Looking at you makes me feel you (Part-5)

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I am back with another episode. Please read and give me your valuable comments……. I am sorry if there are any mistakes or typing errors.

Dadi leaves the mansion happily. Once she meets her friends she shared her happiness with her friends about the untold affection between Om and Gauri to each other.
Om is looking everything hiding behind a curtain and is much happy about what happened. This is what he wanted. He ran to his room and jumped to the bed hugging a pillow. He acts as he is in a deep sleep as he is not well. But he checked secretly by opening an eye whether Gauri is coming to the room. Time passed and Gauri didn’t come to his room. He couldn’t bear this silence anymore.
Om: Where is this girl go? She doesn’t even care to come and have a look whether I am ok or not. I hope she heard me that I am not well. Gauri is not like this before. What I can do now….?? Oh… Gauri’s Shankar Ji please help me… I am her …….. I am….. Hmm Shankar ji she thinks you always helps her. So please think this as a help for her. Please give me an idea Shankar Ji…….

So he tried to put the water glass down to make a noise and get her attention to get her in to his room. At the same time he heard footsteps. He checked who is coming to see him. Oh…. What a surprise…. Gauri….. He is jumping up and down from the happiness in his mind and act as sleep. Gauri comes near Om and have look whether he is not well really. Gauri thinks that he is not sleeping this time if he is not really un-well. So it should not be a lie. He is really not well.
Gauri: Oh Shankar Ji ….. Please see Omkara Ji is not well….. What happened to him…..
Om tells in his mind…
This crazy girl is asking God what happened to me without coming here. She stays far and prays to God. She should come here and check whether I have fever or not keeping her hand on me. Oh Shankar Ji please don’t fail my plans. She has enough time for you Shankar Ji but not me. This girl is making me crazy.
Is seems that this time God has listen to Om not Gauri.

Gauri comes near the bed and sit near him. She keeps her hand on his forehead. Om feels like his breath stops by her touch. Gauri understand that he doesn’t have fever. Looking at the way he is sleeping, she feels really sad about him. Gauri in her mind thinks… He is very good at breaking my heart in to pieces. But when he is sleeping like this he is really charming I can’t take my eyes out of him. She tells herself…. Am I mistaken? Keeps her hand again on his forehead and checked fever again. No difference. Though she is little hesitant she keeps her hand on his both side of the neck to check fever. Om feels the warmth of her heart from his toe to the head. It was a heavenly feel for him. Her hand is cool and Om feels like current going in his body with her touch. He couldn’t bear this silence anymore and wanted to live the moment with her. He slowly opens his eyes acting that he is not well. Gauri tries to take hand out hurriedly. Before that Om keeps his hand on her hand and looks at her. She couldn’t avoid that pleading eyes and she stays as she is. He keeps looking at her eyes and sees the depth of the love she has in her heart which she is trying to hide from her words and actions. When he is looking at her he sees her eyes are filling with tears. That is a very good instance of the true feeling towards her husband which she never expresses in words. Om feels so uncomfortable of playing this sick prank on her. On other hand he is much confidence and happy about her affection deep in her heart.

Gauri in her mind says…. Omkara Ji please don’t get un-well. I can’t see you down like this. If you feel comfort like this I am ready keep my hand like this until my last breath. Be well. What happened to you suddenly? I am not that bad not look after you when you are sick. You can tell me anything. I am scared to ask you because I still have the fear whether you will scold me if I ask your sicknesses. Am doing a right thing to be silent when he is sick without asking him what he wants? She is having a mind and heart fight. Finally love wins.
Gauri: Omkara ji… Why you are like this? You are not well na…
Om: Hmm Gauri.. I don’t feel well.

Gauri: Do you want anything? Can make you something to drink? Or shall we call the doctor?
Om: Can you be my side little. I will be ok if I will sleep little.
Gauri didn’t say anything and gets up to keep the pillows properly. Om holds her hand and didn’t let her move. Then she no choice other than obeying him as he has already closed his eyes and trying to sleep. She sits from his head side placing her back to the bed and cares his hair. Both of them are unaware about the time passing. He had a very peaceful sleep holding her hand from evening to next day morning. Gauri also fell on her sleep at the same sitting position holding his hand throughout the night.

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    Dear Dili
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