Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

It was a bright morning the sun had already peeped out which made him to come out of the hang over sleep.He slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room.He feels something weird.He immediately sat up and rubbed his eyes and keenly glanced around the room he realized she was not there he immediately ran to the another room and he couldn’t find her.
He came back to their room and held his head in hands as head was spinning of hang over.He thought she had left to office.He rested his head over headboard and thinks what had happened yesterday.He feels bad for behaving rude on Pragya even after knowing she has alcoholic odour sickness.
He regret what he had done and decide to meet her in her work place what ever it may be he gonna apologize her.He got down from bed and moved to freshup then he realized her things had gone missing he immediately rushed out and took a look towards her book corner her most of the books are not there the fact made him to panic he shaked for a second.

He doesn’t have any idea did she left the home.The thought scare him to the whole being.He took his mobile immediately and called Tina to know about Pragya.
“Hello,Tina” said Abhi in almost scared tone.
“Hey Abhi it’s good you called me what’s the problem yaar” she asked with utmost sadness in her voice.
“Is Pragya is there” his words came out as a soft whisper after hearing Tina’s question.
“No..She is not here in my place but..” she stopped as she felt very bad to say the fact to him.

He couldn’t get any clue why Tina stopped in a bit “Tina where is she..Is she is okay? Please tell me I’m dying here” he asked.
“Relax Abhi she is okay” she said to calm him.
“Then Where is she” he asked her.
“Who..Abhi she gone back to her home” said Tina hesitantly.
Abhi was super confused “Home.. I’m in home yaar she is not here” said Abhi in scared tone.

“Abhi not ur home she had gone back to the orphanage home ‘Blessing Bells’ ” said Tina.
Abhi was shell shocked he gone numb and his whole body turned cold for a moment he doesn’t know whether there is breathe in his body.
He couldn’t say anything he managed to collect words in a chocking voice “But..But Tina are you sure she won’t go there to stay there she ll go only for visit na she won’t be there and her things gone missing I..I don’t know where to search her” he almost blabberd.
“Abhi..I had talked with her yaar..She told me she ll come late to work i asked the reason Then she said she gonna set things there so she ll be late to work” said Tina.
“But…” when Abhi was about to say his calling bell rang.
“Tina someone is pressing calling bell here I think it ll be Pragya talk to you later” he Sid and ended the call immediately and rushed towards the door with thousands of thoughts and opened the door.

He immediately hugged her and said “Dadi….” he let
his tears out.
Dadi was shocked with his outburst and patted his back to console him Abhi broke the hug and he broked the hug and wiped his tears and said “Woh..Dadi..” he stammered.
Dadi smiled “I can understand beta you are seeing me after years na that’s y you can’t control yourself I understand” she said.
Then he came back from his worry world where his thoughts only on Pragya and realized his Dadi was before him and he is seeing his Dadi after years.
He surprised and asked “ did you come here..come in” said Abhi and took Dadi in.
“Haan..I just came here to see my Ladoo” said Dadi and pulled his cheeks.
Abhi just made a smile and said “Dadi you take rest we ll catch up soon” said Abhi and took Dadi to guest room.
“Abhi I really wanna talk important thing to you” said Dadi.
“Haan..Dadi ll we ll talk but before that I have an important work I have to go out before that I ll get you lunch” said Abhi.
Dadi smiled and nods.

Abhi got freshed up and bought lunch for Dadi and left the home.
Abhi was driving towards the Blessed Bells home he was thinking ‘What I had done to her I just sent her back to the place where she felt left alone.Did I hurted her to the extent I donno what made her to leave me just like that.Didnt she think how I ll feel if she leaves me like this.Whats gone wrong I can’t take that she is there if she wanna leave me why did she gone there she should have gone to Tina’s home but why she should leave me first of all’ his thoughts broke when he reached the entrance of the home.
He got in parked the car and walked in with sadness filled eyes suddenly the sight came before his view made him to feel relax and it make his whole being relax.
She was there playing hide and seek with the lil kids her eyes were blind folded.
“Ian..where are you..See I’m gonna catch you now” said Pragya to the lil boy who giggling around her.

Suddenly she bumped with a tall muscled figure and her hands landed on the broad chest she doesn’t wanna have second thoughts regarding the man standing before her she very well know who was that.
Even her eyes were blindfolded she couldn’t have any question regarding who he is,immediately her eyes turned wet she back off her hands when Ian and other kids shouted in joy “Abhiiii….Uncle…..”
She moved back and removed her blindfold and saw him,his eyes were glued on her,his eyes became puffy and eyes were wet and there was visible tear trails on his cheeks.
She just wanna run into his arm but she shrugged the thought.The kids ran to him and hugged him.

He saw her,she was not looking at him now her vision was glued away from him.He helplessly smiled at the kids and said “I ll back to you in a while” he said and moved towards Pragya where the kids ran from there.
He moved towards Pragya,she was hesitated and tried to look away from him.
“Why you are here” he asked her with a soft voice as he reached her.
She immediately replied back in a cold tone ignoring her own inner feelings towards him “This is my place I’m here”

“This is not your place”
“This is my place”
“This is it come let’s leave” he said sternly and held her elbow.
She pushed his hand “I’m not coming anywhere especially with you” she said in a cold tone.
“Jaan stop behaving like a kid come let’s leave” said Abhi softly.
“I’m not behaving like a kid.. can’t you understand I’m not coming with you” she shouted a bit.
“You are coming dadi had came,come let’s go home”
“No I’m not coming there to see anyone,just leave”
“Stop being stubborn”
“Why would I be stubborn that to with you”
“What do you mean”

“I mean I’m nothing to you so I have no rights to be stubborn with you and I’m not coming got it”
“Shut up..You know what you are blabbering you are nothing to me that’s why I’m here ran behind you just like a mad and living like a selfless body from morning and you are nothing to me that’s why I’m here” he shouted.
Her eyes were filled and his words pierced her heart yet she managed “I’m not coming with you this was my place and I have to be here and that’s your home and I have nothing to do there anymore” she replied in a cold tone.
“What do you mean Pragya” he asked in shock given by her words.

“I mean this is my place.. I’m not coming there and please leave me alone” she said.
“Have you gone mad..what happened to you” he asked by pulling her to him.
She pushed her and shouted “Nothing happened to me..I’m just got out from my obsessed dream world this is reality and I owned to this place not your home..try to understand..Go back to your home and hear your dadi’s words..there is no relationship exists between us please please leave me alone and please move on don’t come here again” she said with tears and ran from the place.
“What the hell you are blabbering..I’m not gonna move from here just stop this nonsense f**K Pragya just come here…Pragya..” he shouted from his core.
Kids looked stunned at his behavior and sister of the home came towards Abhi “Abhishek this is not the way to behave like this in this place better you leave now.You are person loved by kids your offensive words ll reach them so better leave now” she said softly and left the place.
He was in full rage of anger and shouted “WTF…Pragya come out I wanna talk to you.. Pragyaaaa” he keeps on calling.

His phone beeped he opened the text it was from Pragya “Please leave don’t create scene here this is home” he read that and throwed the mobile in anger and he left the place.
Love to be continued….
By Srimathi.

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