Lost between the Mafia’s (Chapter 1)

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I was stuffing my necessary items into the duffle when the door creaked open. I looked up only to see my friendly bodyguard. He gave a smile which I returned happily.

“Zack” I acknowledged.
“All done?” he asked coming near to sit on my bed.

“Yeah!” I hummed.
“So, what brought you here Zack? More orders?” I raised a brow and continued stuffing things but, carelessly.

‘Congratulations Andrea! You successfully spoiled your mood by yourself.’ I don’t understand what is wrong with me. Since they told me I am to move Rome, mood swings has turned a constant thing.
I forgot Zack was there until he broke my chain of selfpity.
Pushing away the clothes I was folding, he started.

“Keep that aside Drea. Meet him for once. Please. He is getting mad day by day.” his voice was pleading. ” and you know who is suffering.”
That caught me though. Talk about persuasion.

“You know Drea, he likes you. In fact, everyone here does. He is just not ready to accept that. Okay?”
I nodded mindlessly. “Okay.”

“So you’re going to have a talk?” his pupils grew as if reminding me what he just said and meant.

“Shut up Zack. I got it. Fine?” I pushed him away by his shoulder suddenly. “Now, will you please leave?”
He nodded and left the room wihout a word cause he knew, I am going to go to Sedgwick and have a talk as he wants. Like always. It is compulsory.

I don’t understand what world sees , I blo*dy can’t feel any aura of ‘likeness’ around him for me, not for anyone. He is just an arrogant ruler, ruling the whole Russian Mafia.
People are afraid of him and I am one of them. One of the person he controls,he rules.
Anyways, I have to meet him soon otherwise every Russian will suffer.
Why don’t people see what I do? It’s his obsession,not likeness or whatever they say.


I wasn’t ready yet to get more orders. But one more plead from Zack and I am now standing here facing this door I very much dislike.

Knock! knock!
Knock! silence

Hesitating Knock!

“Drea?” he assumed.

“Um. Yeah” I assured.

My heartbeat was getting faster and I was sweating for sure because my fingers were getting sticky as both my hands held each other to keep my stance.

I widened the door and searched for him. But the lights were off. Moon light helped a bit. I could see his sitting form on the couch.

“Come here Drea.” his tone was low but dominating as always.

I took a step, then another.
My heart was hammering inside. What is hidden under his sleeve, I don’t know.
This dark room is not helping. Dark like his heart. It’s not helping.

I took a long breath and tried to calm myself.
I reminded myself that whatever is going to happen, it will happen. I can’t step back now. Not when I have kept foot in his room.

“Drea, baby? I said Come here.” His voice broke my thoughts. He was losing his patience.

I walked ahead till I got close enough to see his face. Handsome. That was what I thought when I first saw him.
As time passed,this handsome face showed its features and I realised then, devils hide under beautiful faces.
He pulled me to his lap but didn’t lifted his face, instead, dipped his head on my shoulder and inhaled.
His lips touched my collar bone making my senses awaken. I shivered when his lips lingered longer there.

“Dreah!” he spoke in between my neck and shoulder.
I feel disgusted now. I don’t want this. I just hope whatever he wants to orders, he do so fast.

“Baby do you know what my men out there say?” he continued speaking on my skin. I had to control all my self to keep me from pushing him off.

“Wha..at?” I asked.

“Don’t play dumb Drea. You know very well.” This time he lifted his head. Thanks to God..

“They say, you are my obsession.” As if that is a good thing for me.
“And what will happen to me, if you left me. But they doesn’t know that you will never left me. Right?”
He just wanted confirmation. That I’ll never left him.
Is that truth? Won’t I run away if I get a chance? Run away from this hell?

“Right Drea?” he asked again impatiently.

It was so easy. I just had to nod. Like I did seconds ago. But why can’t I?

His hand gripped my chin lefting my head and all my goosebumps rose. His blue orbs were scaring me. I should better be on his good side.

So, I did what I can. I nodded, again.
His grip loosened. To make it worse his hands moved away from my chin to my thighs smoothing there. But I didn’t feel anything good. It just heightens my dislike for him.

“You will be leaving tomorrow. The less you take time, the more I’ll be pleased. Freddie will accompany you till you land there. And after that everything is on you. ”
“You know very well Drea, how impatient I get when it’s you.”
With that, his lips slammed on mine without a warning.
I loathe him so much.

Before he could go further, I pretended unable to breathe.
He wasn’t surprised, I can see. This is what he wants. Make me feel disgusted of myself. And I satisfied him.

“You may leave now. Spy!” I didn’t missed the mockery. I wished I could return that back to him.
Instead, I walked away as he said. Because that’s what I can do. If he kiss me, it doesn’t mean he likes me. It Doesn’t.

Its not like he doesnt bark orders to me, doesnt punish me. Not like he lets me give my opinion. He doesn’t ask my permisssion before touching me.
I despise him.
But I can’t say that. I can’t show that.
He is my ruler.
Our devil in disguise.
Our Boss.


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