Lockdown Ki Love Story 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv is exposed

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The Episode starts with Dhruv scolding Hulchul and Bablu. He recalls doubting Bablu and checking Hulchul’s call log. He says they both kidnapped Milky, I will tell their truth if they can’t say it. Nutan asks what do you mean. Dhruv gets Sonam out of the isolation net. Sheetal says everyone can get the corona, run fast. Dhruv says she doesn’t have any corona, she was playing this drama to stay here. Dhruv says Sonam got Miljy kidnapped, she is more dangerous than corona, Hulchul and Bablu helped Sonam to come back and ruin our lives, then they planned Milky’s kidnapping. He scolds his friends.

He says I felt you will always trust me, even if my parents don’t, you came in Sonam’s words and cheated me, did she chant a mantra in your eyes. Bablu says she isn’t an outsider, we regard her Bhabhi. Hulchul says we believe she is our Bhabhi even today, you were busy in making her out of the city. Dhruv says Sonam, you snatched my friends also, anyways, your truth is exposed, what will you do now. Sonam cries.

Milky asks will you snatch my husband. She raises hand on Sonam. Hulchul stops Milky. He says Dhruv should have stopped this hand. Hulchul says Dhruv got trapped in hatred. Milky goes to Dhruv and says Sonam kidnapped me, your friends were also with her, I was scared. She hugs Dhruv.

Dhruv says yes. Nutan slaps Hulchul and cries. She scolds him a lot. She asks what relation do you have with this girl, when Dhruv made her out, did she get friendly with you both. Sonam looks at Dhruv. Sonam chants Ram charitra manas. She says you would have heard Tulsidas’ doha, you know have read about true friends, they are Dhruv’s true friends and want him to come on right path. Shashi smiles. Sonam says you don’t know what your son was doing, you got blind in hatred and selfish, you crossed the limits of shame and respect, you are defaming me by linking my name with them. Dhruv says Maryada is a big word, it doesn’t suit you, I m ashamed to hear it from you.

Dhruv says you ran from the house on marriage day and came back here by planning, is this called Maryada. Hulchul claps. He says wow, you are showing good Maryada/limits, you can blame your friend and great love further, you called her an outsider, we have done this for friendship, we will not support you if you are going on a wrong path, we did the fake drama, we called the fake police, we are not professional kidnappers, we did this so that Sonam gets her rights.

He says you scolded us, right, you tell everything to them, who was behind this. Shashi asks what do you want. Hulchul says ask him, who called me and asked me for kidnapper’s number, who asked me to get Sonam kidnapped, who asked me to get the box and keep it near Sonam, who did this planning, who wanted Sonam to get kidnapped, ask him to tell you. Sonam says Hulchul… He says not today, truth should come out, that kidnapper is Dhruv, he wanted Sonam to get kidnapped, Milky got kidnapped by mistake.

Nutan asks who will believe you now. Shashi asks Dhruv to say its a lie, you can’t fall so low, is Hulchul saying the truth. Dhruv says yes, its right, I planned Sonam’s kidnapping, I wanted to send her to Mumbai. Everyone is shocked. Dhruv says I did right, I don’t regret, I will do this again to make her out of my life. Sonam says you fell so down. Dhruv says you fell down when you broke my heart, you left the marriage, I hate the word love, just because of you, everything is known now, get out of this house now.

Shashi says Sonam won’t go anywhere, we will have a voting done to know if she will go or not.

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