Loving you was my choice – part 1 (bepannah ff)

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Loving you was my choice (Bepannah ff).

“You should have heard her cries… she was not okay that day… this is the right possible thing she has done cause anyways you were unavailable for her when she needed the most.” Arjun told his drunken self and left the place.

He was not at fault, it was never his wish to be away when she needed him but even in past he never gave a moment for her to believe he will be there for her when she needs.


One more time he was walking nonchalantly on the tune buzzing in his ear.

Though he was called many times by his mother to prepare for the exam he was about to sit in just four months, he had no tensions.

Balancing himself on one side of the seesaw, he gave her a call.

And in the fourth ring, she took it…

“Hello, Aadi?” looking away from her book she answered his call.

“Craving the tea out of the library… would you mind joining?”

“I am preparing for my exams…sor

“It is alright, I understand you.”

“You too need to study… your exam is just four months away.” She reminded him.

“Don’t become my mom Ridhima… I’ll talk later.” And again he was back to his carefree self.

He had to write the reputed coast guard exam of Indian Navy where as she was preparing for the final years of her graduate degree.

In between the two of them, she was the most sincere and most practical… she knew bread and butter came after hard labor and she had been preparing herself for it.

But she was always afraid of his choices, his mood swings, his unresponsiveness towards reality…he was still a kid in the form of a 22 years old guy.

How did he complete his engineering it was still a question for her but he was a pure soul who would help an old lady if she needed his help, he would donate blood if someone needed in the hospital.

But life doesn’t go on this way; just being a good person is not enough…hearing your heart every time is not wise.

And just like his family could never mend him, she too was unable to change him but he never came between her and her dreams… he always waited for her to agree for little meetings, he waited for her library sessions to get over to meet with her.

Just because they were together and he had a right over her, He never called or texted her mindlessly.

She felt calm with him, she felt all her pressure flew when she use to meet him or talk with him but there was this one thing, he would only talk or meet him when he wanted.

If he wanted to meet her he used to wait for hours out of the library but only when he wanted.

Whether he would turn up or not was unpredictable if she wanted him to.

She wanted him in her future but she didn’t know what he wanted…

And happened that ghastly morning when she received the phone call only to be notified of that suicide which changed everything…


One of those piled plots I wanted to post from so many days…hope you enjoy.

Next and last part would be up tomorrow.

One more thing I have changed the name to Ridhima because I want the guy and girl to be of the same religion.

With love Morusya.

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