Lockdown Ki Love Story 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Milky blackmails Nutan

Lockdown Ki Love Story 20th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Milky pinching Nutan. Nutan asks them to let Milky stay back. Sonam says I don’t believe Milky, when she triees to do something good for us, some secret comes out, why would she change. Sheetal says yes, we have to find it out ourselves. Milky hears them. Sonam goes to meet Dhruv. Milky comes to Nutan. Nutan says you are playing with my emotions. She cries and says I won’t tell anyone, why don’t you go from here. Milky says calm down old woman, you have to do much work. Nutan says I have hidden a big secret in me. Milky says Dhruv’s madness is over, I want him back, but he wants Sonam, Dhruv and I will have a new start, Sonam won’t reach for the marriage, she will be dead, you will kill her. She gets shocked.

Nutan says no. Milky holds her hand and stops her. She asks her to take her out. She says this poison bottle is empty, I have already poisoned the water, Dheeraj and Ankita will die in the morning, I m telling this so that you can see them alive for the last time. Nutan goes and throws the water in pots. They come back to the room. Nutan says you killed Batasa already and now got after my children. Milky says I have kept such things in everyone’s room that they may die, you can’t even imagine it. Nutan says don’t do this. She begs Milky.

She says I will kill everyone one by one, will you kill Sonam, tell me. Nutan says I will kill Sonam. Its morning, Sonam comes to meet Milky. She says I want to tell you, its better to forget everything, I m sorry, Dhruv and I are going to make a new start, we want to adopt your child, we will give baby a family, you can get involved in baby’s life. Milky asks did you tell Dhruv about the baby, did he get happy, what did he say.

Sonam thinks Milky is checking if I m saying the truth, I didn’t tell him. She says yes, I told him, he was shocked. Milky says I will take responsibility of my child, its my last hope, I won’t give baby to you. She acts to cry. Nutan says you didn’t do right Sonam to ask Milky for her baby, go now, leave Milky alone. Sonam apologizes to Milky. She leaves. She says something is strange. Sheetal says I got this to find out. Sonam asks how will we find it. Sheetal says pregnant women know the danger on their child, we will see if Milky is pregnant, she will sense danger seeing this papaya, I will tell you later. She goes to Milky and asks her to have fruits. Milky takes the fruits. Nutan stops Milky from eating papaya. Milky asks how would I know, I m pregnant for the first time. She says you are preparing to kill my baby. Nutan says no, Sheetal should be careful.

Milky says great, you did the right thing at a right time, win my trust, you will be happy. Nutan cries. Milky asks her not to cry. Nutan says stop all this. Sonam comes the haldi. Sneha takes family pics. Everyone smiles. Milky takes money from the envelope. She says now Sheetal will be insulted. Pratap and Subhadra give gifts to everyone. Nutan says its a cheap saree. She creates a scene. Milky signs her.

Everyone worries seeing Nutan’s reaction. She asks everyone to show their gifts. She criticizes the gifts. Sheetal says my envelope is empty, the saree is black. She also argues. Milky smiles. She recalls asking Nutan to insult everyone. Nutan calls Subhadra and asks her to send black saree for Sheetal, its her fav colour.

Milky asks Nutan to throw the wheelchair down the stairs, Sonam will be dead. Nutan screams when Milky pinches her. She pushes the wheelchair.

Update Credit to: Amena

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