Living our life together chapter-4

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A women opens the door

Jhanvi – tanya’s mother. A loving but strict mother.

On seeing Jhavni . Sam goes to her and hugs her

Sam : Momz i missed you..

Jhanvi : Me too sameera..

sam gives her a look..

Jhanvi : Sam

Meera : If you give us a chance can we also meet her…

All others hugss Jhanvi..

Tanya makes tea for all while jhanvi chats with them..

Tanya : Mom. we wanted to tell you something

Jhanvi : Go on..

Tanya looks at the others..

Sam : We are planning

Ann : For a trip..

Meera : So we wanted

Tanya : Your permission..

Jhanvi : A trip… (she thinks for a while) What did meera’s mom said..

Ann : She was quite happy and agreed..

Meera : You will allow us won’t you..

Jhanvi¬† : Tanya…did i ever stand in between your dreams..

Tanya : No mom

Sam : So does that mean a yes..

Jhanvi : Of course its a yes..

The four gets happy and group hugs Jhanvi

Jhanvi : But what are your plans..

Ann : First i also have to inform dadi

sam : Rest we will think and inform

Jhanvi : When are you leaving..

Meera : Evening..

Jhanvi : Okay i will prepare luch for you guys..

The all goes to Tanya’s room to get freshenup..

Meera’s phone rings.. It was akshat’s and she gets busy talking to him..

Ann is shown looking at the mirror

Sam : Comeon Ann.. you won’t grow prettier if you look at mirror..

Ann : Shutup yaar

Sam : You don’t need to get angry when hearing truth..

Ann throws a pillow which was near her aiming to sam.. but Tanya comes in between and she gets it..

Sam laughs loudly…

Tanya (shouts) : What are you guys doing..

It was quite a didturbance of Meera.

Meera : Can’t you guys talk slowly..

All the three looks at Meera and starts singing ‘sajna hai mujhe sajna keliye’ in a funny way..

Meera gives them a look..


Sam : So momz what have you made..

Tanya : Oh.. hello she is my mom..

Ann : She may be yours but she is also ours..

They dine and Meera is happy to see her favourite kheer . Sam is happy to see ice cream.. Ann was little less happy that all were vegetables..

All had there lunch……..

After a few times later… They leaves..

Sam : Do you need something to eat..Ann

Ann : No .. i am fine

Meera : She was really irritated to have sovmuch vegetables..

Tanya : Ann.. call dadi and inform her we are comming..

Ann calls dadi..

Tanya : Sam.. can you drive fast…we have to reach Ann’s home as soon as possible..

All others : Oho…


it was about night..

Indore night view

Ann’s home..

Ann and Tanya started to ring the doorbell continuesly

Maria thomas – Ann’s grandmother . Her s*xy. Supportive ..

Maria opens the door..

Maria : Why were you two destroying my door

Tanya : Cause we are hungry..

Maria : Nut i didn’t cook anything because i thought you guys will eat outside…

Ann ; What??

Tanya : I don’t think so..

she goes inside look gor the dinning table..

Sam : She will be near the dinning table..

Meera : What is special for us today darling..

Maria : Go and see yourself..

They goes near the dinning table and sees Tanya having chicken fry..

Meera : Look… now who is prohibited from having chicken..

Tanya : Comeon let me atleast have something…

They all have dinner together and At the time they asks dadi’s permission . She agrees at the very instant she hears it..

All gets happy..


Tanya ; Meera; Sam are sitting in balcony enjoying the scenery . just then Ann enters with a few bottles of beer…

All says cheers and drinks it..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    surprised to see jhanvi.jhanvi is such a friendly mother.Sam ann fight was funny.happy to see IB Dadi as ann’s grand mother.nice to see the friends enjoying.nice pics.please put the friends’ pics too

  2. Elina

    Thanks dear.. and i will definetly put the pics next time..

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