Lost love-Part 3

He made his way straight into his room, he now stays in his own room, the same room she had been living for the time she was here, 5 years back…this room was the only place in this entire house where he finds peace, where he can feel her around him, where there are so many memories of them… he smiled, those memories of them were so special…their fights, their friendship and that Karwachaut night…it all played in front his eyes

Helpless with where life had brought him he hit the wall and sat on the bed clutching his hairs in his hands ‘i am sorry somu, i hope tum mujhey maaf kardo for each and every thing i did’ he whispered as his eyes moistened


Rudra was back with a bouquet of red roses, soumya was fine now and just an hour earlier he was told that she is sleeping under the effect of medicines, when he brought her hospital she was critical but all his prayers were answered and she was out of danger… and finally last night she was shifted into a separate room from ICU…

He didn’t have the heart to go inside and face her alone thus he waited for his family to come whom he called soon after he was informed about her being out of danger
Rudra (mind)-i will apologize to you in front of everyone soumya and will tell everyone of accepting you as my wife, i know you will forgive me

he looked up at his brothers who were there with anika bhabhi and daadi
Anika-rudra soumya, how is she?
he sighed getting up with a small smile
Rudra-she is fine now bhabhi, she is resting inside her cabin, i was just waiting for you guyz, come let’s go and see her

they nodded following him inside her cabin but what followed was something rudra never ever imagined in his worst nightmare

A tear rolled down his cheek as he caressed her letter clutching her mangalsutra in his hands, this is the only memory he have for her, the only thing which was the significance of their wedding, but she had left it with him and walked away, to not to look back ever…ever again

Flashback ends

Rudra-I am so sorry somu, maina tumhe bohat hurt kiya, itna hurt ke tum kabhi mjhe maaf hi nahe kar paye tum kabhi laut kar hi nahe aye somu, please come back once, at least give me one chance to let you know how sorry i am and how much i love you…please soumya (he pleaded and wished for a miracle to happen) tum to meri takkar ki ishqbaaaz the, but i have lost you forever ‘


She changed into her night suit and went into the drawing room, with a bowl of pop corn in her hands and her drink at the table, she sat at the couch crossing her legs, it was weekend and so it was just her day, but unfortunately it got ruined as the movie she choose to watch today was something which took her back into the past


She was back to consciousness and the first thing she asked for was about rudra, nurse informed her that the guy who brought her here is perfectly fine and is waiting for her to gain conscious
‘i will go and call him’ nurse said and turned to leave
when soumya stopped her startling her
Soumya-no please, don’t in fact will you please do me one favour?

The lady nodded
Nurse-yes…tell me
Soumya-i need a pen and a paper
she requested on which nurse nodded and left to bring it

After 5 minutes she was back, soumya smiled at her and took the pen and paper from her hands…she didn’t know what to right or how to say a final Good Bye but she knew she had to do it…she is fine but she don’t wish to come across him ever again, she had freed him from this name sake relationship of their and it’s time for her to walk away, she always use to feel that they don’t deserve each other because she was never a girl he wanted nor was he someone she wished as her life partner, still she fell in love with the most insensitive guy but that doesn’t gave her the right to sacrifice her self respect

She was always proud of her weight, her appearance and she can’t let anyone play with her beliefs and identify…she is happy the way she is and she will always remain that way…no one is allowed to play with her feelings, even if it’s the person she fell in love with…Rudra Singh Oberoi

‘Rudra i am leaving, no actually i am leaving forever this time, to not to return back ever, i know you must be so happy after reading this that i won’t be around you anymore to ruin your life or family and whatever you have blamed me for…so smile widely and cherish this news, i am leaving for my good, it would be a blessing to finally walk away from you, a guy who cannot give me the respect i deserve, a guy who consider me a mistake, i don’t expect you to even feel sad about me going but then whatever you feel and what you don’t doesn’t really matter to me rudra…i have said earlier and i am saying it again, you are free, and so am i…this wedding is nothing to me anymore…i am leaving the only evidence of that mistake with you rudra, keep it or throw it, your wish…thank you for saving my life and thank you for making me feel confident about who i am, for making me understand that there is no need for me to change myself for a jerk like you…i am happy to go, hope you too live happily after getting free…i wish the best for you…Good Bye and i pray to not to cross my path with you ever again

Flashback ends

‘Soumya’ someone shook her back bringing her out of her thoughts
Soumya-ji ayi
She said turning to her aye and tried to smile
Aai-ab bhi uske bare mai soch rahe ho?

She asked and soumya knew that she is talking about him thus nodded a little
Soumya-mai usse kabhi nahe bhul sakti aye
she cried hiding her face in her palms and her mother ran her hand in her hairs
Aai-why don’t you contact him once soumya…ab bhe dair nahe hue hai

her mother suggested but she shook her head
Soumya-nahe aye, i will never do that, i don’t know if he ever felt about me the same way but one thing was sure, he never respected me for what i was…then why? Why i shall do it…i am happy without him…mujhe kise ki zarorat nahe hai

she said wiping her tears and her mother just took her in a soothing hug…because sometimes words aren’t enough to put someone at ease but actions are

Soumya (mind)- Rudra mai tumhe bhul kar bhe bhul nahe paye, but we were never meant to be together…humari bech kabhi ishqbaaazi thi hi nahi

Rudra is running behind a girl in rain
Rudra- Soumya
Girl turns back….Rudra gets shocked


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