Lost Memories (Part 3)

hey guys m back with my ff part 3 all of u thanks for ur all awesome comments..that
my was motivation dear …
so i start

A man was asking doctor..
man- as soon as work gets over let me know about and will be a blast
for Mr. Shivaye singh oberoi ??
doc- ya sure

scene shifts to shivaye

shivaye – no anika can ‘t forget her SSO bagad billa billu calulator singh oberoi no
she can never forget me its impossible….

(he goes near OT to see anika )

again back to that man as shivaye goes he comes to nurse ad says
man- he is done with formalities right you know naa what u hav to do
give me that papers now
nurse- u r sure na no one will come to know about this that i have given u that papers ??
man – no one will know till i want
nurse – take this
(she gives it from under the table so that camera does not catch)
and says
nurse- take it to washroom do whatever u want and give it back to me plzz fast
man – ok

at night

doc to man
doc- work is done anika will not wake up till u want
man – that ‘s gr8
doc – ok

man in his mind
man – maine b chingaari toh laga di hai bas aag thodi si hava aur aag apne aap lag jaayegi
and he smirks
man- shivaye singh oberoi u will never forget tomorrow ‘s date hope u love my surprise

(anika is unconscious as doc has given her behoshi ka injection on man’s saying but he says that
she had not regained
consciousness yet and that is why all are panicked for her )

in anika ‘s room

shivaye meets her
sits over there and looks her with all love care and affection

shivaye sitting near her bed on stool

shivaye – anika i know u r angry with me becoz see what i have to u but plz open ur eyes look ur
bagad billa once
plzz get up and see the guilt in my kanji aankhe plzz get up anika plzz
u said naa that i care for u i trust u i can argue with anyone for u so plzz just keep that
in mind and forgive
me plzz anika get up plzz

shivaye cares her face and hair and kisses on her forehead
all his caring and kissing pics are clicked by same man
he smirks and says now see shivaye singh oberoi what i ‘ll do ……

shivaye falls asleep near her just uterring sorry and sorry

in morning

everone gets shocked seeing videos on their respective cells and news on tv

but shivaye is still unaware …

dadi says after watching video that
dadi- whatever happend was to happen some day ..
om – yes daadi till when shivaye will hide it
rudy – but still do bhaiya know it or not
om lets tell him come rudra he says om u go i ‘ll go and bring coffee and some food for
shivaye as he has not eaten anything ..

om says ok rudra but come fast

in room
om comes and wake shivaye up and tell about leaking the formality paper which stated that anika is his wife and
and pics of yesterday night which showed that u r caring for anika and she is urs wife
shivaye shocked
sivaye- what the wack … how can it happen
om – it was to happen some day shivaye why not today plzz go and anounce it officially media is a
creating a buzz outside plzz aaj khoon khaandaan ki mat krna aaj phli baar jisne yeh kiya woh sahi kiya
i know who ever did this is just maske ur stocks fall down
but surely ur stocks will fall ur many important deals will get canceled but ur ishqbaazi ki deal will rock

again scene shift to that man

man – shivaye singh oberoi whatever i wanted will happen now ….
that ‘s it for today
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  2. Loved it….but who is that man…may be tej

    1. Ahaana

      and u’ll come to know who the man is

  3. Nice one dear waiting for the next update please post ASAP

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    Awesome..dear.. who’s that mystery man??

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