Lovable Love…Raglak…(shot 3)

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Hii…friends…this is Mahi back with nxt chappy…hope u will like it…sorry for this much late…thnks for commenting in last part and also thanks to silent readers…friends this is last shot atleast comment in this one and tell me that u liked it or not pleaseeee…

L?vable L?ve

Chapter 3:-

Ragini’s POV:-

I woke with a jerk…somebody was dragging my blanket…

“Wake up..” my sister was literally screaming…

“What..??” I yelled being irritated…

I looked around..i was in my room…

That must be a dream then…that better be a dream…
But i was disappointed a bit…i wanted it to be real…

Swara:-“Laksh called..he will be here in an hour…”she said dragging my blanket away..

Ragini:-“who cares..?? I m not..”followed by big yawn “talking to him..”

She laughed and hit me with cusion…

Swara:-“getup and make ur self ready…he said he wants to take u somewhere…” she said finishing her job successfully…which is taking off my blanket…and my drowsiness…

Ragini:-“but where…??”

Swara:-“it’s surprise he said…”she laughed..


Ragini:-“Lucky!! I told u…i m not talking to u…”
I was sitting in the passenger seat of his car..with my arms folded…if u didn’t understand….i m angry…

Lucky:-“u told that to me about 10 times in 10 minutes..doesn’t that mean that u r talking to me..”he said with a smirk..

Ragini:-“NO..!! Wherer u taking me…???”

He smiled…bcoz i talked…

So here is the thing…may be, I could just be angry angry on him for a night…but i can’t control myself from talking with him..

Lucky:-“U will see”

He stopped the car and pointed to big house infront of us…

R:-“where r we…???”

L:-“Home! Sweet Home..!!”

R:-“it isn’t my home..nor is it urs…what r u talking about..???”

L:-“it’s our Home..silly..”

Was all i could say..
I gasped at the beautiful building infront of me…my mouth fell open…

R:-“U r kidding…”

L:-“No..love..i m not..”

R:-“Pinch me..!!”


R:-“pinch me…”i ordered..

And when he did…

R:-“Aahhh..!! Not that hard”

I jumped out of the car and was running…

The big black front gate opened into a beautiful garden that split into two..bcoz of the cement tiles..making way to the doors..i followed the tiles and reached the door…the wooden carvings of deities and flowers on the doors gave them royal look…i opened them to see the vast beautiful hall..there wasn’t any furniture but dust and wood powder..that means work wasn’t finished…there was a kitchen and a bedroom…there was also a small temple with the belled doors…As i took in the fact that it was our home..,it was overwhelming..I couldn’t say a word..there was soo much to take in..
I thought if that was a dream..,there wasn’t a better dream..or if it was real..there wasn’t a better life….

Lucky:-“how is it..???”with a wide smile seeing my expression

Ragini:-“Amazing!! Why didn’t u tell me???”

Lucky:-“I would have ruined the surprise that i see in your eyes now…”

Ragini:-“U R amazing…”i said almost shouting in happiness..

Lucky:-“so…now u r talking..??”

Ragini:-“what do U think…what I was doing in the car..??chirping.??”

Lucky:-“I Love U..”he said with such emotion that…I would have melted like chocolate…

Ragini:-“I Love U too… little-tall-stupid-brat..”

He laughed out loud…but suddenly he was checking his pocket..

Lucky:-“hey..!! I found this in my room..,I think its urs..” he asked me showing an anklet that was exactly like mine…

No.!! It was mine..I checked my feet..my left anklet was missing…

Wait!! what??? I didn’t fell in a month…except if u count the one fall in the dream…

Yes.!!that was it…I fell in his room..But that was supposed to be a dream..Obviously…that wasn’t..

Dream or no dream..what i m trying to tell u is relationships can be broken in a month or in a week or in a day or in an hour…Okay..that’s enough..what i m saying is when u fight…as sure as hell u want to break the relation..But just hold on for a day or a week..or even a month..but hold on…
Don’t try to break relation for stupid movie…even if it is Shahid’s just hold on..and U will see..what u would have missed if u didn’t…


Okay…finally it is completed….sorry for late update…but i was really very much busy with my college and assignments…do tell me how was the chappy…thanks for commenting in last chappy…and sorry for not replying to them but i will surely reply to them tomorrow…

And about ur confusion…don’t think much about it…even ragini also don’t want to know how she reached in his room…

But i will like to know that.. if get an opportunity like Ragini to go somewhere like she went in laksh room where u will like to go…

Thanks for reading…do tell me how the chappy…even if u not liked it please tell…keep reading…be happy…stay blessed… tc…byee…?

Link for shot 1:-

Link for shot 2:-

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  1. Aasthu

    cute…….ragini’s expressions on seeing the house was so cute and also her “I love u to Laksh.”…Mahi isn’t My Last Love urs????? when r u gonna update that?????

    1. MI_MAHI

      Thank u very much Aasthu…and ll try to update my last love today itself….keep reading…be happy…stay blessed..tc…?

  2. Superb

  3. OK I will go to namish room and check out whether Temish share love bond I really want them to be Temish forever just kidding and plzzzz comeback with new one plzzzz

  4. awesome nice mind blowing superb outstanding u r such awesome writer and u people are writing for raglak and thank u thank u thank u so much all raglak ff ts ss os and yaa plzzzz keep on writing and keep raglak alive and yaa I must say raglak ff ts as is getting decreasing but u people keep them and prove that Temish fan love them so much what so ever the situation and I hope that most of raglak ff reach till 50 plzz guys the writer update regularly don’t be late update daily or alternate day but plzzzz don’t stop or leave in middle as I saw. many raglak ff doesn’t have end thank u once again for ur precious time

  5. Raglakholic

    Awesome update mahi
    Totally loved Laksh’s surprise for ragini
    Awww… Raglak are so cute
    Loved this alot
    If I can get an chance I will go to vampire world
    I like vampires alot
    I knew it was fictional
    I want to try
    Please try to write one more on raglak

  6. Awesome episode and loved it. Please write more Raglak stories

  7. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it alot….and I want to go center of the sea in night…i know it’s weird na…but i like thz….tkcr dear….

  8. Astra

    very very awesome dear..

  9. awesome

  10. IQRA222


  11. Wonderful

  12. A.xx

    Amazing and loved raglak xx

  13. Dharani


  14. Superb dear

  15. Ragz_teju


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