Lost in World – A Traveling Fiction – A Dummy Model

The day came of which I was dreaming from childhood. Traveling and exploring does have fun. This is what I thought. Today I am in Paris, taking off my boots. I simply laid on the bed as obviously, I travelled so long. I closed my eyes to embrace the feeling of my excitement. Soon, I slept in the warmth of the confortable bed. When I opened my eyes, I simply looked at the clock which was laying his small hand on 4. The waiter knocked my door and entered bringing coffee for me. I, soon had my coffee.

After Sometime :

I looked outside of my cab, the view of outside was like peace for the eyes. It completely absorbed me in it. My mouth wasn’t hesitant to make an O shape as the beauty of Paris thrilled me. The cab stopped at some distance because we had arrived at our destination. I quickly got off the car, paid the driver and stepped ahead. The door of the restaurant had positive vibes. It appeared small to me but peaceful. The board of the restaurant stated “dt” which was the short form of the David Toutain Restaurant.

David Toutain Restaurant

I entered the restaurant and there I saw was something harmonious and pleasant. I sat down on chair. I looked at the menu with nervousness because I hadn’t known any French Dishes. I read some of the names. I gently slided my fingers through the dishes names and stopped at basil ice cream with fresh strawberries. I quickly ordered it with a loaf of garlic bread as my pets were running in my stomach.  Soon, the waiters bought my dinner and I ate it in no time. I couldn’t stop myself from praising the food. It was worth-eating. How couldn’t it be? After all, it was from the famous restaurant of Paris “Restaurant David Toutain”. After I finished my dinner, the finger bowl was kept right infront of me. Now, don’t think that I will drink it😂. I cleansed my hands and paid the bill and left the hotel which was not less than any beautiful cottage.

The End of Episode

Author’s note : This episode was for just introduction. I had written this as Episode 1, but afterwards I thought to give it the title of Model / Dummy piece of episode. If you (the readers) want me to continue this type of fiction, then please drop “Yes” in comment section. If there are atleast 5 “Yes” in comment section, then I will surely continue it. I hadn’t seen this places in real life, but I want to feel and experience those beautiful views through writing. This won’t be a consecutive series. Each episode will discover new place. So remember of dropping “Yes”, if you want.
Thank You

  1. Hi Zingo. First of all I am sorry to say about this in this FF as i can’t post this comment with any other way. Don’t take me other way. As it has been long time that you have uploaded the next chapter of EHSAAS FF, which is based on yrhpk. I am so eagerly waiting for its next chapter.Hope you understand, so please upload its next chapter as soon as possible. Now about this FF, its an nice FF.

    1. Zingo

      Thank You So Much, Naina. For your comment. I had never imagined in my ever beautiful dreams that someone would love my stories to this core. By the way, next episode of Ehsaas is almost prepared. Don’t worry. So, I can consider your comment as Yes for my this fanfic?😁😁

    2. I accepted your request😍😍😉

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