Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Milky fakes pregnancy

Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dhruv’s operation going on. Everyone waits outside. Doctor comes and says Dhruv is fine, there is nothing to worry, you can meet him later. Milky comes there in nurse’s disguise and thinks this paper will ruin Dhruv. She goes to Shashi and asks him to take Dhruv’s reports. Nutan and Sonam come. Everyone asks how is Dhruv now. Nutan says he is fine, he was asking for everyone. Shashi says Dhruv got a new life because of Sonam. Nutan nods. Sheetal says yes, Sonam is determined. Sneha thanks Sonam. They all hug. Shashi sees that paper note.

Nutan asks everyone to prepare Dhruv’s welcome. Everyone gets busy. Batasa asks what’s this, it came for Milky. Nutan checks. She calls pandit and asks him to come to Jaiswal house. Shashi goes to temple. He thanks Mata Rani for giving a new life to Dhruv. Milky comes and says thanks for coming, I have sent it, I know you can’t forgive me, you have a right to know about your family. He says I came to meet you for the last time, come to the point. She tells something. He worries.

Nutan asks about Dhruv and Sonam’s kundli match. Pandit says there is a problem in their kundli, big problems will come for them. Pratap says we will handle it, don’t worry. Sheetal says nothing to worry, Milky was the big problem, she is gone now, I was also a problem and I have changed now. She asks pandit to give solution. Pandit says we will keep a puja for them. Sheetal says Dhruv is in hospital now. Pandit says Sonam can attend puja alone. Sheetal says that can happen.

Nutan goes and thinks what to do. Sonam gets ready and comes for puja. Shashi brings Milky home. Subhadra says you know Milky is the cause of all the problems, why did you get her here. Shashi says I m helpless, Milky is pregnant with Dhruv’s child. Everyone is shocked. Pratap asks what’s this new nonsense. Nutan says I have the report also. She shows reports to Sonam. Sonam says its a joke, Dhruv can’t do this. Milky says Dhruv doesn’t know it, I thought I will lose him, I had spiked the water and took my wife’s rights from him, I had no other way.

Sheetal scolds her. Milky says I knew you will not forgive me, I will go away with the heir, I will give birth to this baby. Shashi says no, you won’t go anywhere. He asks them not to trouble Sonam. Nutan says we can’t leave Milky at this time. Sonam asks didn’t you think about me and my parents. Shashi says I have no answer for you, forgive me, we want to give a family to Dhruv’s child, Milky is also our responsibility now, you can stay here until you want. Sonam says no, Dhruv will get me here, I know you are helpless, I have to go from here. Sonam and her parents leave. Milky thinks they have supported me instead Sonam.

Shashi asks Milky to have medicines. Milky says I knew you will understand right and wrong. She thanks him for understanding. He goes out secretly and meets Sonam. FB shows Shashi showing the note to Sonam. She says maybe its her new plan, you have to meet her, then we will decide what to do. FB ends. Shashi says Milky didn’t doubt that we are together, last time she had sent family to jail, she can be more dangerous, we have to find out the truth, I don’t understand anything, Dhruv is in hospital. Sonam says I will handle it. Shashi says don’t know if she is really pregnant or not, we can’t make her leave. Sonam says I found a way, we have to be careful, Milky can be proved dangerous for us. Batasa gets food for Milky. Ankita and Batasa leave. Milky gets a recorder there. She says how dare they do this.

Milky goes to storeroom. She says make a false report about complications in pregnancy. She sees Batasa and attacks him. He shouts. Nutan gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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