Locha E Ulfat (Few Shots) Shot 1

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“Hello” said a guy sitting in front of Ragini who tucked her hair behind her ear. She smiled at him weakly. “What have you studied?” he asked her. “M.Com. I’m a lecturer in Mangalore University” said she proudly. “But you know in our cast girls doesn’t study so much. I don’t like if a girl is educated much but you are beautiful so I will say okay for the marriage. After marriage you have to shift to Dubai with me” he said and next minute his face was covered with water which was thrown by Ragini who was still holding the glass. “What the hell” he said getting up furious. “What is wrong with you?” he asked wiping his face. “Papa rejected” she screamed and headed inside the house from the corridor where they were sitting. “Ladoo” said Shekar. “Papa rejected means can’t you understand? Or shall I throw them out?” she asked furious tucking her Sari edge near her waist and tied her hair and headed to her room.

“What is this Shekar ji did you call us to humiliate? This is the problem with educated girls” said the guys mom and stormed out from there.

Me Ragini Gadodia. Proud daughter of Mr. Shekar Gadodia. I’m the first girl to complete post graduation in my community. Earning 30,000 per month, 26 years. But unmarried. And due to the cheap mentality of male dominated society every ass hole talks like this and it boils my blood and I react this way. My marriage has become my dad’s biggest worry. Though I achieved so much still people think my education and achievements are useless as I’m unmarried. This was the 10th proposal I rejected due to my feminist nerves. Some I rejected because they wanted me to give my complete salary to them which I disapproved. My dad is retired and I want to continue my duty as his daughter even after marriage. So I want to give all my earnings to my dad the way I have been doing from the time I got my first salary. That’s my main concern. Why should I change my priorities for someone. Even if I stay unmarried all my life I’m gonna stick to my commitments.
“Dad please I don’t want to get married now please” I said my dad as I walked to my room after dinner. “Please listen to me once Parth. She is really a good girl and educated” said he entering my room. “Dad I have lot of business commitments and I cannot even think about anything else. Marriage is like diversion dad and I don’t want any diversion please” I said and lied on my bed. My dad headed out sad.
Me Parth Kapoor. Son of Ram Kapoor. Most successful business man of our city. Pioneer industrialist who brought many industries first time to Mangalore. 27 years and unmarried. My business is my first priority and my only commitment. And I don’t even wish to have any commitments other than that. Marriage is the word I’m running from years. I really can’t divert my mind now. My wife will understand my priorities I really had a doubt. Our community girls have only one dream in life that is to get married and settle down how will they understand my career goals for whom only career suitable is house wife. I don’t underestimate house wives but I really hate the concept where you sacrifice your dreams for your husband. I think this year is also going to pass me being unmarried. But the girl about whom dad spoke today. He said she is educated. Ahhh educated also in our community means only 10th standard after which nobody allows them to study further. But there was one girl in our city who was completely rebellion to these thoughts of our community.
I brushed my thoughts and tried sleeping and finally sleep covered me.
“Papa please” I literally begged my dad who was roaming behind me from the time I entered home after finishing my lectures at University. I had already had a tiring day as I had back to back 4 lectures. “Please Ladoo. He is good match for you. Big business man” said my dad. “Then now only I’m rejecting. You know I don’t like self centered people” I told him clearly. “You know na Ram uncle his son beta. He is very cultured and good person. You wont get such person if you miss” said my dad and I coughed as the water went in the wrong pipe. “No papa you can’t do this with me” I said horrified. “What did I do?” he asked confused patting my head. “I’m not gonna marry that idiot never ever. Even if he is the last man on earth” I said my dad and headed inside my room banging the door
“Please fill the hairline of the bride” said the Pandit and he lifted my ghugat a bit and filled my hair line and I closed my eyes. “Even if he is last man on the earth” I remembered my own words. You always do this Kanha ji. Whenever I say I won’t do it never ever, you create situations so that I have to do that. I hate you Kanha ji I hate you.

I never even thought that I will marry her. All thanks to my stubborn dad he blackmailed me emotionally and I like a fool came into his words. I seriously don’t know why it happens with me. We stood up to take blessings from our elders. That moment defined our future. She went left and I went right. “This marriage will not last much time” said one granny and I looked at her and she looked at me with the same attitude. I held her side of gatbandhan and dragged her to my side and she glared me. Her anger is one thing which had made me weak always. I encircled my hands around her waist and she widened her eyes shocked. We stepped down and took blessings from our elders. The battle hour has started.

“Listen I don’t have faltu ka time to listen to your silly complains got that. I have an important meeting so I will use the washroom first” I tried getting inside the washroom. “Do I look like I want to waste my time on you? Don’t I have better options. Even I have important lecture early morning so I will use the washroom first” said she and pushed me a bit. Ahhh this girl can’t she understand. “Go and use guest room washroom then” I told her. “You can also do that” she said casually. This is why I hate her hardcore feminism; in everything she has to consider this equality shit. I looked at her fuming. She tickled me and as I stumbled and stood she ran inside the washroom and I kept banging the door.
“One month over for your marriage still I can here only arguments from your room” said my dad boiling me more as he passed by my room.

As I stepped out of the washroom I felt someone holding my hand and dragging me. It was him. He twisted my hand and pinned it to my back and dragged me dangerously close to him. I looked at him shocked. “I missed my meeting due to you, now I won’t let you got to University” he whispered in my ear. His hot breath hacked my breath and I struggled to control myself. I could not concentrate what he was actually saying. I just looked blankly and when he dragged his face away his cheek touched mine sending shivers in my spine and I closed my eyes. “Leave me” I said with difficulty but he tightened his grip on my hand. “Not so easy” he said smirking.

“It wasn’t my fault that you missed your meeting. You could have used the guest room washroom if your meeting was so important” she said not budging and I dragged her more close to me and her fragrance made me lose myself in her. I neared her face unknowingly. I could sense her heart beat increasing with my closeness. “Dare you come near me” she screamed and next minute I covered her lips with mine as I love to do things which people say me not to do and specially when she says. From the school days if she had warned me not to do something I have done it definitely so now how can I forget that she is my biggest enemy when she herself challenged me. As I felt difficult to breath I dragged myself and stood smirking and I felt her hand on my cheek and my grip on her loosened and she ran from there. I could faintly see tears flowing from her eyes.

What the hell does he thinks of himself. Idiot self centered arrogant. My words are not enough to define that filthy creature. He hasn’t changed a bit. And I was hating him then also and now I hate him more how can he stoop so low

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      Thank you lovely glad you liked it

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  7. How cute they are?

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    awesome dear…bathroom fight superbbb dear…loved it..their kiss…superbbb….waiting for nxt one…tkcr Sally dear…

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      Thank you Asru. Glad you liked it

  9. Hey…ua frm Mangalore?nce one..

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      Thank you Faima. Yup dear I was in mangalore but now in Bangalore

  10. nice yar two egoist person luking forward to see

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  11. A.xx

    Amazing always love this pairxx

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  12. Awesome start. Both having same thoughts but there’s something more than that due to which they are fighting with each other. do they both knew each other beforehand? From first episode u have attracted me towards this ff. Take care dr

    1. What does the title means?

    2. Sally_blr

      You guessed it right there is one more past in this past. That will be revealed soon. It means problem of falling in love. It’s mixture of Urdu and Marathi word.

  13. Amazing dear…

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  15. Deesh

    Arising conflicts. That’s cool. I liked ragu’s feminist side and parth’s ambitious character. Unlike poles attract. Superb chappy sisso.

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      Thank you deeshu. ?

  16. Jazzy

    omg sally i was just surfing to see all the stories updated on tu and saw this title and fekt like it must be ur soo just jumped to just confirm and i m right but i havent read yet havings tests toh time nahi mil raha will.read for sure aftrr 27 and other ff too

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    superb yaar…. parth and ragini pair was amazing…

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  19. Aasthu

    Hey Sally…….it’s interesting…..Ragini and Parth….opposite poles….but it is said that opposite poles attract…..plzz post the next chapter asap….one doubt: are they gonna end up loving each other after 6 months?????

    1. Sally_blr

      Hey asthu sorry dear I did not reply to your previous comment. They are gonna end up loving each other or killing each other that you got to wait. Thank you so much dear

  20. Jazzy

    omg sooo amazing story ragini feminist hehehee and parth just oppositer to her will love to see their story procress

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      Thank you jazzy. Hope you read the prologue also

  21. Jazzy

    omg sooo amazing story ragini feminist hehehee and parth just oppositer to her will love to see their story progress

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