Love : A story of past to present – Part 6

Guddan and Rewati both are waiting for Akshat who is getting ready.

When they see him .

Guddan – Look he kept us waiting for almost an hour and people say we girls take time to get ready.

Rewati – Don’t why these boys need this much time.

Akshat –  I just wanted to match with guddan’s look .What can I do if she is so beautiful.

Guddan blushes and Rewati laughs.

Rewati – Ohhh hooo Bhabhi opps Guddan ?

Akshat – Enough of teasing , let’s go .

Rewati gets a call

Rewati – Okay I’ll wait for you .

Akshat- What happened for whom we have to wait now.

Rewati – Not us it’s me who have to wait. You both should go

Guddan – But we three were to go together. Right?

Rewati – It was my friend we have to get some books from library. And you both are already late . Just go.

Akshat – Fine  .Guddan let’s go.

Guddan – Okay ,then we’ll go on bike …

Akshat – Okay then let me get helmet for us.

They both are on bike .Guddan holds him tight as the bike speeds up.

They both reach college rest of there days is spent in practicals and projects.

Next day Guddan invites Jindal family for a party .

It’s dadi’s birthday.

Akshat meets an accident and gets injured ?

Guddan rushes to Akshat’s place as soon as she gets to know .

It’s just a minor head injury not much.

Guddan her self bandages him.

He wipes her tears .

Akshat – These tears are giving me pain more then this wound on my head.

Guddan – What pain … yea you should feel this pain. Careless fellow.

Akshat – Aaa guddan my head is spinning..Do something

Guddan get’s tensed and gets him medicines and water.

Guddan gives him a tablet and asks to swallow it.

Akshat – It’s not the right medicine.

Guddan –  than tell me which one is it shall I call a doctor.

Akshat – I my self am a doctor and so you are and for my every pain there is a single medicine and it’s you.

Guddan hugs him.

She asks him to rest and leaves.

Next evening is dadi’s birthday party.

Everyone is enjoying .

After cake cutting every one dances and have fun.

Two ladies are talking.

One – Is that boy Akshat.

Two – Yea don’t know what he is doing here.

One – He don’t even care about his life and this Guddan she too is so selfish.

Two – years ago he could have died due to Guddan’s evil stars.

One – Due to her stars her parents died and just because of her Akshat’s life was once in danger and again it will be .

Two – poor boy. He don’t even know going behind guddan is going towards death for him

Guddan hears all this and runs from there.

She is sitting on a bench.

Akshat heads towards those ladies and says – if guddan would have been so unlucky then you two would not have been standing here. Everyone here knows that her parents were brutally killed then how can you say such things . Or rahi  baat mere to mein aaj zinda hu to Guddan ki wajah se .

Those ladies apologise and leave.

Akshat goes behind guddan and sees her sitting on a bench and crying .

Akshat goes near her .

Akshat – Guddan look at me.

Guddan – stay away from me . I don’t wanna be with you.

Akshat – Guddan stop punishing yourself for something you never did.

Guddan – I said leave fine stay here I’ll go.

Why you don’t understand you can’t be with me no one can.

Akshat holds her handsand say .

You want to go then go but then mark my words I’ll never ever return.  I’m nothing without you.stop punishing yourselfand stop punishing us.

Guddan – I am not punishing any one .I’m doing what is right . Don’t stop me.

Akshat – Durr mujh se jana mere khatir chahti ho…

Per sath mein apne mere jaan le jati ho…

Gerhazri se apni iss dil ko kitna dukhti ho…

Durr mujh jana mere khatir chahti ho…

Per sath mein apne mere jaan le jati ho..

Log kehte hai tumhare sath se merry jayge..

Sach to ye hai tum jo gaye to jee na pay ge ..

Tears roll down from Ashkan’s eyes.They look at each other.

Guddan wipes Akshat’s tears and says.

Guddan -Kaise durr tumse jay jaan tum mein jo samati hai ..

Tumhare bina ye duniya humein khandher nazar ati hai..

Tumhari mojudgi se hi to saans ati hai..

Kaise durr tum se jay jaan tum mein samati hai ..

Tumhare bina ye duniya khandher nazar aati hai …

Durr jana chahte to hum bhi nahi ..

Per fiqr Tumhari humse ye kerwati hai ..

Akshat wipes her tears and

Akshat – You can never be the reason for any thing wrong .You never were.

Dadi , Bhusan , Durga and Rewati also come there .

Dadi – Akshat Guddan it’s the time for both of you to know the whole truth.

Guddan – Trust. .. what truth.

Bhusan – Truth behind your parents death , behind that accident. Behind that curse behind those stars.

Precap – Guddan hugs Durga and Dadi . Akshat is on his knees. Guddan holds his face in her hands .

Only two episodes left ….




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