Lockdown Ki Love Story 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Nutan hurts Ankita

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The Episode starts with Ankita, Sonam, Sheetal and Sneha hiding. Ankita calls Nutan outside. She says Dheeraj and I want to plan a child, you can give me doctor’s number. Nutan thinks its a fake doctor, I can’t tell her anything. Milky thinks they are playing a game with me. Nutan says let the marriage happens, then we will discuss it, focus on the functions. She goes. Sonam says we can get proof from the hospital. Sheetal says yes. Ankita says Nutan has refused. Sheetal says I will put off the lights, Sneha can go and steal reports from Milky’s cupboard. Sonam says yes, doctor will tell the truth now. Nutan keeps a note in the necklace box. Milky comes asking what are you doing. Nutan says I have to give jewellery to Sonam. Milky says you will kill her today, you will stab her with this knife. Nutan goes calling out Sonam.

Sonam asks why are you worried. Nutan says no, this necklace is for mehendi and sangeet, keep it. Sonam says thanks, okay. Nutan says open it and see. Milky stops Sonam. She says you had to give this big necklace. Sonam goes. Milky gets the note and scolds Nutan. Nutan says leave me. Milky says you are the most foolish woman.

Sneha says Sonam is getting mehendi applied. She records everything. Everyone smiles. Ankita shows her mehendi. Dhruv sees them on the video call. Shashi goes to call Nutan. Milky says I had to tell you something, I know you favor Sonam, but you have accepted my baby, thanks. She asks him to accept the drink if he has forgiven her. He drinks the juice. She says I feel restless, can you give me the towel. He goes to washroom. Nutan comes. Milky asks her to take the knife and do what she told. Nutan says leave me. Milky takes her to washroom and shows Shashikant unconscious. She threatens Nutan. She asks Nutan to go and kill Sonam. She says you will be going to jail, Dhruv and I will be here, go now.

Everyone dances in the sangeet. Nutan brings Milky there. Sheetal says Sneha should go on right time. Sneha falls down. She says I got a foot sprain, I m fine, you all dance. The light goes out. Nutan strikes. Sonam screams. Light comes back. Everyone gets shocked seeing Ankita hurt. They see the knife fallen. Milky shouts for help. Sonam pulls Milky back. Everyone comes and help Milky. Shashi gets conscious and comes out. Milky fakes a miscarriage. She lies in pain. Doctor comes and checks Milky. He says sorry, she had a miscarriage, what can we do, we are sorry for this loss, take care of her.

Milky does a drama. Milky says Sonam had pushed me. Sheetal asks what. Milky says Sonam and her family were after me and killed my baby. Sonam asks what are you saying, I have saved you. Nutan says this marriage won’t happen now, marriage is cancelled. Everyone looks on.

Sonam meets Sheetal and asks what will we do now. Sheetal says Nutan is with Milky, I don’t understand. Sonam says she looks in stress, I feel Milky has trapped her. Sheetal says yes, she can do this, Batasa had been murdered and Nutan suspected me, how did Shashi faint, Ankita got wounded, Milky had a miscarriage, how did Batasa get murdered. Sonam asks her to find out. She says I will find about Milky’s miscarriage. Its morning, Nutan says Dhruv got fine, you go and get him home soon. Shashi says he will be upset if we go. She says I want entire family to go and get him, Milky is at home, I have her responsibility, go and get Dhruv soon. Shashi and everyone leave.

Sonam goes to a hospital. She takes disguise. She asks doctor to make her fake pregnancy report. Doctor says this doesn’t happen here. Sonam says my friend told its done in this hospital, Milky. She gives him money. He says tell her not to tell this to anyone again. He takes the money and says go from here, I will give the report in evening. She thanks him.

Sonam says I know your fake pregnancy truth. Milky tries to kill her. She stabs Sonam.

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