she said.After the coffee chat.Abhi switch on his home theater and played the movie.

“Guys I’m really getting bored I have some work you guys continue”,said Pragya and stood up to leave.”What work”,asked Abhi.”Bunch of laundries are there Abhi I ll put it on machine”,said Pragya.Nikkil and Tanu smiled at her and Pragya left to their room.After a while Pragya was drying out their clothes.Abhi came there with baby steps and hug her from back.Pragya sensed it “Abhi.. don’t tell me to prepare dinner for them”,she said while clipping the cloths.”I didn’t ask you”,he said.”You will”,she said.”Well..It’s your favorite film but you felt bored”,he asked.”Nikkil’s intention are not good”,she said and turned towards him.”Baby….”,he said protesting manner.”Please Abhi.. don’t defend him I don’t like him thats it I hate his view on us”,she said seriously.”Okay relax they ll leave in few minutes”,Abhi said and pecked her cheeks and left to the main hall.Within 5 minutes Nikkil came to their room.Pragya saw him “Nikkil what are you doing here”,she asked.”Actually Pragya I wanna use wash room”,he said.Pragya nods and about to leave the room.”Pragya…”,called Nikkil.”Yes”,she said sternly.”Pragya why you are being in long term relationship with Abhi..I really like you and I wanna be with you..If you are okay we can move in together”,he said.Pragya was tempered to the core”Nikkil..Be in your limits..We are not just living together we have a life long commitment and I don’t wanna explain all this to you..If I say this to Abhi he ll kill you and for Tanu I’m leaving you else I don’t know what I ll do now please leave don’t ever come here”,she said and walked away.Nikkil stamped the foot.Pragya came and sat on sofa besides Abhi with anger.”Are you okay”,Abhi asked her by tucking her hair behind her ears.”Don’t collect the laundries for a month hereafter wanna launder every week”,she shouted in anger.”Pragz…”,he said surprised by her anger.Pragya controlled herself”Sorry..I was just tired of that”,she said.Nikkil came “Shall we go”,asked Tanu to Nikkil.”Okay ya thank you Abhi thank you Pragya”,said Nikkil.”It’s okay yaar”,said Abhi and hugs Nikkil.Tanu too hugs Pragya and they both left.Pragya was getting more and more anger while thinking on Nikkil’s words.Abhi closed the door and walked in.Tears were formed in Pragya’s eyes coz of anger.She hugs him tight.”Kya hua..”,he asked while caressing her cheeks.”Nothing just feeling bad”,said Pragya.”What’s bothering you”,he asked her.

“Nothing Abhi…How it ll be Abhi when we have mom dad and family”, she asked.”Jaan..are you crying”,he asked her and lifts her face to face him.She was crying.”Pragz…come on I’m here for you”,he said because he didn’t know how to pacify her.”Jaan see I too don’t know how it ll be when we have mom and dad but don’t feel about past you are here for me and I’m always there for you”,he said calmly.”But you atleast have Dadi..Im just an orphan”,she said.He broke the hug and left her at the place and moved towards their room balcony and she too knows how her words hurt him.She was out of control today the words of Nikkil echoing in her mind she is thinking that Because she has no one he is asking such a cheap thing so casually for a moment she feel she is doing big wrong by living together she couldn’t think beyond that when she thought her word “Orphan” she remember how the word will hurt Abhi she slapped herself for being over reactive she rushed in and she could see Abhi standing in balcony she runs to him and hugs him from back “I’m sorry Abhi Im mad you know na.. please forgive me Abhi”,she said in between her sobs.Abhi turned towards her his eyes were wet “Why you are hurting me by saying urself like this”,he asked.”Sorry I was over thinking I was mad Abhi…I know you are always there for me but I don’t know why I’m behaving like this”,she said apologetically.”Please jaan don’t ever say this again…you are mine and you are my relation..You care me like a mother who I had never seen”,he said by looking to her eyes.”And you pampered me like a father whom I never know in my life”,she said looking into his eyes.”Every girl deserve a man who pampering his girl like a kid and my jaan u deserve much more I’m here just to fullfil all your wishes and I’m here to Love you like a mad man”,he said sincerely.She hugged him tight”I’m sorry Abhi…”.”It’s Ok jaan.. please don’t say that again it hurts me to the death”,he said.”I’m sorry I ll never”,she said and wiped his tears.”My baby”,she said with a small smile and pecked his cheek and pulls his cheeks.Abhi smiles and hugs her tight and placed a peck in top of her head.

Love to be continued…….
From chapter 4 srita ll continue …

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