Lockdown Ki Love Story 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam is Dumbstruck


Lockdown Ki Love Story 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nutan gives Pratham an example that every bottle has a cork made for it and each cork has a bottle made for it and if even by mistake, they are interchanged, they won’t fit. Pratham says he didn’t understand what she is saying, hope she is not saying his daughter as bottle or cork. Nutan says he is bottle and Subhadra is cork. Pratham says just like Shashikant is bottle and she is cork. Nutan says her son is very innocent and simple boy while Sonam is advanced and loves working in office, so she will not work in kitchen or take care of house; her son since the beginning is habituated to get things on his table without effort, but if he marries Sonam, he has to wash his clothes and cook for himself, so his and Sonam’s Jodi won’t match, it is better he takes back his daughter from here. Sonam hears their conversation. Pratham notices her and says she doesn’t have to listen to Nutan and get disheartened. Sonam gifts her handmade bag from old clothes and says she thought she has changed after morning’s event. Sonam says it is not a question of changing or not, it’s a question of her family’s unity and compatibility, she doesn’t fit in her family. Sonam walks away disheartened. Bua walks in and praises Nutan for her act.

Nutan sees Sonam sad and ask if someone told her anything. Pratham says Nutan called her cork. Whole family gathers. Dhruv says amma must have told something in Prayagraj language and they misunderstood. Sonam says it is clear now that Nutan doesn’t like her and is not happy with this alliance. Shashikant scolds Nutan. Pratham says Nutan clearly told that she doesn’t like Sonam and wants this alliance cancelled. Dhruv says he will speak to Sonam. Shashikant says he is right, he should speak to Sonam while he speaks to his Zohra jabeen Nutan. Sonam says there is nothing to speak now, Nutan clearly expressed her feelings and she is not hurt as she called Dhruv also bottle, she is angry with Dhruv that he told his parents have agreed for this marriage and she came here, but she sees that his mother is not happy with his marriage. Dheeraj says hurdles come in marriages and asks Shashikant to describe his experience. Shashikant describes hurdles faced during his wedding and laughs.

Subhadra says only thing important here is Sonam and Dhruv love each other. Dhruv says 3 parents have accepted this wedding, so soon all 4 will. Pratham says only 2 as even he is against wedding, he doesn’t want Nutan to mentally and physically torture his daughter. Sonam says if he is not convinced, let us end this alliance. She walks to her room. Dhruv tries to walk behind trying to speak, but Pratham holds him and says he cares for his daughter more than Dhruv and will not let his family hurt his daughter. Subhadra frees Dhruvs’ hand and warns Pratham that he doesn’t care for anyone, else he wouldn’t have created this drama. She asks Dhruv to go and convince Sonam. Dhruv goes and knocks Sonam’s door. Dheeraj scolds Nutan for creating this drama. Shashikant says even he doesn’t want this wedding like this and his son convincing his wife whole life, he has to find some solution. Dhruv continues convincing Sonam and says he will break the door with the count of 3. He counts 3 and pushes door. Sonam opens door just then and they both fall on floor. Sonam says she is tired of all this drama and they both tried their best to convince their parents, but his mother will not accept her.

Precap: Sonam and Dhruv act as fighting in front of parents and cancel wedding.

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