Looking at you makes me feel you (Part-1)

I am starting with the original story line from the OM’s return from his overseas trip during Shivika’s engagement blunder……….. I am really sorry if there is any grammar or typing mistake.

Om is in his room after the Sangeeth ceremony and he has no feeling to have a shower even. He is just lost in his thoughts. Dadi is about to enter Om’s room and just saw that Om is lost and she didn’t disturb him and enjoyed his actions from far. Om is going through a flashback of each and every second he spent with Gauri. How she reacts seeing him after few days with the influence after having special laddoos. Reminding of her actions, makes Om smile with no reason. He is shivered when he reminisced the eye look they had when he hold her once she was about to fall. His heart is asking him why you let her go so soon without keeping her in your arms. His soul is begging one more chance to have a dance with her. He feels like he lost something and made a sad face. Dadi knows that he is lost in Gauri’s thoughts.

Even Dadi remembered that she is also mesmerized with Gauri’s beauty with her Black outfit. Finally Dadi thought to disturb him as she felt that he enjoyed a lot. Dadi ask where he is lost. Om looks down with shy eyes and lied that he was thinking about something told by Rudy. Dadi told him that she is so disturbed now with the situation having in every relation ShivOmRu are having. She told him that all are having only name sake relations and those are not strong enough to fight with the obstacles. She explains him that the best example is Ragini’s incident. Om also understood that the situation is such and they have to do something to make Shivika do their re-marriage and give a new start to their life. Dadi knew that now he is thinking only about his brother’s union and not about his life. So she told asked him to make his life better too and left.

Om in his thoughts replied to Dadi that he trying to do that and fell in to a deep thought and took his phone. He thinks that this is the first time he is doing something without telling to ShivRu even. He called someone asked whether he got any information he requested. It seems that he didn’t get a good reply as he asked the person to try his best to finish the given work as soon as possible. He made a determined look with sharp eye look and left to bathroom.

After a tried day Gauri finishes all her work and thought to have a tea after freshen-up. It looks like something urgent came-up as she starts running to Dadi’s room. Suddenly she collides with Om. She is about to fall and he hold her tightly putting his hand around her waist and grabbing her to his side. They have an eye look. O Sathiya duet version plays. Gauri tries to move and her long earing got stuck in Om’s Kurtha button. Om feels sad that it will hurt her. She tried to take it out while her Pathi is lost in her enjoying her beauty silently. There was a floral fragrance coming from her. He wanted to hug her. After hearing Gauri screaming he came to his senses. She couldn’t take the earing out. Om speaks through his eyes and asked her wait until he removes it.

He has to break the button to take the earing out. Finally she is done and about to go. Gauri slips on water again and Pathi dev has to save her. She is holding from Oms collar and her face is on his bare chest. She felt his heart warmth. His heart beat is really high and inner is shivering with the situation. She feels shy and moved hurriedly without even looking at his face once. While trying to move aside his lips placed on her forehead unknowingly and Gauri looked with widen eyes. He feels so happy I his heart and embarrassed to see her face and apologized to her. She knew that it was an accident and said it is ok and left giving him a smiling face. After she left Om secretly turn back and is watching where is going so hurriedly.

Gauri comes to Dadi’s room and asked whether she got her medicine. Dadi lied that she is. But Gauri is not satisfied with her answer and looked on the cupboard where she kept Dadi’s soup and medicine. It is just there as it is. Gauri understand that Dadi is so upset with what happened between Shivika today and blame herself for keeping them without feeding her. She starts to feed her soup and talked about the situation and managed to lessen Dadi’s burden little. Om saw this when he is passing there. He imagined Gauri feeding him soup and feels so comfortable looking at her talking eyes. Suddenly he came to his senses and headed to his room. After giving Dadi’s medicine Gauri switched off lights and left promising Dadi that she will come and sleep with her today.

Gauri is sitting in the lawn having tea while looking at the moon. She starts to talk her heart out with moon. It is just like a picture. She looks so beautiful. Om is admiring her beauty from far in his room and he can see her shinning face with the moon light. There was a cool breeze and Gauri’s hair is moving to her face disturbing her thoughts. Om’s heart ache and wants run and hold her and set her hair properly. His heart is not allowing even hair to trouble his love though he is the reason for Gauri’s hurt most.

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